21 hour 3:04
Microsoft Surface Duo: Coming sooner than you think!
The Surface Duo is Microsoft's dual-screen compact device that's powered by Android 10. Recent rumors suggest that it'll be out much sooner than its initial "holiday 2020" timeframe.
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4 days 3:09
Android 11 Beta 2: What's New in the July 2020 Build!
Android 11 Beta 2 is upon us, and that means there's only one more beta build to go before the new version reaches stable status ahead of the September launch.
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5 days 4:25
Samsung Galaxy Note 10, revisited 10 months later
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6 days 5:01
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra: Leaks, Specs, Release Date!
The biggest Android launch of the summer is, without a doubt, the Galaxy Note.
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10 days 3:20
Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Leaks: Specs, Sizes + More!
It's been almost two years since the first Galaxy Watch was launched.
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11 days 5:45
These Android tablets are actually worth your money
Android isn't the most popular platform for tablets these days, but that doesn't mean Android tablets aren't worth your time.
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13 days 6:15
The Weirdest (and Worst) Android Products Ever Made
Android is about more than cellphones, tablets and smartwatches. Here are our picks for the top 6 weirdest gadgets to run the OS! Please subscribe so you see more videos like this one!
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14 days 6:28
HTC Inspire 4G a decade later: My first Android phone
Nine years ago, I was a junior in high school, and I had just traded my beloved iPhone 4 away for my first-ever Android phone, the HTC Inspire (known globally as the Desire HD).
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18 days 4:33
Best Android Smartwatches - Summer 2020
Buy Galaxy Watch 2 Active: amazon.com/SM-R830NZKAXAR/dp/B07VPF4DGW?tag=androidcentralb-20&ascsubtag=UUacUdUnU39573 Buy Falster 3
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20 days 9:55
LG Velvet review: Beautifully flawed
The long-running LG G series retires this year, and in its place comes a new mid-level flagship built around design and aesthetic beauty.
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20 days 3:57
iOS 14: Top 5 Android features Apple copied!
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23 days 3:36
ASUS ROG Phone 3: Monstrous specs + everything else we know so far!
There's a new Phone from ASUS's Republic of Gamers brand on the way for 2020, and in recent weeks the first few details have started to slip out -- including photos and video!
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25 days 3:53
OnePlus Nord / OnePlus Z: The REAL flagship killer for 2020? πŸ”₯
If you're a OnePlus fan, perhaps you've already heard about the company's worst-kept secret.
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27 days 5:13
HTC U20 5G Impressions: Back from the dead?
HTC just announced new handsets for its home market of Taiwan, one of which is the flagship-branded HTC U20 5G. So what is this phone, and what does it mean for the future of HTC?
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28 days 3:58
Camera sensors are getting bigger, and that's (mostly) a good thing
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32 days 3:50
OnePlus 8 Android 11 Beta: Worth it?? πŸ€”
The Android 11 beta has launched, and that means the next version of the OS has opened up to a handful of non-Pixel devices -- including the OnePlus 8 series.
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33 days 4:43
Android 11 Beta 1: More exciting than you think!
The Android 11 Beta is here, and there's a lot to unpack. From the big hallmark features to the smaller tweaks you might miss, here's everything that's new!
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34 days 6:22
Huawei P40 Pro Plus camera review
Huawei puts real optical 10X zoom in a phone -- and once you've tried it, it'll ruin you for every other phone camera.
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34 days 3:03
Your phone can shoot amazing-looking videos
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36 days 7:05
Note 20, Pixel 5, Fold 2, Mate 40 + what to expect from late 2020 flagships!
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39 days 3:36
Has coronavirus killed the big tech launch?
Given the current state of the world, it's hard to believe that trade shows like #CES2021 and #IFA2020 are still going ahead as planned.
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40 days 4:12
Google Pixel 4a XL (RIP)
The Pixel 4a XL is no more. But that doesn't mean we can't reflect on what might have been, and where the Pixel line in general will be headed later in the year.
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41 day 2:52
What's new in June's Pixel Feature Drop?
The latest Android Feature Drop released on June 1st brings a new Bedtime mode, improved Personal Safety features, and more to the Pixel lineup. Please subscribe so you see more videos like this one!
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42 days 3:38
You should be using a password manager
Read about our favorite password managers: androidcentral.com/best-password-managers-android 1Password: androidcentral.com/e?link=https%3A%2F%2F
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45 days 5:55
Is Android BORING in 2020?
These days, smartphones themselves are capable of all kinds of amazing things. But has the Android OS that powers billions of these devices become... just a little bit boring?
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47 days 3:55
Huawei P40 Pro Plus First Look: This is REAL 10X optical zoom! [P40 Pro+]
3X? 5X? Bush league. Here's the first phone with true 10X optical zoom, the Huawei P40 Pro+! Please subscribe so you see more videos like this one!
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48 days 2:48
What's the most important feature in a phone?
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53 days 3:51
Why did Google DELAY the Pixel 4a to July?
This year's Pixel lineup is starting to look... unusual. More @ androidcentral.com/heres-why-google-delaying-pixel-4a-july Please subscribe so you see more videos like this one!
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54 days 7:28
Top tips for getting started on a OnePlus phone
OnePlus makes incredible phones these days, and OxygenOS is among our favorite software implementations of Android. Hayato shows some of his favorite ways to set up a new OnePlus phone.
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55 days 7:10
Has OnePlus lost its soul? πŸ˜‡πŸ˜ˆ
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