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Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE Review: The CHEAP Android tablet to buy?
To bring you the Galaxy Tab S7 Fan Edition, Samsung had to make some compromises. No under display fingerprint scanner- face unlock instead, a 60hz display refresh rate.
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8 things I learned using the Galaxy Z Fold3 and Flip3!
We've been using the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Flip 3 for the past three weeks, and we've got some thoughts! Please subscribe so you see more videos like this one!
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How we got to 'Material You' in Android 12: An Android design history! πŸ€“πŸ“±
Android has been around since 2008, and in that time, its UI has been reinvented several times over.
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Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 series deep dive review: Best Android smartwatch of 2021?
In this video, Tshaka takes us through Samsung’s new Galaxy Watch4 Series -- the #GalaxyWatch4Classic and #GalaxyWatch4. He takes a look at Tizen vs.
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30 days 6:54
Google Pixel 5a review: Why does this phone exist? πŸ€”
The Google Pixel 5a is here -- and Google's affordable Pixel for 2021 is just a little bit different compared to last year's model.
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Android 12 Beta 4: What's new in August 2021 build!
Android 12 is rapidly approaching stable status with the latest beta 4 build. Here's what's new! Please subscribe so you see more videos like this one!
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Galaxy Watch 4 hands-on: Wear OS 3 is here!
Google's next-gen wearable platform her arrived on Samsung's latest smartwatches. Here's the Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic! Please subscribe so you see more videos like this one!
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37 days 7:46
Galaxy Z Fold 3 / Flip 3: What's new + top features!
Sponsored by Tello Mobile: tello.com The leaks were true! We've had some time with Samsung's new foldables, the Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3, ahead of announcement. Here are our first thoughts!
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Pixel 5 vs OnePlus Nord 2: Worth the extra cash?? πŸ’ΈπŸ’ΈπŸ’Έ
The Google Pixel 5 and OnePlus Nord 2 are both solid mid-range phones, though with radically different priorities.
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The best Android apps you DIDN'T know you needed!
Welcome our new contributor, Tshaka Armstrong.
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Google Pixel 6 Camera: Why it's a BIG deal! πŸ“·πŸ€–
The Google Pixel 6 series is FINALLY getting new camera hardware. And this upgrade goes hand-in-hand with Google's Tensor SoC announcement.
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I put Android 11 on a Samsung Galaxy S2
We put Android 11 on the best Android phone from ten years ago, the Samsung Galaxy S2. Here's what happened! Please subscribe so you see more videos like this one!
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OnePlus Nord 2 Review: The RIGHT compromises!
Please subscribe so you see more videos like this one!
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Android 12 Beta 3: What's new in July 2021 build!
The next version of Android is almost ready for prime time, with just one more build to come before #Android12 is finished! Here's what's new in Android 12 Beta 3.
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This phone charges in 10 minutes! ⚑😱
This is the #Infinix Concept Phone for 2021 -- and you might not have heard of this brand, but it's created the fastest-charging phone that I've ever used.
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Google Pixel Fold: Worth the hype? [Release Date, Specs + More]
While details of the Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro have leaked extensively in recent months, we're still pretty much in the dark when it comes to the most ambitious Pixel phone to date.
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Google Pixel June 2021 Feature Drop: What's New!
We're almost past the halfway point of 2021, and that means it's time for another Google Pixel feature drop.
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Huawei Watch 3 review: A circular Apple Watch for Android?? 😱
The #HuaweiWatch3 seeks to bring the best of all Huawei's previous wearables into a single product: A fantastic design, solid health features and apparently multi-day battery life. So is it any good?
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The tech behind your 2022 flagship cameras, explained!
In fact, there's one area of high-end smartphone tech that's never been more exciting, and that's photography. Here's a look at what's coming in the years ahead in phone camera tech!
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115 days 6:17
Google Pixel 6 Pro: The first REAL premium Pixel! [Leaks, Specs + More]
The premium Pixel so many of us have been dreaming of for the past 5 years is finally here.
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Android 12 Beta 1: What's new in Google I/O 2021 build!
#Android12 has just reached public beta status at #GoogleIO2021, and with this latest milestone build we're finally seeing some of the visual changes that have been hinted at since the first
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122 days 15:56
Google I/O 2021 in 15 mins: Android 12, Material You, new Wear OS and more!
Google has just announced Android's biggest design change in years! Here's our supercut of the #GoogleIO 2021 keynote, covering #Android12, #MaterialYou and much more!
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ASUS Zenfone 8 / 8 Flip: NOT what I was expecting! [Review]
Today #ASUS has two new high-end phones for us: the #Zenfone8, and the #Zenfone8Flip. One is perhaps the best small Android phone you can buy.
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Huawei P50 Pro: Crazy Cameras, Delayed Release Date? [Leak Roundup]
Life hasn't been easy for Huawei since it ended up on the US's Entity List two years ago.
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141 day 5:05
The Galaxy Note as we know it is over!
#Samsung probably won't release a #GalaxyNote21 in 2021. But even if we get a new Note in 2022, it probably won't be what we're expecting.
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148 days 4:01
Android 12 DP3: What's new in final developer preview!
The final Android 12 developer preview has arrived, and that means we're just a few short weeks away from the first public #beta -- the next major milestone towards stable #Android12.
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151 day 6:18
HTC EVO 3D in 2021: Crazy 3D Phone, 10 Years On! [Retro Review]
Back in 2011, two things were reaching the peak of their popularity: #HTC and #3D.
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Galaxy Z Fold 3 Leaks: Upgrade or Downgrade for Samsung's Next Foldable??
The #Samsung #GalaxyZFold3 could come with some curious spec downgrades in addition to some pretty great new features like S Pen support.
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