29.01.20 2:54
I can (kind of) sing in Spanish
This is a tune called "Piel Canela," made famous by Eydie Gormé. Espero que disfruteis. Thanks, Jens, for the suggestion this month!
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24.01.20 6:05
My 5-Track Album Is Out + Updates
LISTEN TO BUY MY EP "One-Way Signs" HERE: Spotify: open.spotify.com/album/4QDHzth1VlfWllsYWAuvd7 Apple Music: music.apple.com/us/album/one-way-signs-ep/1494838520 & many more
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27.12.19 3:59
everything i wanted - Billie Eilish (ukulele cover)
I feel these lyrics on LEVELS. I put a little swing rhythm to them. Enjoy. MY EP "One-Way Signs" IS OUT NOW!
24 265
18.12.19 5:49
14 682
11.12.19 1:39
I released a SINGLE!
Where you can stream my single "One-Way Signs": Spotify: open.spotify.com/album/4k2FLLAcrzD1QaWpjfjlfV iTunes
10 911
09.12.19 12:59
Go Christmas shopping with me!
Today I'm going Christmas shopping at Primark-- I need to buy a holiday sweater for a party this weekend. First, we're gonna make some coffee and get ready.
10 406
05.12.19 12:45
Therapy & Anxiety
Welcome to You, Me, & Tea. A series where I sit and chat and sip a cuppa hot liquid. Today's is about therapy and my experience with it.
13 894
28.11.19 4:08
Murder in the City - The Avett Brothers (cover)
In the style of Brandi Carlile's version: youtu.be/SB15FA7NBEQ Thank you to one my patrons, Jay Slowe, for suggesting I cover The Avett Brothers this month.
16 443
21.11.19 4:43
Take On Me (feat. Chris from Grim Republic)
We're playing a SHOW December 27th in Akron, Ohio! Come celebrate the holidays with us!
50 363
15.11.19 9:17
I'm doing THIS full time!?
Welcome to You, Me, & Tea. A series where I sit and chat and sip a cuppa hot liquid. Today's is a life update video. Grab your own cup and join me!
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13.11.19 6:00
Bambi - Hippo Campus (cover)
This song was suggested by one of my Patreon pledgers Daniel Pech. He pledged $100 and I covered a song he suggested. EVERY MONTH I cover a song one of my patrons suggests!
21 404
08.11.19 4:52
Peace in Ignorance - Ariel McCleary (original)
It's very overwhelming to be alive right now. This past August, I was a few streets down from a shooting in Dayton, Ohio. I was there with a group of friends.
26 758
05.11.19 7:07
I Went to Mallorca (part 2)
Part 2 of my solo trip to Mallorca Music Fest! Life's a beach, sandy and dandy, beachy keen, other basic white girl sayings, etc. Comment below the coolest music festival you've been to!
19 870
03.11.19 9:54
I Went to Mallorca (part 1)
My VERY BORING "Day in the Life" video... Watch part 2 here! youtu.be/flKAAr5CPdw ~ ~ ~ Support me monthly for a $1 minimum, and get personal rewards!
26 561
18.10.19 5:41
Anyway... here's an Oasis mashup
Every month I choose 1 song from a pool of suggestions that my Patreon donors suggest to me. Peter Bomatter entered Oasis' "Don't Look Back in Anger" and I chose it for this month!
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04.10.19 3:29
Easy Like Sunday Morning (mashup) - piano cover
Did y'all know I play piano? I dusted off the keys to give you a mashup of "Easy" by the Commodores and "Sunday Morning" by Maroon 5. MY EP "One-Way Signs" IS OUT NOW!
490 422
19.09.19 10:17
10 Things I Learned Living in Spain
Welcome to another episode of "You, Me, & Tea!" wherein I discuss 10 things I learned while living abroad for 10 months.
48 299
23.08.19 3:31
Time After Time (ukulele cover)
A mish-mash of "Time After Time" (made famous by Frank Sinatra), "Earth Angel" (made famous by The Penguins) and "Sh-Boom" (made famous by The Crew-Cuts). BASICALLY JUST A BUNCH OF 50'S BANGERS. EY?
154 633
06.08.19 4:51
Don't Worry Be Happy - Bobby McFerrin (cover)
Thanks to Ivo, who had put this song in the suggestion pool for July. This was the song I randomly chose to cover! How summery. How fun. Support my music here with a monthly donation AND GET REWARDS!
96 171
11.07.19 1:59
You Make Me Feel So Young (ukulele cover)
Big thanks to one of my $50 Patreon donors, Matt, for suggesting this song! If you donate $50, I will cover ANY song you like.
53 497
20.06.19 8:36
How to play "Happier" by Ed Sheeran (ukulele)
Donate to my Patreon to help fund my 5-song EP: patreon.com/arielmccleary There are many rewards for my tiers besides tutorials!
32 519
14.06.19 4:51
Happier - Ed Sheeran (ukulele cover)
Plus I mixed in some "Stay with Me" by Sam Smith. Enjoy!
88 230
31.05.19 7:17
I'm recordIng an ep!
THIS IS BIG EXCITING NEWS and I need your help to fund it!
16 007
13.05.19 6:00
The Gardener - Tallest Man on Earth (cover)
Anyone else think this song is about a guy who was so in love with a girl that he murdered her boyfriend and then buried the body in his garden?
39 401
07.05.19 10:48
You, Me, & Tea - write a song with me!
I wrote a new song, "The Confectioner." Grab a cuppa your favorite tea and watch my songwriting process IN ACTION. What is your songwriting process like?
22 818
27.04.19 3:56
Bad Guy - Billie Eilish (ukulele cover)
Shoutout to my amigo Eddie for the song suggestion. I normally wouldn't cover Billie but this song I really dig and it's fun to play! What do y'all think of Billie's new album? Favorite song?
98 478
23.04.19 6:52
You, Me, & Tea - creativity block
Ethan Wood slid into my Patreon DMs and asked a really good question about how I write my songs and how to get over a creativity block.
14 055
10.04.19 3:22
"Banana oh na na" cover + MERCH??
I HAVE MERCHANDISE!!! As brought to you by this goofy, fruity cover of "Havana" by Camila Cabello. I call it "Banana" by Cam-yellow Ca-peel-o (Eh?
58 790
31.03.19 3:43
Pacifier - Catfish and the Bottlemen (ukulele cover)
There's always some kid too snide. ~ ~ ~ Support me monthly for a $1 minimum, and get personal rewards!
32 747
09.03.19 4:53
Baby - Clean Bandit ft. MARINA & Louis Fonsi (ukulele cover)
A hooded Ariel sings a jazzy cover to you late at night. With some bits in Spanish too! Ya dig? ~ ~ ~ Support me monthly for a $1 minimum, and get personal rewards!
36 744
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