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9 Apr 2013
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What to do when you can't find plan B #shorts #health
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why i wanna burn that dating app #shorts #dating #animation
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Super Easy Hand Crocheted Purse (from TikTok)
you NEED to hand crochet a purse. DO IT IMMEDIATELY! BuzzFeed producer Spenser @thirdpea shows us just how easy (and relaxing) it is to make a crochet purse.
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the romantic gesture we really want #shorts
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We Try On The Most Impractical Bikinis From Fashion Nova
"Are you gonna make my FUPA look sexy?" Have you ever seen influencer bikini pictures on instagram and are like "....that's not good to swim in"? Yeah. We have too.
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Letting My Hair Stylist Decide My Look
It’s the season of change! BuzzFeed producer Sakura (@cucumbrane) asks Chris ( to give her a new hairdo!
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I Tried Viral At Home Eyelash Extensions
At home lash extensions?? BuzzFeed producer Spenser @thirdpea tries a viral new product that she's seen EVERYWHERE on the interwebs, and she's skeptical. Would you try these??
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I Brought A Fan To Their First LA Pride
"I already feel the emotions happening!" Jazz is back and she's bringing a fan to their first LA Pride!
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Mom Dated Her Sister's Boyfriend?! (dating horror stories)
Mothers and daughters share their dating horror stories. And who better to dish dating secrets with than your mom!
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Queer Couples React To Queer Kissing Scenes Through The Years
We had queer people watch some of the best (and worst) LGBTQ kissing scenes in through the years to get their take.
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Personal Color Analysis
Find your personal color palette! Buzzfeed producer Sakura (@cucumbrane) asks color analysis expert Carol (@carolbrailey) to analyze her face so she doesn't have to do the vein test, ever again.
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Opposite BFFs Swap Morning Routines: Early Riser Vs. Night Owl
"I do not feel like a bad b-- right now." Featuring: Mei Vivian Subscribe to As/Is: As/Is
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Mother And Daughter Period Horror Stories
Moms and daughters get together and share their horror stories about that time of the month.
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fashion nova has lipsticks now???
Fashion Nova is known for their clothes... can their lipsticks take on our kiss test?
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Extreme Japanese Gel-x Nails
BuzzFeed producer Sakura (@cucumbrane) visits Hana ( Nail Salon in LA to try Japan's newest nail trends inspired by @nail.sucre.
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First Time Mom Answers Same Questions Before And After Birth
Expectations vs. Reality: Pregnant producer Sarah (right before birth) answers the same questions alongside her future, postpartum parent self (9 months after).
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Trying Chinese TikTok Makeup Hacks
BuzzFeed producer Vicky ( attempts makeup hacks and trends from Chinese TikTok, Douyin.
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My Morning Routine While Disabled
Marna Michele (@MarnaWheels) was born with Arthrogryposis and is disabled. She loves makeup and looking cute-- her get ready routine is just a little bit different than what abled people are used to.
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I Test This Extreme No-Transfer Lipliner
THE ULTIMATE TEST! BuzzFeed producer Spenser @thirdpea puts Refy's lipliner through the wringer. Will the claims hold up???
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Easy Festival Hairstyles
BuzzFeed Producer Janna tries viral hairstyles from TikTok at Coachella 2022. Thank you to Heineken for bringing BuzzFeed out to Coachella 2022! We hope you love the products we recommend!
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I Try Supermodel Training At The Coco Rocha Model Camp
Ever wanted to model? BuzzFeed producer Sakura (@cucumbrane) gets a dream come true at the Coco Rocha Model Camp (@cocorochamodelcamp) led by iconic supermodel Coco Rocha (@cocorocha) herself.
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I Tried To Bleach My Hair At Home
Join BuzzFeed producer Spenser ( on her adventures of at-home's a wild ride.
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I tried to cut my own hair
This should be interesting... BuzzFeed producer Spenser (@thirdpea) decides to take her split ends into her own hands.
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I Made Wordle Pants
Wordle but make it FASHION. BuzzFeed Producer Spenser (@thirdpea) created a Wordle masterpiece-- would you wear these?
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Just A Simple Girl Who Wants Love And RM From BTS #shorts
Is that too much to ask?? Watch Joyce try to find love (but preferably Namjoon) here:
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Big Boobs Vs. Little Boobs: 1950's Fashion
What do 1950's outfits and dresses look like on two differently shaped women? Lindsay and Sierra go shopping to find the perfect 50's fit on big boobs and small boobs.
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Rating The Way Men Hit On Me, A Gay Woman #shorts
Some creativity please, Mei's heard it all. Featuring Mei (
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