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Published on 10 Feb 2020, 3:30
🔥Deep House BPM 124, New Track: Electric Ballroom - Quesa | CHECK Music 🎵

EDM & Deep house is a genre variation of house music, characterized by a light, but at the same time deepened atmospheric sound with a minimum set of instruments, as well as the frequent manifestation of the “wet signal” (reverb) effect, and the presence of light ambient overflows.

In a night city, a racer flies on a Nissan GTR. At this time, people are sleeping. How beautiful the white GTR looks at night. He turned on the track: Electric Ballroom - Quesa and cuts through the darkness with the glow of headlights. Due to the speed of this car, the rider gets a relaxing effect and does not notice that it is already morning. Having a little rest the racer moved to BMW. And flies in search of adventure.

✔️ Action Music Time Code:
00:00 ► Electric Ballroom - Quesa
00:15 ► Unusual Stock Music
01:00 ► Custom Music Transition
01:33 ► Soft Transition To Relaxation
02:20 ► Liquid Fading Best House
02:45 ► Check it Out Hybrid Background Music

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