5 Lotus Elises In A Row Accelerate and Take Off + Random Collection of Awesome Kitteh Clips

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Published on 1 May 2010, 4:13
Pretty rare sighting in my small hometown, not something you see every day! The purpose of this video really is just to have a collection of random clips I've had for a while but didn't want to make a short length video on them. A lot of you all like to see videos of my cat, or at least when I put her in the videos so I have 2 really adorable clips in here as well, as well as some other random clips. I think you all will really enjoy if you like cars and animals. Like I said, there's no real plot to this video, I was just bored and thought I'd share haha. More car reviews, tours, and test drives, will be soon to come! Also, I uploaded 4 other videos today (well yesterday now I guess haha) so be sure to check them out! a 2009 Civic coupe 5 spd, 2006 range rover sport, 2004 mazda rx-8 6 spd, and a test drive of our dealership's 2003 toyota highlander. Rate, comment and subscribe, take care guys =)