The Land Cruiser Is Slow, Old and Clunky, But It Will Outlast Us All - Dirt One Take

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Published on 14 Jun 2021, 16:00
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This is the last Land Cruiser, at least here in America, and this is the last Land Cruiser press car in the fleet, meaning RIGHT NOW is the only time I will ever have to review a brand new LC. Toyota has discontinued the Land Cruiser here after years of slow sales, though a new-generation was just announced for overseas markets only. The most expensive Toyota-badged vehicle on these shores, the $87,000 giant appeals most to in-the-know rugged family folks who do both sides of the math: $87k is a ton of cash, but depreciation is virtually nil on these trucks, and they last an eternity when cared for on even a basic level. A world where simplicity and durability are virtues does not sound like America in 2021, so we're not surprised to see it go. Before it does, how does it do up our favorite trail?

(Matt was alone on this shoot day and it was VERY hot out so forgive the lack of exterior B-roll)

Toyota provided the vehicle, insurance, and a tank of fuel for this review.

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The Land Cruiser Is Slow, Old and Outdated, But It Will Outlast Us All - Dirt One Take

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