POLESTAR PRECEPT: is this recycling-obsessed EV the ultimate Tesla Model S rival? | Top Gear

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Published on 30 Jul 2021, 11:39
The European answers to Tesla’s mighty electric Model S four-door sedan are coming. Volvo’s electric Polestar offshoot reckons it’s got what it takes to rock planet EV – by saving it one recycled piece of plastic at a time. The shark-like Precept previews the look of Polestar’s future flagship model (let’s call it the new Polestar 5) but puts the emphasis on reclaimed materials instead of 0-60 drag strip times.

Now the Precept’s been confirmed for production, Top Gear’s Senior Road Test Editor Ollie Kew has taken a break from actually test-driving cars and been to have an in-depth poke around one that barely moves at all. But when a concept promises eyeball-tracking tech and carpets woven from old fishing nets, who wouldn’t want a closer look? We reckon BMW, Mercedes, and Mr E. Musk will be watching on closely…

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