Here's What It's Like to Try a 992 Cup Car at One of America's Fastest Tracks - One Take

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Published on 4 Aug 2021, 14:35
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When we talk about Porsche 911 "GT" cars, the term we like to use, and sometimes overuse, is "motorsport theater," which implies pretending. Pretending like what, you ask? Pretending like this. The Cup Car. The world's most popular premium spec-racer is back for the 992 Generation, and 311RS Motorsport was kind enough to get me a quick test at one of America's coolest tracks: Brainerd International Raceway. The 992 Cup is a factory-built and supported race car that can race both in its own spec-series and other endurance racing and club level series around the world. It features the stock GT3 4.0L engine, making 510 HP, but with a racing sequential gearbox, drastically reduced curb weight, and the trappings of motorsport, including a full cage, fire suppression, and remote-monitored telemetry. The 992 Cup costs $350,000 and includes a spares package. It reportedly costs in the high-six figures to campaign one for a whole season.

311RS Motorsport provided the vehicle, the track, and travel expenses for this test!

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Here's What It's Like to Try a 992 Cup Car at One of America's Fastest Tracks - One Take
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