TESTED: The BEST radar detectors

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Published on 7 Dec 2021, 13:00
What’s the best radar detector you can buy? We explain how they work and put several popular models to the test so you can shop with confidence.

You can buy our TOP PICKS of Radar Detectors here:

Valentine One Generation Two: bit.ly/3dhCj2t

Escort Redline 360C: bit.ly/31b6ANA

Uniden R3: bit.ly/3I5lhlZ

Uniden DFR7: bit.ly/3Di3lRT

Whistler Z-19R+: bit.ly/3D3RA1e

Cobra RAD 480i: bit.ly/3pifOjw

Escort Max Ci 360: bit.ly/3d10Ubp

0:00 - Intro
1:41 - Radar Detector Basics
17:06 - Roadshows Favorite Radar Detectors
17:39 - (Best Overall Radar Detector) Valentine One Generation Two
20:16 - (Best Detector If Money Is No Object) Escort Redline 360C
22:20 - (Best Mid-Range Radar Detector) Uniden R3
23:41 - (Best Budget Radar Detector) Uniden DFR7
25:18 - (Best Ultra-Low Budget Radar Detector) Whistler Z-19R+
26:23 - (Best Easy-to-Use Radar Detector) Cobra RAD 480i
27:47 - (Best Custom Installed Radar Detector) Escort Max Ci 360
29:25 - Close

Written & Presented by Craig Cole

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