AC not working? Recent accident repair on your car or truck? Your AC condenser could be damaged.

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Published on 30 Apr 2022, 20:01
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Did the AC stop working in your car or truck after a recent accident repair? In this video, Sue shows you why the AC might stop working, even if you just got front accident damage repaired! Often times, after an accident, the AC condenser, which is like another smaller radiator, can get pierced or pinched. There's no noticeable effect at first, there might be a small leak which leaves your AC system exhausted after a few months. Simply recharging it won't work! The good news is, in most cases, an AC condenser is easy enough to replace yourself, as long as you get the refrigerant removed by a certified technician first!

0:00 AC not working? Recent accident repair on your car or truck? Your AC condenser could be damaged.
0:37 The AC condenser is the radiator looking thing at the front of your car or truck!
1:24 The AC condenser channels are pretty fragile!
2:01 A small fender bender could damage your AC condenser, and you might not even notice!
3:22 The refrigerant will slowly leak out until the AC stops working months later!
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