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Published on 4 May 2022, 12:00
The New 2022 Range Rover continues to set a benchmark for all Luxury SUVs. Driving a few V8 powered models, Henry Catchpole see's just how the new Range Rover delivers on its luxury promise.
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00:00 Intro
00:34 First Edition Specs
01:08 Comfort
02:00 Rear Wheel Steer
02:24 Anti Roll System and suspension
03:20 Chassis
03:42 Drivetrain
04:20 Quiet Ride
05:15 Interior
05:55 Tailgate
06:42 Personalisation
08:00 Drive Modes
09:00 Handling
09:20 Off Road test
10:10 Freedom!
11:00 Off Road Stats
12:06 Conclusion

It might look similar to the existing Range Rover but make no mistake, the new 2022 Range Rover redefines luxury on four wheels for the next generation.

Henry Catchpole takes a deep dive into the new 2022 Range Rover to find out how exactly it redefines luxury. If this is the new benchmark, then this film is the checklist for all competing luxury SUV makers.

When Jaguar Land Rover set out to make the next Range Rover, they had to consider the broad range of customers that it now appeals. Given that the Queen likes to drive her Range Rover, it makes sense that this next generation is also luxurious and pleasurable for the driver as well as its passengers.

Here’s Henry’s luxury checklist:

Ease of use
- Powered doors that open at the push of a button
- A more comfortable split tailgate with drinks holders and speakers
- Rear-wheel steering allows up to 7.3 degrees of steer at the rear for easier manoeuvrability in tight turns and urban areas
- The touch screen is clear and easy to navigate

- Improved ride comfort using a
faster acting anti Roll system that adds extra precision and reduces body roll

Quiet and calm
- Hybrid options allow for silent and smooth driving which is more relaxing
- Noise-cancelling speakers, thicker glass and sound deadening to isolate from outside disturbances
- Low wind noise thanks to aerodynamics. Lowest drag coefficient of any luxury SUV at 0.30
- Interior design is simple and minimalist which still maintaining functionality

- There are customisability options that make each Range Rover unique and individually tailored to the customers' taste
More customisation options from the exterior to the interior
Materials such as KVADRAT, leather, veneers and woods

Capability and Freedom
- The knowledge that the car can handle any situation thrown at it gives owners peace of mind
- Given how comfortable it is, it can still be brisk. Especially considering its weight. This is thanks to the choice of petrol or diesel V8 engines
- The Range Rover has the ability to drive anywhere, which gives a sense of freedom to explore

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