NEW Aston Martin V12 Vantage: Silly but Wonderful | Catchpole on Carfection

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Published on 10 May 2022, 23:00
This is the last V12 Vantage that Aston Martin will make. Although this car has no obvious purpose, Henry explores why this car exists and why it should.

00:00 Epic Intro
01:05 How many and How much???
01:30 Will people know it’s the V12?
02:28 Key Performance Stats
03:03 The Engine!
04:05 More Key Stats
04:45 Design touches
05:32 Interior
05:50 Exhaust and engine noise
06:18 Chassis
06:53 Handling and Performance
08:30 Gearbox
09:15 Conclusion
09:41 Epic Emotional Outro
10:43 Special Message from Henry

As the world moves towards a downsized and eventually non-combusting era, we must bid farewell to one of our favourite cars and, unfortunately, the V12 Vantage is one of them.

Why are we fans of the V12 Vantage? Because of the sheer audacity, that’s why. Who else would be bold enough to pack a behemoth of an engine into a car of this size and get away with it? Whether that weight and size impact the handling of the car is to be determined by Henry Catchpole in this review, but if its predecessor is any indication, the sound alone would make it worthwhile.

Here are the headline specifications:
• 5.2L Twin Turbo V12
• 700PS (690HP), 753Nm
• ZF 8-Speed automatic
• 0-60mph in 3.4s
• 200mph top speed
• Rear-wheel-drive only
• Limited to 333 units
• The last V12 Vantage
• Unique bodywork
• Spoiler is optional
• 21-inch alloy wheels
• Michelin Pilot Sport 4S road tyres
• 1mm thin steel exhaust system (saves 7kg)
• 1795kg total weight
• 40mm wider tracks than the V8 Vantage
• Carbon bucket seats that are 7.3kg lighter than standard seats

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