Modifying my BRAND NEW MK8 Golf R (in just 24 Hours)

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Shocking Discovery in MY NEW CAR
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Nugget Civic First Start (Ep12)
Published on 16 May 2022, 19:39
We do as many mods as possible in just 24 hours! Direct from the dealer to the hoist, then modified, this brand new MK8 VW Golf R gets the full WRECK IT treatment. From wheels and tyres, exhaust, suspension, intake, tints and wrap - the car becomes the first modified MK8 Golf R in the country!


Tyres supplied by Michelin - Pilot Sport 5

Thank you to REVO for supplying the wheels

Thank you to Milltek for supplying the exhaust

Insurance by Shannons. Get a quote here:

Silicon Spray by WD-40

RYOBI Ratchet Wrench

Ceramic coating and Paint Protection by Sydney Premium Detailing

Vinyl by ProVinyl


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