2023 Nissan Z Review: Ruining the JDM Sports Car Market

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Published on 17 May 2022, 21:02
The 2023 Nissan Z is finally here! After many years of speculation and a bunch of hype - Nissan was kind enough to provide an opportunity to drive the 2023 Nissan Z and give my impressions. So how does this twin turbo V6 beast effect the rest of the Japanese sports car market? Let's do for a drive and talk specs, acceleration, and much more. So is the Z the no brainer choice over the Supra? Today we find out with some first impressions.
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0:00 OG TDIB Intro
1:07 The turbos kick on stupid fast
1:34 Interior first impressions
2:12 First pull ever
2:25 Comparing other Nissan Z Platforms
3:15 Winnin' Spinnin' tires
3:35 My biggest fear of the Nissan Z
4:15 The Manual Transmission (thank goodness)
4:45 It literally has an R32 GTR steering wheel.
5:23 interior features
5:49 Exterior: Does it look good in person?
6:40 Does it sound good? (AKA not a VQ)
6:59 Acceleration pulls FOR DAYS!
8:01 This thing is FAST (exterior exhaust acceleration)
8:28 How does it handle?
8:56 Is the Nissan Z a bargain?
9:18 One main complaint
10:48 No limited slip for sport trim
11:00 Pricing
11:36 Nissan's philosophy on the Z vs the GTR
12:13 First gear is very short
12:49 The finishing touch of the exterior
13:01 MORE acceleration! (with GoPro)
13:31 400Z or Nissan Z?!
13:50 Will this car succeed?
14:21 Final thoughts