NEW Peugeot 308 review: the posh Peugeot?

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Published on 7 Jun 2022, 16:07
Peugeot is moving upmarket, but has it gone too far with the new 308?

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The humble family hatchback has fallen out of favour with buyers craving an SUV, but all the major brands still have something to offer in the segment – not least because hatchbacks still sell in reasonable numbers. Which is why Peugeot has introduced a new 308.

We won’t dwell on the car’s looks for too long, although Peugeot has worked hard to give the 308 a distinctive style that makes some of its competitors look a tad dull. The firm’s trademark ‘fang’ daytime running lights sit astride pinched LED headlights that flow into the grille, and there are plenty of creases and slashes in the bodywork heading to the rear, which features ‘three-claw’ rear lights.

It all looks very premium, and this feel continues inside, with our GT Premium-spec car boasting a classy mix of fabric, piano-black plastic and man-made leather. But how does Peugeots push upmarket translate out on the road? Nicola Hume finds out in this in-depth review.

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00:00 Does this look like a Peugeot?
00:26 All about the 308
1:06 Diesel engine noise and performance
2:05 Handling and ride
3:16 Tricky driving position
4:20 Interior
5:44 Luggage space
5:54 Design: what do the public think?