BMW M’s Secret CSLs You’ve Never Seen Before – Part 1: V8 E46 M3 CSL + M2 CSL | Top Gear

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Published on 13 Jun 2022, 23:00
Ever since BMW’s M Division started business back in 1972, only three cars have ever officially worn the ‘CSL’ moniker. The original 3.0 CSL everyone of a certain age gets gooey over, the E46-generation M3 CSL that warms the dark heart of the internet, and the latest M4 CSL. However, there were four secret CSL prototypes that never saw the light of a Munich day, at least until now.

In this first of two parts, Top Gear Magazine’s Ollie Marriage breaks into BMW’s secret bunker to talk you around two of said CSL prototypes. First up, an E46 M3. “But M already did one of those CSLs,” you cry. Yes, but not one like this. Because this – “a crazy experiment” – packs the V8 from the E39-gen M5 – probably the most lusted-after M5 – which means 400bhp from that 5.0-litre eight-cylinder.

Then there’s the F87 prototype M2 CSL, which featured elements from the M4 GTS and got an uprated engine kicking out 444bhp, bucket seats, a rollover bar, a carbon rear wing and carbon-ceramic brakes. Keep your eyes peeled and don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss part two, the final two cars are pretty mad too.

0:00 - M4 CSL
0:52 - Tour of BMW's Treasure Hall
1:35 - V8 E46 M3 CSL
5:04 - F87 M2 CSL
9:50 - Outro

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