400 Mile Drive Day.. TORTURE TEST (RaceWeek 1.0 Day 3)

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Published on 21 Jun 2022, 20:16
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It's Day 3 of Rock Mountain Race Week 2022 and today is going to put these racers and their cars to the test as the embark on the 400 mile drive from Kearney, NE to Denver, Co. But we're not hopping on the interstate here folks - these guys and gals have to drive on backroad highways and through the Rocky Mountains, enduring long stretches without gas, high elevation, and steep mountain roads. This drive is no joke!

Day 1 Highlights: youtu.be/Fu78xL-hY3I
Day 2 Highlights: youtu.be/JThlXdnQgEA
Day 3 Highlights: youtu.be/nJzHgfKtH8E
Day 4 Highlights: youtu.be/UprAXDZLMY0
Day 5 Highlights: youtu.be/7ZqEpJUdF48
Day 6 + 7 Highlights: youtu.be/19aWCIaj8Nc

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