Polestar O2: why has it taken THIS long?

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Published on 5 Jul 2022, 16:07
The Polestar O2 might just be exactly what we've been waiting for...

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Electric cars come in all forms these days, but arguably, there hasn't been one to really hit the spot for those who enjoy pure, simple driving thrills. With the stunning Polestar O2 electric sports car, that might change. This show vehicle is designed to prove that the modular aluminium architecture that will form the base of the Polestar 5 saloon can be adapted to also support a more dynamic, focused sports car. And Polestar’s boss, Thomas Ingenlath, has already suggested that while no firm production plans are in place, he has a long-term vision of adding such a model to his brand’s line-up.

In this walkaround video, Nicola Hume explains what we know about the project so far, and reveals details of a potential production version which could arrive in as little as three years time.

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