DS 4 E-Tense review: classier than a Mercedes A-Class?

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Published on 26 Jul 2022, 15:12
2022 DS 4 E-Tense review: carbyr.uk/3p5E1e4
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DS is the upmarket offshoot of Citroen, and the DS 4 is its latest family-sized model to take on the Volkswagen Golf and BMW 1 Series. The plug-in hybrid DS 4 E-Tense is also a direct rival to plug-in models like the Audi A3 TFSIe and Mercedes A 250 e, along with the hybrid Lexus UX. It has a battery pack big enough to provide a 35-mile electric range, reducing CO2 emissions to below 40g/km and boosting its appeal for company-car drivers. While admittedly more crossover than SUV, the DS 4 has a fashionable raised ride height and sharp design that only adds to its appeal. Its interior also looks impressive, with upmarket materials, crisp digital displays and a bigger boot than the Merc. So is this the perfect posh hatchback if you want to stand out? Sara puts it to the test.

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00:00 - Introduction
01:16 - Interior & technology
02:54 - Engines
03:58 - Trim levels & pricing
04:55 - Driving impressions
06:00 - Running costs
06:28 - Practicality & boot space
07:50 - Dealmakers & dealbreaker
08:33 - Verdict