2002 Lexus LS430: Regular Car Reviews

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18.12.14 – 16 9315:36
RCR Stories: Hamilton Boulevard
Published on 1 Aug 2022, 11:00
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It's a 2002 Lexus LS430 review, centered on one of the most important cars Lexus ever
made! In this week's episode of Regular Car Reviews, we'll talk about the history of the Lexus LS
series, why Toyota had something to prove with their luxury car brand, and why the Lexus LS430 is a
more of a bargain than you'd think. As always, we'll take you along for a ride as Brian talks about the
driving experience of the Lexus LS430, and talk about what makes this Lexus truly stand out, from the
good to the bad. Check out our review of the 2002 Lexus LS430!

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