My Ferrari 328 Service Has Turned Into a TOTAL RESTORATION!

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Published on 1 Aug 2022, 16:00
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When I bought my 1986 Ferrari 328 GTS, I knew it was a little rough around the edges. But the extent to which the car had suffered both neglect and incompetent maintenance practices was a surprise. From sketchy engineering, to parts well past their normal lifespans, to a cascade of problems caused by laziness on behalf of previous owners and mechanics, not to mention pure age, Ferrari Master Technician Donnie Callaway discovers it all and shares the bad news. But it's not all bad news! Everything is fixable, and Donnie and I are committed to doing it right to bring the Ferrari a new lease on life, without making it a garage queen! And he has just over a month to do it in time for me to drive it to The Quail!

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My Ferrari 328 Service Has Turned Into a TOTAL RESTORATION!