R. C. Bhargava on how Maruti came to be and what it is today | Interview | Autocar India

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Published on 14 Aug 2022, 5:03
He’s the man who steered Maruti from inception and four decades on is still at the helm of the company as non-executive Chairman. R.C. Bhargava tells Hormazd Sorabjee the story of the most the most important chapter in the history of the Indian auto industry.

Editor: Pankaj Singh

0:00 - Introduction
0:54 - The Indian auto industry at independence
2:30 - The Maruti story
5:08 - Finding the right partner for Maruti
8:54 - Starting from scratch
11:45 - Competition
13:50 - Maruti's edge over foreign rivals
16:18 - How internal issues threatened Maruti's success
20:10 - Suzuki's expertise in cost control
20:58 - India is a small car market
25:00 - Taxation on cars hampering demand
28:08 - New regulations are welcome but...
32:32 - On regaining market share
33:53 - Reducing CO2 emissions should be the aim, not electrification
36:30 - Looking back at an illustrious career

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