The half price Range Rover? | Volvo XC90 review

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Published on 16 Aug 2022, 16:32
The Volvo XC90 isn't cheap, but compared to the new Range Rover, it could be a bargain...

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The Volvo XC90 is a luxury SUV that rivals models such as the Audi Q7, Porsche Cayenne and Range Rover Sport. It’s been around since the early noughties, but the launch of the second-generation car in 2015 marked a step-change in desirability, with the emphasis on coolly minimalist Swedish design to help it stand out from rivals.

Updates to both the style, technology and powertrains have kept the XC90 at the top of its game, with the latest concave grille design, a new hybrid diesel engine and upgraded Sensus infotainment system all part of a 2019 round of upgrades.

If you’re looking at the XC90 as a full seven-seater, its most direct rivals would be the Land Rover Discovery and Audi Q7, which also have a fully useable extra row. You can specify seven-seats in a number of other rivals such as the BMW X5, Mercedes GLE, Lexus RX and Range Rover Sport, but the limited extra accommodation in the rear of these means the extra seats are much more of the ‘occasional’ variety. But can it offer some of the new Range Rover's magic at around half the cost? Nicola Hume finds out.

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