FIRST LOOK: New Porsche 911 GT3 RS (992) - 518bhp, £195k and DRS! | Top Gear

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Published on 17 Aug 2022, 15:00
We all knew it was coming, but here it is, the new 992 generation 911 GT3 RS. It’s packed with racing tech, and probably some actual magic to make the most hardcore, exciting 911 to date. Power comes from a naturally aspirated 4.0-litre flat six producing 518bhp. Porsche says it’ll hit 184mph flat out, with 0-62mph taking just 3.2 seconds. Being an RS, it’s not going to be chunky – thanks to lightweight materials like Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastic, it weighs just 1,450kgs with fluids. It’s all very impressive, but if you’re going to learn all there is to know about a new Porsche GT car there’s only one man you need to talk to, and that's Andreas Preuninger.

0:00 Intro
00:42 The Numbers
01:41 GT3 RS History
03:10 Front Design Details
05:13 Aero
05:47 Profile Design Details
06:56 Rear Design Details
07:47 Active Rear Wing
08:32 What Is DRS?
08:55 Downforce
09:36 Driving Modes & Adjustments
11:23 Weight
11:42 Interior & Weissach Pack
12:28 Q+A with Andreas Preuninger
33:52 Outro

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