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21 Nov 2006
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Volkswagen Golf Mk8 review: the most frustrating car on sale?
The latest Volkswagen Golf comes tantalisingly close to being a great car, but it misses out - here's why.
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4 days 8:23
We drove this MAD Nissan Juke hybrid rally car: REVIEW
Nissan has built a wild one-off Juke rally car, and we drove it through the Sahara desert.
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9 days 7:56
NEW Honda HR-V review: it's ALMOST great!
The new 2022 Honda HR-V just misses out on the crown for best family crossover - find out why.
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12 days 11:00
NEW Range Rover Sport walkaround: more luxurious than ever!
We get up close with the all-new, 2022 Range Rover Sport, and speak to the people who created it.
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16 days 8:21
Mercedes EQS review: the car of the future is HERE
Is the Mercedes EQS too complicated for its own good?
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18 days 6:41
Mercedes A-Class (Mk3) review: how to buy the BEST used example!
Vicki Butler-Henderson explains how to buy the best used Mercedes A-Class (Mk3) you can afford.
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23 days 7:39
NEW Ford Fiesta review: can it be saved?
The Ford Fiesta is slipping down the sales charts, but can this new model turn things around for what was once Britain’s best loved supermini?
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25 days 7:37
BMW 2 Series Coupe review: it's the modern E30 M3!
The new, 2022 BMW 220i Coupe is a reincarnation of the legendary E30 M3 - allow us to explain.
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28 days 6:25
How to buy the BEST Range Rover Evoque: used review
Vicki Butler-Henderson explains how to buy the perfect second-hand Range Rover Evoque.
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29 days 10:45
Hyundai Kona N vs Ford Puma ST: road and track battle | 4K
Steve Sutcliffe pits two of the world’s hottest crossovers against each other - can the Hyundai Kona N beat the Ford Puma ST?
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33 days 12:51
Why the Hyundai Ioniq 5 is the world's BEST electric car: 1000 mile review
Steve Sutcliffe covered 1000 miles in a Hyundai Ioniq 5, and it blew him away. Here's why it's the world's best electric car. Read more at Auto Express: New 2022 Hyundai Ioniq 5 review: aex.
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37 days 9:29
Dacia Jogger review: the bargain of 2022! | Auto Express 4K
The Dacia Jogger is by far the cheapest seven-seater on sale, but is there a catch?
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39 days 7:08
The Aston Martin DBX707 is the new BENCHMARK - Steve Sutcliffe review | Auto Express
The Aston Martin DBX 707 is the world's best performance SUV - here's Steve Sutcliffe to explain why.
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44 days 10:33
NEW Range Rover review: the best car in the world? | 4K
The new, 2022 Range Rover might just be the best car in the world. Steve Fowler gets behind the wheel in this review to explain why.
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48 days 5:08
NEW Kia Niro: hybrid, electric or PHEV! | Auto Express
The 2022 Kia Niro has been designed to take the crown for best family crossover - here's John McIlroy with the full rundown.
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51 day 4:56
The new Honda Civic is going after the BMW 1 Series | Auto Express
The new Honda Civic is here, and it's got the BMW 1 Series in its crosshairs. Here's Yousuf Ashraf with the key details.
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53 days 3:22
Kia Concept EV9 walkaround: it's coming next year! | Auto Express
Kia EV9 will arrive in 2023 as an electric seven-seat SUV, and we've gotten up close with the concept version which Kia says bears a strong resemblance to the final car.
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54 days 7:30
The Lotus Eletre is about to change the game | Auto Express 4K
We weren't expecting this. With its first electric SUV, Lotus has ticked all the right boxes to seriously threaten the established players in the sector.
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58 days 8:05
Sneaking in to drive the all-new Nissan Ariya - 4K - Auto Express
Nicola Hume joins Nissan for a very early drive of a prototype Nissan Ariya to discover what it’s all new, all-electric SUV has to offer.
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60 days 9:35
Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 RS: “The best car I’ve ever driven” - Auto Express
Can the new Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 RS really be the best driver's car money can buy? Our man Steve Sutcliffe thinks it is as he puts it through its paces on road and on track.
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67 days 7:36
How to buy the BEST used Audi A1 with Vicki Butler-Henderson | Auto Express
Vicki Butler-Henderson reveals how to buy the perfect used Audi A1 (2010-2018). Head to for a great deal on a used A1!
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68 days 3:28
How does a Nissan LEAF fit into a sustainable lifestyle? (ad feature)
After building the sustainable house of their dreams in rural Hampshire, Jane-Ann and her husband realised they ought to have a car to suit.
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74 days 6:56
Alfa Romeo Tonale: the car to FINALLY save Alfa? | 4K
We have a poke around the 2022 Alfa Romeo Tonale, the hybrid-powered SUV that could save the Italian marque.
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76 days 10:19
New Ferrari 296 GTB review: a game changing 819bhp hybrid supercar
We head out in Ferrari's first ever V6 - the new 296 GTB. With 819bhp available from a hybridised 3.0-litre twin-turbocharged V6, it packs a serious punch. So what's it like on the road?
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81 day 4:24
Citroen AMI Buggy: the AMI gets even weirder! | Auto Express 4K
We drive the one-off prototype Citroen My AMI Buggy, a tiny off-road city car that could reach production.
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86 days 7:49
2022 Vauxhall Astra review: driving, interior and tech features | Auto Express
We judge the driving experience, interior, practicality and tech of the 2022 Vauxhall Astra - does it stack up against the Volkswagen Golf?
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88 days 8:33
Ineos Grenadier review: see what it can do off road! | Auto Express 4K
The Ineos Grenadier has arrived, and we've driven it. Here's what it can do off road in the hands of our man Yousuf Ashraf.
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95 days 5:51
NEW Genesis GV60 first look: the 429bhp Tesla Model Y killer? | Auto Express 4K
The Genesis GV60 has arrived, and it's packed with serious tech to take on Tesla - here's an in-depth look at the design, interior, performance and range of the new Korean EV.
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100 days 2:49
Photographing the UK in a Nissan LEAF (ad feature)
James is a graphic designer by day but his big hobby is photography. His passion has taken him across the UK in a Nissan LEAF searching for the perfect shot.
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102 days 11:32
2022 Audi RS3 vs Mercedes-AMG A45 S: HEAD TO HEAD | Auto Express 4K
Two of the world's hottest hatchbacks lock horns in the hands of Steve Sutcliffe - can the new Audi RS3 overthrow the Mercedes-AMG A45 S?
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