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Driving the world's fastest Skoda: 227mph Octavia vRS Bonneville special review | Auto Express
We strap into the record-breaking, 700bhp Skoda Octavia Bonneville special, to find out what it's like to drive a supercar-eating Skoda.
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7 days 9:28
Porsche 911 GT3 vs 911 Turbo S track battle: Steve Sutcliffe on the limit | Auto Express
Which of the two most potent Porsche 911s on sale is quickest around a track? Steve Sutcliffe straps himself in for this track battle to find out.
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NEW 2021 Vauxhall Astra walkaround: the car to beat the VW Golf? | Auto Express
The new Vauxhall Astra has landed, and it's armed with electric power, new tech and improved mechanicals. Join us for this in-depth look at the Volkswagen Golf's newest foe.
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NEW Citroen C5 X walkaround: the radical French flagship that promises incredible comfort
When it goes on sale later this year, the Citroen C5 X might just be the most comfortable new car you can buy. Join us for this in-depth look at the brand's latest flagship effort.
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30 days 6:42
2021 Hyundai Kona N review: 276bhp hot SUV tested | Auto Express
Is Hyundai’s brilliant N recipe just as compelling in SUV form? James Brodie drives the all-new, 2021 Hyundai Kona N to find out.
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Porsche 911 GT3 vs Lamborghini Huracán EVO RWD: epic road and track test with Steve Sutcliffe
Steve Sutcliffe celebrates two of the best sports cars money can buy, on both road and track.
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42 days 5:14
2021 Bowler Defender Challenge review: flat out in new Defender rally car | Auto Express
The new Defender has been given the Bowler treatment - here's what it's like to drive on a rally stage at full chat.
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NEW Ferrari Portofino M review: 612bhp drop-top driven | Auto Express
The Ferrari Portofino has been transformed by Modificata upgrades, but can it take the crown of best open-top GT?
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NEW Bentley Bentayga Hybrid review: Steve Sutcliffe's definitive verdict | Auto Express
The Bentley Bentayga can be optioned with a V6 hybrid drivetrain, but does it taint the ultra-luxurious demeanour of Bentley's SUV?
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NEW McLaren 765LT Spider first look: McLaren's most powerful convertible ever | Auto Express
The McLaren 765LT Spider distils the LT recipe into a track-focused, open-top package. We take a look at the engineering highlights of the marque's most powerful convertible yet.
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NEW Ineos Grenadier in-depth first look: interior, tech and features | Auto Express
The cabin of the new Ineos Grenadier has been under wraps - until now. Join Sean Carson for a detailed look at the interior, tech and features of the upcoming French-built off-roader.
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Honda Civic Type R vs Hyundai i30 N vs Audi S3: Steve Sutcliffe track battle | Auto Express
Can the Honda Civic Type R see off the Hyundai i30 N and Audi S3 in a head-to-head track battle? Steve Sutcliffe sets a lap time in all three to find out.
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Why the Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 is one of the world's best driver's cars | Auto Express #Shorts
What makes the Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 one of the best driver's cars on sale? Here's Yousuf Ashraf to explain in under a minute.
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Hyundai i20 N vs Hyundai i30 N: Steve Sutcliffe track battle | Auto Express
Can the new Hyundai i20 N match - or even beat - its big brother, the i30 N, around a track?
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NEW 2021 Kia EV6 first look: better than a Tesla Model 3? | Auto Express
The Kia EV6 brings impressive tech, performance and range to the table, but can it take on the Tesla Model 3?
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NEW 2021 Genesis G70 Shooting Brake first look: better than a 3 Series estate? | Auto Express
The stunning Genesis G70 Shooting Brake is coming to the UK this year, and here's everything you need to know before it goes on sale.
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NEW 2021 Citroen C3 Aircross review: the most comfortable crossover you can buy? | Auto Express
The Citroen C3 Aircross has been revamped for 2021, but can it head to the top of the class?
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The BEST new cars you can buy in 2021: Auto Express New Car Awards
What are the best new cars on sale this year? Find out in the 2021 Auto Express New Car Awards.
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NEW 2021 Nissan Qashqai review: is this the best family SUV you can buy? | Auto Express
Can the new Nissan Qashqai see off competition from the Hyundai Tuscon and Peugeot 3008? The Nissan Qashqai is Britain's best-selling SUV, and this 2021 model has a lot to live up to.
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Every generation of VW Golf GTI: which is best of all? | Auto Express
All eight generations of VW Golf GTI, on the same day, on the same roads. Steve Sutcliffe is at the wheel to find out which is best.
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NEW Aston Martin Vantage F1 Edition review: Steve Sutcliffe on track | Auto Express
The new Aston Martin Vantage is a potent machine to say the least, but what happens when you turn up the wick, add some serious aero and a more focused chassis setup?
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The Alfa Romeo 166 is a rare, quirky saloon that sounds great | Auto Express #Shorts
The Alfa Romeo 'Busso' V6 is one of the all-time great engines. And even when fitted to a relatively mundane saloon car, like the Alfa 166, it sounds utterly glorious.
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NEW Volkswagen Multivan first look: interior, features and tech | Auto Express
Here's everything you need to know about the new 2022 Volkswagen Multivan - the replacement for the Volkswagen Caravelle.
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Can the new BMW M4 catch a Toyota GR Yaris?: Steve Sutcliffe track battle | Auto Express
Steve Sutcliffe takes a Toyota GR Yaris to the limit on track, trying to keep a BMW M4 Competition behind. Can he stay ahead?
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BMW M4 Competition vs Porsche Cayman GT4: Steve Sutcliffe track battle | Auto Express
Can the new, 2021 BMW M4 Competition outpace a PDK-equipped Porsche Cayman GT4 around a circuit? Steve Sutcliffe takes both to the limit to find out...
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NEW 2021 Citroen C3 Aircross: a fresh look and new tech | Auto Express
The Citroen C3 Aircross has been revamped for 2021, so join us for an in-depth look at what's new for Citroen's quirky small crossover.
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2021 DS 9 review: more luxurious than an E-Class? | Auto Express
Can the brand-new, 2021 DS 9 topple the executive saloon big guns - the BMW 5 Series, Audi A6 and Mercedes E-Class - to take top spot in the class?
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VW Golf R vs Golf GTI Clubsport vs Cupra Leon 300: Steve Sutcliffe track battle | Auto Express
SUBSCRIBE for more Steve Sutcliffe track battles, new car reveals and reviews: aex.ae/2gY9ABE The 2021 Mk8 Volkswagen Golf R packs a serious punch.
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2021 Mercedes EQS: is it the new electric car benchmark?
SUBSCRIBE for more great car videos: aex.ae/2gY9ABE Check the full story here: aex.ae/34XeObZ This is the new Mercedes EQS - a zero emissions, all-electric alternative to the brand’s
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Going off-road? Why you should consider a Mitsubishi Shogun Sport (ad feature)
For more information, visit mitsubishi-motors.co.uk If you’re on the lookout for an SUV then one option you might want to consider is the Mitsubishi Shogun Sport.
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