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Skoda Enyaq IV vs Mustang Mach-E: Style vs Substance | 4K
Rory compares the Ford Mustang Mach-E to the new Skoda Enyaq IV. Both are electric SUVs aimed at families, both have a similar price, and both offer similar range.
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4 days 8:49
This Electric Scooter Goes 100 miles For Just £1! | NEW Silence S01 Connected Review
This is the Silence S01 Connected electric scooter. And it's ridiculously inexpensive to run. According to its makers, it'll travel 100 miles at a cost of just £1.
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8 days 6:01
Skoda Enyaq IV: Unboxing Our New Long Term Electric Car
The Skoda Enyaq IV is one of the best electric family cars on the market.
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9 days 12:16
Hyundai Ioniq 5 vs Kia EV6: Electric DEATHMATCH!
The Kia EV6 and Hyundai Ioniq 5 share a platform and have many things in common. But they are not the same.
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11 days 16:20
What Happens When My CHEAP Leaf DIES? | Used EV Range Test! - Shot On iPhone 13
Rory takes the cheapest Nissan Leaf on Auto Trader for an extended drive to see how far it'll go on its ageing battery pack, and discovers exactly what happens when an electric car runs out of
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15 days 12:02
BMW IX3 Review: Did BMW Get It Right?
Rory hops aboard the BMW iX3 to test its practicality, looks, range and driving credentials. Did they get it all right, or are their rivals streets ahead? Looking for your next car?
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17 days 13:22
Synthetic Fuels: A BETTER Alternative To Electric Cars?
There’s a lot of chatter about synthetic fuels currently. Many believe it’s a viable alternative to petrol and diesel and should be considered over and above electric cars.
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22 days 14:12
MANUAL Electric Porsche 356 Review: An EV For Petrolheads! 4K
The Electrogenic 356 is no ordinary Porsche restomod. This one might look like the original, but there is one big change: it’s been electrified.
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24 days 12:09
Pro vs Beginner - Can I Beat A World Champion In His Own Car? | 4K
The DS E-Tense FE21 is one of the fastest electric cars in the world.
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29 days 11:55
NEW Hyundai Kona Electric Review: An Affordable 400 Mile EV?! 4K
So you're looking for a cheap electric car with good range. Well, look no further than the Kona Electric.
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33 days 9:11
Will Today's Electric Cars Soon Be OBSOLETE? 4K
Should you buy an electric car now? Or will today's EVs soon become obsolete when new tech emerges?
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36 days 8:03
NEW Porsche Boxster 25 Review: The Car That SAVED Porsche | 4K
Decades ago, Porsche was on the brink of collapse. But then it invented the Boxster and its fortunes changed completely.
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38 days 10:23
NEW DS 9 E-TENSE 360 Review: Fancy, French and FAST | 4K
The new DS 9 E-TENSE 360 is a hybrid saloon, one that shares it's name with the DS Formula E car.
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43 days 10:14
NEW Mercedes-AMG GLB 35 Review: A 302HP Baby G-Class | 4K
The Mercedes-AMG GLB 35 is full of contradictions. It’s a smallish SUV with seven seats, which was originally designed for families, but has now received the AMG treatment.
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45 days 10:34
NEW Mustang CS850GT Review: An 859HP MANUAL Beast
The Clive Sutton CS850GT Mustang is the UK's answer to the Ford Mustang GT500.
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50 days 15:03
NEW Tesla Model Y Review: The Best (And WORST) Tesla? 4K
The Tesla Model Y has finally landed here in the UK, and it's the model that will become Tesla's biggest seller by far.
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52 days 13:45
Cupra Formentor Long Term Test: The BEST Family Crossover Out Now? 4K
We've had our Cupra Formentor VZ2 for some time, and we can now give you our definitive verdict on what might be the best family car on the market today. Looking for your next car?
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57 days 10:09
Porsche 911 Targa 4S HDE Review: Beautifully Flawed? 4K
Rory hops aboard the new Porsche 911 Targa 4S.
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59 days 11:21
Are Used Electric Cars A BAD Idea? 4K
After purchasing the cheapest electric car on Auto Trader, Rory inspects the good and the bad, and takes the Nissan Leaf out for a first drive to find out if buying a used electric car is a bad idea.
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64 days 9:34
Revealed: Here's Why Cars Are Getting More Expensive | 4K
The price of both new and used cars is rising steadily, but have you ever stopped to ask why?
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67 days 10:56
I Bought The Cheapest Electric Car On Auto Trader! 4K
Rory's always praising electric cars. Now he's decided to put his money where his mouth is by buying the cheapest EV on Auto Trader!
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71 day 17:45
NEW Porsche 911 GT3 vs Turbo S: Agility vs Power | 4K
With the right approach, finesse can be just as effective as brute force. They are two ends of the same spectrum. Two vastly different ways of solving the same problem.
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73 days 9:33
The Hard Truth About SUVs | 4K
The popularity of SUVs has soared over the last few years, but if you weigh up the realities, are they actually a bit stupid?
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78 days 11:34
NEW Lamborghini Huracan STO Review: End Of The Road? | 4K
Rory Reid reviews the new Lamborghini Huracan STO - the ultimate, turned-up-to-eleven, race-inspired version of the Huracan.
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NEW Cupra Leon Estate Review: A 306HP Golf R Estate Rival | 4K
The new Cupra Leon Estate is a 306HP rival to the Golf R Estate. Rory gets behind the wheel to see how it compares to the competition, and to the Cupra Formentor SUV. Looking for your next car?
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86 days 11:51
Electric Cars: Fatally Flawed?
The world is going electric , but are electric cars that good? It are they flawed from the outset? Rory explores the reasons not to buy… and suggests reasons maybe you should.
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92 days 11:59
Lexus UX 300E Review: Is This Fancy Electric SUV Worth Your Cash? | 4K
Rory hops aboard the upmarket electric SUV that is the Lexus UX 300E - the company's first attempt at making a proper electric car. But how does it compare to its rivals?
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94 days 7:40
NEW Vauxhall Astra: Like A Golf, But BETTER?
The new Vauxhall (aka Opel) Astra Is here and Rory has taken a look. Check out the new design, interior, engines and more. Looking for your next car?
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99 days 20:03
New Mercedes Eqs Review: Rest In Peace S-Class? 4K
The Mercedes EQS, aka the all-electric version of the S-Class, is here!
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101 day 9:11
New Citroen C5 X: The Most Comfortable Family Car Yet?
Citroen's showed off its new C5 X, a new family car that is designed to be ultra-comfy, with super-soft suspension and a luxurious cabin.
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