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6 Jul 2007
3 days 14:13
Skoda Enyaq Long Term Test: Is It Actually WORTH Buying?
We've been living with a Skoda Enyaq iV 80 for the last half a year, assessing what the car is like as a long term ownership proposition.
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9 days 0:50
This Mercedes Has A 56 Inch Screen!
Looking for your next car? Auto Trader will help make finding your next vehicle easier than ever.
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17 days 0:54
The Skoda Enyaq Is CRAZY Smart!
Look at these awesome features on the Skoda Enyaq IV 80! Does your car do all this? Looking for your next car? Auto Trader will help make finding your next vehicle easier than ever.
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19 days 13:14
BMW M240i: Better Than An M2?!
Rory straps informs a review of the latest BMW 2 Series in the form of the top-dog M240i. This car packs more power than an M2 and costs significantly less.
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24 days 7:40
NEW Porsche Macan GTS Review: Great Or Good?
Rory reviews the new Porsche Macan GTS... But gets more than a helping hand from a new face on the channel, Alexandra Legouix, who talks us through the car's finer points.
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30 days 14:28
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32 days 13:35
NEW Lamborghini Countach LPI 800-4 | Lambo's £2 Million SPACESHIP
Rory gets an exclusive chance to review the all-new Lamborghini Countach LPI-800-4 in the UK. Here, he shows off the astonishing power, incredible looks and hidden features.
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32 days 12:28
Mercedes-AMG EQE 53: Can An Electric AMG Ever Be Fun?
Rory reviews the new Mercedes-AMG EQE 53 - one of a new breed of all-electric AMGs.
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37 days 6:51
Polestar O2: They MUST Build This Car!
Rory gets up close and personal with the Polestar O2 Roadster, a concept electric sports car with a metal folding hard top and serious good looks, and a secret drone for taking selfies as you drive!
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38 days 11:03
NEW Mercedes-AMG C43 Estate: A BUDGET RS6?! | 4K
Rory headed over to Germany to review the brand new Mercedes-AMG C43.
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39 days 6:55
NEW Hyundai Ioniq 6: It’s Like NOTHING Else!
Rory brings you a first look at the brand new Hyundai Ioniq 6, the company's follow-up to the brilliant Ioniq 5.
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50 days 8:00
Are Plug-in Hybrids Utterly Pointless?
Plug-in hybrids give you the best of both worlds: electric-only, zero-emissions motoring, plus the reassurance of a long range. But if you use them incorrectly they can be absolutely awful.
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53 days 17:42
NEW McLaren Artura Review: The SILENT Assassin | 4K
Rory reviews the brand new McLaren Artura, a supercar with a lightweight carbon chassis, V6 petrol engine and electric motor.
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58 days 14:10
NEW DS 4 E-Tense Review: It does 230MPG!?
The new DS 4 is not only stylish, but in plug-in hybrid guise, it has astonishing fuel economy, delivering up to 232mpg! Rory checks out the interior, electric abilities and more.
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61 day 12:38
NEW Lotus Emira: The Last REAL Lotus? | 4K
Rory reviews the new Lotus Emira, Lotus' last ever petrol sports car.
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65 days 8:29
Why Battery Swapping Is A BAD Idea
Battery swapping on electric cars sounds like a good idea, but if its so good then why did Tesla abandon the concept altogether? And why have so many others failed to make it work?
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67 days 12:36
New Bmw X1 And Ix1: They’re Electric!
The new BMW X1 has arrived and this it’s been electrified. Rory gets up close and personal with the new all electric IX1 and hybrid X1 in an early preview of what is to come.
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72 days 8:15
What REALLY Killed The Nissan GT-R?
Nissan has killed the GT-R in Europe. But why? Emissions rules? Or something else altogether more perplexing. Rory investigates the true cause of Godzilla's demise. Looking for your next car?
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74 days 14:12
Is My Cheap Bentley Broken? Repair Costs Revealed | 4K
We take the cheapest Bentley in the UK to Bentley HQ in Crewe to have them go over it with a fine tooth comb.
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79 days 5:57
New BMW M4 CSL: Everything You Need To Know About The Hardcore M4!
BMW's new M4 CSL, or Competition Sport Light, has arrived! It's a lighter, leaner, meaner, faster version of the M4 Competition, but what exactly makes it so exciting? Rory breaks it all down!
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81 day 14:04
Driving The CHEAPEST Bentley In The UK: Bargain or Broken?! | 4K
Rory hops aboard “Ron Burgundy” - his new OLD Bentley Brooklands. At the time of purchase, Ron was the cheapest Bentley in the country.
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87 days 14:27
NEW Alfa Romeo Tonale Hybrid Review: A Better BMW X1?
Rory reviews the all-new Alfa Romeo Tonale Hybrid, a family crossover designed to go head to head with the BMW X1. Is it any good? Looking for your next car?
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89 days 7:21
NEW Bentley Bentayga EXTENDED Wheelbase: Most Luxurious Bentley Ever?
How do you take a Bentley Bentayga to the next level? You stretch it! Here's the new Bentayga Extended Wheelbase, which is not only longer, but more luxurious than ever before!
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93 days 13:40
This Electric Scooter Has Fingerprint Control! Sunra Miku Super Review
Meet the SUNRA MIKU SUPER, the electric scooter with two removable batteries, app control and a fingerprint reader!
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95 days 9:22
How TESLA Rescued Honda
As Honda struggles to meet emissions targets, can Tesla rescue this iconic Japanese brand from financial peril? Looking for your next car?
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110 days 5:42
Audi's New Grill Is A SCREEN: NEW Audi Urbansphere Concept
Rory takes a look at the newly revealed Audi Urbansphere concept car, a 400HP futuristic vision of personal travel. Looking for your next car?
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114 days 8:17
Lamborghini Urus Review: Lamborghini's Big Mistake? | 4K
Rory heads to the sweeping Welsh countryside to take another look at the Lamborghini Urus. Is it a real Lamborghini? Can it ever be considered a driver's car, and do better alternatives exist?
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116 days 11:03
NEW Aston Martin DBX 707 Review: World's Most POWERFUL Luxury SUV | 4K
Rory hits the mountain passes in the brand new Aston Martin DBX 707, the world's most powerful luxury SUV. Is it all the car you need? Looking for your next car?
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121 day 9:45
Is Jaguar Heading For Extinction?
Jaguar has faced tough times in recent years, but with a new relaunch on the horizon, will the brand sink or swim? Looking for your next car?
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124 days 11:39
NEW Nissan Ariya Review: The Best Electric Family Car?
Rory reviews the new Nissan Ariya, the company's first proper attempt at a no-compromise electric family car. Is it a serious rival to the Tesla Model Y and Ford Mustang Mach-E?
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