10 days 7:28
ASU President Michael Crow Discusses the University's Future
"Break It Down" sits down with Arizona State University's President Crow to discusses how the university has handled the past year, what to anticipate for the upcoming fall 2021 semester and much
30 days 2:31
Arizona PBS Recipient of 2021 Phoenix Chamber IMPACT Award
Arizona PBS is among eight winners of the Greater Phoenix Chamber IMPACT Awards, capturing the top prize in the Arizona Advocate/Small-Medium Business Category.
36 days 45:34
EPIC Conversation with Greg Moore: Reporting on Equity
Join us for an EPIC Conversation with Greg Moore, opinion journalist at Arizona Republic. Greg writes about race, culture, sports and politics.
38 days 7:56
Political Activism in Sports
Major League Baseball officials changed the location of their 2021 All-Star Game from Atlanta after the passing of Georgia's controversial voting laws.
42 days 35:10
Be My Neighbor Day!
On Saturday, May, 1st from 9 am - 10 am, families can participate in a virtual celebration with Daniel Tiger. Storytimes and simple crafts will be offered using everyday materials from home.
46 days 8:03
The Treatment of Women in Gaming
Video games have become a massive industry. However, women are finding themselves as the target of harassment — a problem that is plaguing the gaming world.
52 days 8:02
Climate Change Explained
What is human-caused climate change and what sort of activities have become contributing factors? “Break It Down” co-host Swapna Reddy chats with Dr.
52 days 8:02
The Inconsistencies of the U.S Citizenship Exam
The U.S citizenship exam has been the topic of political debate over the last few presidencies in regards to its difficulty. Host Dr.
54 days 7:56
The Success Behind RuPaul's Drag Race
RuPaul's Drag Race is a reality TV show that allows aspiring drag queens to display their talent, push themselves and learn more about the drag experience. Host Dr.
54 days 8:00
Living For Vision Without Vision
Many people across the world are seeing life differently after the effects of a challenging year and are even struggling to discover who they are and what they want for their future.
60 days 7:30
Arizona's Education System and Disparities
Arizona has a unique education system with over 200 traditional school districts and some charter schools.
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66 days 8:47
The Underrepresentation of Black Faculty in Higher Education
Black faculty are struggling to attain tenure at the same rate as their white counterparts. Co-host Dr. Eleanor Seaton chats with Dr.
68 days 7:50
Equal Pay in Women's Sports
Men and women in sports don’t receive equal pay, representation or treatment. This was made especially clear during March Madness when videos comparing the weight rooms went viral.
73 days 7:57
How Asian-Black Alliance is Fighting Racial Injustice
In the wake of violence in Atlanta, Black and Asian communities are coming together to dismantle racial injustice. Host Dr. Eleanor Seaton sits down with Dr. H.L.T.
75 days 8:03
Health Care or Sick Care System
In the United States we spend about 3.5 trillion dollars of our GDP on healthcare but we still have worse health outcomes than a lot of countries and a decreasing life expectancy. Host Dr.
80 days 7:51
The Underrepresentation of Black Girls in STEM
The contributions of Black women in science throughout history is highly underrepresented and not adequately taught in schools. Host Dr. Eleanor Seaton sits down with Dr.
80 days 42:45
EPIC Conversation with Reyna Montoya: Advocating for Equity
Join us for an EPIC Conversation with Reyna Montoya, CEO and founder of Aliento, a community organization that is DACA, undocumented and youth-led.
80 days 1:26:09
Arizona PBS Estate Planning Presentation
Educational session with financial advisor Deeann Griebel. She covers what to expect when an estate is distributed, including the emotional issues surviving family members face.
87 days 8:01
How Selena Gave Rise to the Latino Boom
Selena Quintanilla is known as the beloved 'Queen of Tejano Music' whose contributions to music and the Latin community have made her one of the most celebrated Mexican-American entertainers of the
89 days 7:50
Mindful Leadership
Mindful leadership is an approach that involves being present in the moment, appropriately responding to situations and paying attention.
94 days 8:03
What's a She-Session and What Can be Done About it?
Of the 156,000 jobs that were lost in December 2020, all of them were positions held by women. Host Dr.
96 days 7:50
Asian American Pandemic Attacks
Anti-Asian bias rose after the media and officials started using terms like “The China Virus” to describe the pandemic.
101 day 7:57
POC in Hollywood
Even though there are more writers and directors of color, show creators and executives in television are overwhelmingly white. Host Dr.
103 days 7:57
Reflecting on Diversity During Award Show Season
Award shows give writers, actors and directors a chance to showcase their work and celebrate the industry, but people of color are still underrepresented in Hollywood. Host Dr.
108 days 6:24
Circle 6 aims to ignite the artist inside each of us
The idea that art should be accessible to all of us also means taking the opportunity to create our own art — free from judgment.
108 days 8:42
Colleen Jennings Roggensack helps to put Arizona on the theater map
Colleen Jennings Roggensack is the heart and soul of theater in Arizona. Without her guidance, Arizona would not even be on Broadway’s radar.
108 days 4:05
The Detour Theatre Company provides a unique opportunity for kids & young adults with special needs
Sam started the Detour Theatre Company after realizing her son with special needs had nowhere to fulfill his dream of performing in a play or musical.
108 days 4:20
Learn the connection between skateboarding and Apache warriors
Douglas Miles is a member of the San Carlos-Apache tribe. He is a painter, photographer, and activist. He grew up in Phoenix and moved back to the San Carlos-Apache Indian Community.
108 days 4:23
Visit Downtown Phoenix’s first art gallery
Alwun House is Downtown Phoenix’s first art gallery. For more than 45 years, the Alwun House has created opportunities for artists, and served as a pivotal beacon in the Garfield community.
108 days 4:15
First Friday offers community connections
First Friday is one of the largest walking art tours in the country, notable for its ability to attract people from all walks of life to one central area.
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