1 day 18:20
Friend accidently called 911 while we were playing GTAV and this happened..
You can't make up this timing. We were playing GTAV and my friends phone called 911 on its own ! Thanks to his ring video camera i'm able to show you what happened.
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5 days 24:22
What The Heck Took Place Here ?
Took the metal detector all the way down the the Cajon pass specifically the Mormon rocks area which is rich in history.
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11 days 29:41
Exploring A Real Life Red Dead Redemption
The amount of times San Bernardino County is referenced to look like @Rockstar Games Red dead redemption is uncountable.
12 263
12 days 25:29
A Ride That Will Tickle Your Pickle
Today we take the Dr200 dual sport on a massive journey through the most beautiful roads and landscapes in southern California from San Bernardino to Silverwood Lake through both way of getting there.
10 796
14 days 25:04
I Can't Believe It Took Me THIS LONG To Come Here..
I've known of this place for years and I finally took the trip here and now Silverwood lake is my favorite lake in this whole area.
16 981
21 day 21:25
Always Make Room For Essentials
The ZX-10R although not practical for it STILL can transport brew if need be. Which is exactly what we need after a long 60 mile ride on the ZX10R to meet up with the OG's.
13 492
24 days 19:10
Supercharged MX5 Drive Through Lytle Creek With An UNEXPECTED Discovery
Took out the ol Mazda Miata MX5 with her top down and take you guys on a majestic and beautiful drive through Lytle Creek California.
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26 days 25:03
Catching A PoPo Chase & Exploring A Real Life Fallout
Random moments captured all within a days time. Welcome to San Bernardino.
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34 days 24:42
He Let Me Ride His BUELL X1 !
I never thought i'd ever ride a Buell X1 motorcycle but SmokeViper lent me his awesome specimen of a Buell motorcycle and let me romp that 1200cc's of pure American motorcycle power through the San
14 154
36 days 31:41
Finding The Devil's Chateau & Getting Lost In The Mountains
A long adventure venturing into new locations i've never visited and finding things i've never seen before.
14 171
41 day 22:51
CAUGHT Snooping Around A Historic Mausoleum
Took the Kawasaki ZX10R to the historic part of Riverside California and noticed the doors were open in the mausoleum. I had to take a look inside.... again.....
13 794
45 days 21:35
Wandering Somewhere I SHOULDN'T Be..
Sometimes wondering off into random trails isn't the best idea...Especially when there's no exit. Especially when there's big foots tip breathing down your neck.
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49 days 8:20
Mystical Flute Man (Full Performance)
In my last video I found the mystical flute man in the parking structure that reverberates all the magical notes from his dizi flute.
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50 days 20:19
Putting My Girlfriend To WORK
Showing up at my GF's job to put her to work. We also see the elusive mystical flute man ! CHEAH !
27 010
57 days 23:31
This Day Can't Get Anymore WEIRD !
Finding 2 stolen cars, A gaggle of quads doing quad things, sneaking into Glen Helen Raceway and more. A true San Bernarghetto day.
17 382
64 days 18:35
The Ghost Town Squirrel Jockey
This town aint big enough for the both of us. Well actually it is. Why are there squirrels racing my bike ? The world will never know.
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71 day 25:29
DREAM LIKE ROADS In The Supercharged Mazda Miata | Passenger POV
Giving you the passenger seat POV of one of the most beautiful drives in southern California.
15 545
73 days 18:02
Honda Motorcycle With VTEC ?
Today I ride a 2004 Honda VFR 800 equipped with VTEC. It's a V4 motor that sounds absolutely gorgeous. It sounds like symphony of harmonized giants singing the Halo theme.
20 062
74 days 19:13
The Supercharged Miata Gets A New Stereo
Today we take a drive down the the stereo shop in the new supercharged Miata and pick us up a new Alpine head unit as well as some new speakers and install it all together to make the Mazda Miata a
12 579
78 days 22:42
Picking Up My New 1993 Supercharged Mazda Miata NA
I bet you would have never expected this.
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83 days 13:53
A Red Ring For Uranus | Mail Call Ep. 30
Time for another mail call of packages from our PO BOX. Do you want to be in a video ?
9 589
85 days 16:21
I found 2 more STOLEN CARS !
I don't understand how I keep finding these G rides. This city is a hot place for cars and motorcycles and people that like to say CHEAH!
16 029
88 days 25:06
The wild west is a little too wild
It's been a while since we had a spicy metal detecting adventure so we go out and end up finding some awesome wild west history in the mountains of San Bernardino as well as finding the dirt with
16 012
92 days 25:04
Don't Look DOWN !
Riding off the beaten path isn't always gootys and rainbows, and as always I have to find some sketchy stuff going on. This is how I enjoy my day to day gooty loving life.
14 558
97 days 21:15
They Got Busted !
Doing my 1st vlog with my new GoPro motovlogging setup and ended up seeing a lot more than I thought for the day. Never a dull moment in San Bernardino.
17 694
99 days 32:01
This is NOT what I expected to find
Traveling and exploring new streets always leads to new mysteries, today we find some mysteries of the Cajon pass in California. This place is nothing but natural beauty and awe.
22 320
104 days 15:46
I always wait until the LAST SECOND
My last day to go get my motorcycle sorted and took the ZX-10R to make sure I made it on time ;)
14 511
106 days 17:27
The DUMBEST yet SMARTEST idea i've ever had
When life throws you lemonade you best believe you better find a way to drink it !
15 930
109 days 18:45
I've been getting ROBBED
You get the experience of seeing me realize how much i've been getting my tip twisted over the years.
28 368
111 days 17:19
This place went bye bye
I was literally just here the other day and now it burnt down. I also perform Operation Orion to complete success ! CHEAH !
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