3 hours 21:13
Mission Accomplished
There seems to be a hot cheeto shortage, to be more specific an xtra hot cheeto shortage.
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3 days 27:48
Idiots In Cars
Pop's & I take a trip back down from Big Bear, CA to San Bernardino CA in my lovely MX5 Mazda Miata and traverse through the sea of holiday travelers on the windy mountain roads.
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5 days 31:01
Road Trip With My Pops !
A special video today where I took my pops up to Big Bear, CA in my Mazda Miata to show him that MX5 goodness after he hasn't been here in 2 years.
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14 days 20:33
Just San Bernardino Things
The city of never ending surprises
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24 days 40:25
UFO Info Finally Revealed | Norton Air Force Base
After 3 + years I went back to the Norton Air Force museum and got a lot more awesome info on the UFO encounters from the base as well as some new insight on some cool history of the location.
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29 days 12:14
Caught Red Handed
In the middle of the day in the open San Bernarghetto sunlight I see somethings that's.....not surprising.
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41 day 24:20
I Clapped Sandy's Cheeks...
Having a majestic motorcycle ride when a squirrel ( 6:03 ) decided he wanted to feel what the weight of a bike with a huge mushroom tip on it feels like.
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48 days 19:58
Exploring Ghetto Alleys So That You Don't Have To
Taking my Grom down some ghetto alleys to explore and see what random things and people we will find, and being San Bernardino it didn't disappoint. #Alley #Exploring #Adventure
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49 days 0:52
Stuck at a red light and then this happens...
Just another day in San Bernarghetto
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52 days 15:41
Scary Tank Slapper At 120mph
puckered gootyhole.
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56 days 20:32
Cars That Will Make Your Pants Tighten | Route 66 | 2021
The Route 66 is back in San Bernardino and here I cruise the Route on the Dr200 to give you guys a close up look at all the awesome classic cars. #Route66 #ClassicCars #CarShow
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58 days 17:06
Good Thing I Was Wearing Gloves
Metal detecting a 113 year old house site and finding some questionable things. #MetalDetecting #DualSport
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62 days 39:05
It's Metal Detecting Season, CHEAH !
Metal Detecting is finally back in session ! Took out the Minelab vanquish 540 metal detector and headed deep into the mountains in search for treasure and relics. #MetalDetecting #Treasure #Relics
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68 days 17:50
American Power Brether !!!
First ride on a 1999 Buell M2 Cyclone motorcycle made by Eric Buell when he was with Harley in the older days. Pretty awesome feat of engineering for what it is.
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72 days 23:24
Should We Even Be Here ?
We took a motorcycle trip all throughout the San Bernardino mountains and visited Silverwood Lake where there's been toxic algae found in 3 parts of the lake. Actually pretty weird.
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76 days 10:20
Wendy's Has Gone Too Far
Wendy's has gone too far if they think they can get away with discontinuing that scrumptious spicy sriracha sauce for them spicy nugs. This is where I put my foot down.
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78 days 14:32
The Day A Train Rocked San Bernardino
A lot of you may have not heard of the San Bernardino train disaster of May 12, 1989 but today I teach you about it as well as go to the location 32 years later to show you what it looks like today.
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80 days 23:04
Why does Everyone Yell At Me ?
Rompin out to Wrightwood where I show you my run in with the owner of the legendary Clyde Ranch. That's where Virgil Earp and Wyatt Earp would come to relax back in the 1800's.
16 437
89 days 23:06
The Scariest Things Are Found Under Bridges...
Exploring some dirty scary areas of San Bernardino on the trusty Dr200 showing you places you wouldn't otherwise see. *INFO IN PINNED COMMENT*
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91 day 19:44
Rippin The MIATA Through The Mountains
Took the Miata out to the mountains for lunch and strapped you guys to my forehead for the adventure, CHEAH !
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93 days 17:50
I was given a 8th Gen 2008 Honda Civic Si FG2
Unexpectingly was given this nice 2008 Honda Civic Si FG2 coupe from my mom since she got a new car. Gonna be the perfect daily driver !
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98 days 19:56
My Bike Broke
When the wind is strong in your direction while on a 1000cc liter bike make sure your fairings are nice and secure.
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105 days 21:04
This Place Is Eerie
Took the gootylicious ZX10R into the literal clouds where the roads were empty and it was all kinds of eerie. I have never seen the place like this and it was so awesome.
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113 days 18:21
The movie no one wants to watch
You've heard of Edward scissor hands, but have you heard of Karen Scissor Tw@t ?
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122 days 19:18
What Could Go Wrong ?
Mystical flute man, last drop, alley exploring, air horn. We're back in San Bernarghetto exploring, CHEAH !
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128 days 24:22
Busting My Z1000 Cherry | First Ride
I've always loved these bikes and my favorite are the 2003 - 2004 Z1000 bikes.
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131 day 21:34
You KNOW I Had To Do It..
What else do you do when you're on a ZX-10R in a tunnel built into a mountain thousands of feet in the air ? THIS !!!! Welcome to Angeles crest highway AKA Hwy 2.
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133 days 22:43
The Search For The ULTIMATE Chooch Spot (I found it)
Big Bear, CA, the land of trees and water. Riding on the Kawasaki ZX10R on the search for the ultimate chill spot at Big Bear Lake.
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139 days 25:18
Giving My THICK GIRL Some Much Needed Love !
Took my big girl aka my Kawasaki ZX-10R to Big Bear CA and take you guys along for the ride. The ViewRopes are so amazing words can't describe them.
13 942
142 days 19:29
The ZX-10R Gets A Power Commander V | Install / First Ride !
Installing a Dyno jet Power commander V on the Kawasaki ZX10R as well as new NRG Laser iridium spark plugs, this REALLY woke this beast up !
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