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3 Jun 2007
22 hours 34:28
Almost Had To Lay Er Down Bud !
Worst thing to happen when riding someone elses heavy cruiser, roll it over wet paint and have the wheel spin out on you....The majestic ride through all of Highway 2 to Mt.
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10 days 19:32
The Legend Returns !
A day where all I was finding was some big ol juicy azz I end up finding the legend himself and he gives me a show !
18 436
12 days 17:43
Trying My 1st Chicago Weiner
I heard some hype about Portillos Chicago dogs and found out there was one in Moreno Valley. So I adventured out on the small pecker machine to put the food to the test.
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20 days 23:00
Just Another day In San Bernardino
A recent vid of of the po po taking someone out in San Bernardino made its rounds recently on the internet and took off. I take you to where it happened and show you the details from the scene.
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30 days 13:05
My Mission For Solid Meat
Who would have thought it would be so hard to find some good meat on a Saturday morning.
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32 days 25:46
He Understood The Assignment
When you're riding with a group of mushroom tips on big bikes you gotta appreciate when the PD understand the assignment.
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35 days 28:41
They Trusted ME With Their Motorcycles
We went up to big bear California from San Bernardino and I got to experience a new MT-09 for the 1st time and I am now in love . We also get down on a Honda VFR 800 with VTEC !
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41 day 26:43
San Bernardino 4th Of July
Our 2nd annual 4th of July in San Bernardino video where we ride around the city and see what's going down !
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46 days 9:18
So About SCMM...
I have been asked a lot about another SCMM, here's what's up with that.
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53 days 15:59
There's A New Danger In San Bernardino
Not once, not twice but THREE times just this month we had SBPD total their squads in San Bernardino. With those odds you might want to keep your head on a swivel while driving through San Bernardino.
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63 days 13:02
Of Course This Happens In San Bernardino
We had a guy hit a few local banks a few days ago and ended up here in San Bernardino, and then this happens...Then while out on the ZX10R we go the the exact location in San Bernardino where it
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69 days 17:01
San Bernardino Observations
Today we take out the David AttenTIP cam and roam around San Bernardino California showing a national geographic style view of the city on the Grom, except im not David AttenTIP and it's San
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73 days 13:43
I Made Pokemon Comics As A 1990's 3rd Grader
Went ahead and took out the massive tipped ZX10R to get Raising canes and show you the Pokemon comics I drew in the 1990's when I was in 3rd grade that I found after over 20 years.
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80 days 19:08
A Whole New Perspective
Took out the David Attenborough cam to film some nature gootyholes and went on some view rope filled adventure through the rubber infested mountains of San Bernardino.
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87 days 18:07
Why I Don't Show My Face
...Because no one needs to be getting recognized by the PD lol.
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96 days 19:20
POV: I Take You On A Cheap Turkey Sandwich Date
Today I sit you down in the passenger seat of the lovely 1993 Mazda Miata NA and whistle that supercharger between your flaps as we drive up the mountains to Lake Gregory and eat a delectable juicy
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98 days 16:30
Big Bike Takes Me To Get Big Meat
The big girl ZX10R and I went on a gooty opening adventure to Grams BBQ in Riverside California to get some hot tasty meat in my mouth.
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109 days 11:12
Let's Bust Some Liter Ropes
Had to urge to blast out some liter ropes on the ZX-10R today and get myself a new era fitted mushroom tip cover, talk about how I cant stop watching 90 day fiancé , and gas prices going up and down.
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111 days 11:26
It's Getting Really Bad In San Bernardino
A day full of San Bernardino oddities, but that's everyday.
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118 days 13:01
Exploring 100+ Year Old Mausoleum
Exploring a 100+ year old mausoleum in Riverside CA that holds many notable and historic figures on its grounds.
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123 days 18:40
She's not used to it anymore
My girlfriend is back riding with me on her Z125 which is like sitting on wood, and not the kind she's used to. We adventure out to Riverside California to get Tio's Tacos.
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124 days 14:46
Just how good is this thing ?
It's been a long time since this Kawasaki Z125 has been dragged from the murky depths of the back of my garage.
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133 days 16:24
I Feel Bad For This Person....
We went into the wasteland today being followed and watched exploring all the off the trails areas around San Bernardino today on the Grom. Found our usual G-ride as I weirdly always do. What a day.
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139 days 15:56
Maybe I Shouldn't Go In There
Sometimes when exploring alleys, ditches and under San Bernardino bridges you get that little voice in the back of your head that says maybe I shouldn't go in there. Today was one of those days.
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142 days 18:09
Well that puckered my chocolate starfish
When the ZX-10R is out it's hard not to have a little too much fun on it. Especially in places like these.
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145 days 11:20
My New Obsession
You know what sounds good ? You know what sizzles the gooty taster ? Some good ol KBBQ.
14 667
153 days 14:01
Railed In The Gootyhole
Time for the yearly gooty railing that we all look forward too. At least I get to spend some quality time with the big girl ZX-10R.
16 635
160 days 11:30
If I Was A Villain
What would you do ?
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168 days 11:00
Filling My Mouth With Hot Meat
Roaming San Bernardino finding credit cards on the ground and trying Daves hot chicken for the 1st time, CHEAH !
19 785
178 days 13:01
It's A Bird, It's A Plane It's HUH ????
What a place to be chased through the sky.
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