7 hours 7:25
Four years on - Trump’s promise to build a wall on Mexican border is unfulfilled - BBC News
With days to go to the US presidential election more than 60 million Americans have already taken advantage of early voting, breaking all records.
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8 hours 3:18
Boris Johnson defends refusing free meals to vulnerable children - BBC News
Boris Johnson has defended his refusal to extend free school meals vouchers for children in Englandover the half-term holiday.
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8 hours 8:01
Hospitals under pressure again as Covid admissions rise sharply - BBC News
As coronavirus cases rise sharply, hospitals are once again under pressure throughout the UK and NHS staff are having to juggle competing demands.
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18 hours 0:48
US election 2020: President Trump casts his vote - BBC News
President Donald Trump has voted early in the US election, while on a campaign visit in Florida. It marks the first time an incumbent president has voted, in-person, in the state.
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18 hours 1:05
Police attack anti-Lukashenko protesters with stun grenades in Belarus - BBC News
Mass protests continued in Belarus, as the opposition threatened a mass walkout by workers if President Alexander Lukashenko did not resign.
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22 hours 2:15
Coronavirus: 'I caught Covid at my uncle's funeral' - BBC News
Binu, a construction worker in the southern Indian state of Kerala, sorely regrets attending his uncle's funeral. He caught Covid-19 at the ceremony and spread it to at least another eight people.
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22 hours 2:04
Elderly couple, married for 60 years, reunited after 215 days apart - BBC News
An elderly couple's tearful reunion after 215 days apart has been captured on camera in Florida. Joseph was hospitalised in March but couldn't have visitors because of Covid restrictions.
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1 day 1:22
Special forces storm tanker off Isle of Wight to end “suspected hijacking” - BBC News
British special forces have boarded a tanker off the Isle of Wight and gained control after a suspected hijacking. Members of the elite Special Boat Service landed on the vessel by helicopter.
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2 days 2:02
Growing anger over government refusal to fund meals for vulnerable children - BBC News
There's growing pressure on the government to reverse it’s decision, refusing to fund meals for disadvantaged children during school holidays.
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2 days 3:12
Millions more people in England face strictest coronavirus rules as cases rise - BBC News
Millions more people are living under the highest level of coronavirus restrictions in England as the number of cases continue to rise.
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3 days 7:12
Black Lives Matter: Co-founder Alicia Garza on the future of the movement - BBC Newsnight
#BlackLivesMatter co-founder Alicia Garza talks to #Newsnight about the movement’s future, social justice and her debut book, The Purpose of Power.
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3 days 2:56
Public and councils offer free meals to children after government refuses to fund them - BBC News
Cafes, pubs and restaurants - as well as some local councils - have stepped in to offer free school meals for children in England during half term, after the government refused to fund them.
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3 days 3:34
Bitter divisions in final debate as US polling day approaches - BBC News
The final live TV debate in the US Presidential election exposed once again the bitter divisions of the campaign, as Donald Trump and his Democratic rival Joe Biden clashed over coronavirus, racial
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3 days 5:12
Sewage could help trace spread of coronavirus infections - BBC News
The Test and trace system in England is facing serious criticism due to long waits for test results and failure to trace cases.
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3 days 3:29
Brexit: Why is fishing a stumbling block in the trade talks? - BBC News
There’s still no agreement between the UK and EU on Brexit and one of the key stumbling blocks is fishing. Ros Atkins takes a look. Please subscribe HERE bit.ly/1rbfUog
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4 days 10:26
Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen on working for the president - BBC Newsnight
Donald Trump’s former personal attorney, Michael Cohen, gives his first UK TV interview with Newsnight to discuss working for the president and the US election.
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4 days 1:42
Boris Johnson “frustrated” as Test and Trace in England hits all-time low - BBC News
The Test and Trace system in England has had its worst performance so far, with the latest figures showing just 15% of test results returned within 24 hours and less than 60% of contacts traced of
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4 days 12:49
Chancellor accused of “playing catch-up” as he pledges billions more in economic support - BBC News
The Chancellor has pledged billions of pounds more support for workers and businesses across the UK after he accepted that even those not forced to shut were facing “profound economic uncertainty”.
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4 days 3:32
US Election 2020: Obama and Trump in political brawl on campaign trail - BBC News
President Donald Trump and his predecessor, Barack Obama, launch withering attacks on each other at duelling rallies. Mr Obama spoke at a drive-in rally in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
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4 days 1:46
The Covid doctor whose dance video went viral - BBC News
Arup Senapati has been working as a Covid doctor in the northern-eastern India state of Assam for months. He recently decided to dance on a popular Bollywood number to cheer up his patients.
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5 days 14:54
Racist attack investigation reopened by Met Police - BBC Newsnight
After a racist attack on three black women, a Newsnight investigation has found that for nearly two weeks police officers failed to recover CCTV or take witness statements, even from the victims.
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5 days 2:59
Nigeria’s security forces “shoot dead at least 12 civilians” as protests grow - BBC News
There have been international calls for an end to violence in Nigeria after widespread reports of the killing of civilians.
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5 days 4:51
Boris Johnson accused of pitting “region against region” over pandemic funding - BBC News
After days of wrangling with local leaders, the Prime Minister has said a £60m support package for Greater Manchester will be distributed to local councils in the region, effectively bypassing the
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5 days 9:03
End Sars protests: People 'shot dead' in Lagos, Nigeria - BBC News
A number of people taking part in a protest against police brutality have reportedly been shot dead or wounded in Nigeria's biggest city, Lagos.
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5 days 0:49
Iceland PM keeps her cool as earthquake disrupts interview - BBC News
Iceland Prime minister Katrín Jakobsdóttir kept calm under pressure as a 5.5 magnitude earthquake interrupted her live interview with the Washington Post.
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5 days 4:34
Danish submarine killer Madsen caught in prison escape - BBC News
Danish submarine builder Peter Madsen, who murdered the Swedish journalist Kim Wall, has been caught after trying to escape from jail.
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6 days 7:44
US election 2020: What are Joe Biden’s plans for office? - BBC Newsnight
As the US election enters its final stages, President Donald Trump's campaign has reached a frenetic pace since he left hospital last week.
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6 days 6:01
Ban on care home visits is “breach of human rights” say relatives planning legal action - BBC News
Families with relatives in care homes in England say government rules preventing visits during the coronavirus pandemic are a breach of human rights. They are planning to take legal action.
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6 days 11:55
Boris Johnson forces toughest restrictions on Manchester after talks collapse - BBC News
The Prime Minister has imposed the toughest Tier 3 coronavirus restrictions on Greater Manchester — after talks with local leaders over more funding for the region collapsed.
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6 days 14:03
Labour Party: Keir Starmer’s Road to Power - BBC Newsnight
Newsnight explores the story of the man who could be prime minister of the United Kingdom — and what that road to power may entail.
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