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Will the Chancellor's Job Support Scheme curb the rise in unemployment? - BBC Newsnight
Will the revised Job Support Scheme - due to cost the government £300 million a month, rather than the almost £4 billion a month for furlough - staunch the rise in unemployment?
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2 days 4:06
Coronavirus: Could the UK adopt a German-style jobs scheme? - BBC Newsnight
Chancellor Rishi Sunak is set to make an announcement about what happens after the furlough scheme expires at the end of October.
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2 days 6:54
US Election 2020: Will Arizona turn its back on the Republican Party? - BBC Newsnight
The Republicans have won Arizona at almost every election since 1952 when Dwight D Eisenhower was elected - apart from Bill Clinton's 1996 win. How will the state vote in the upcoming election?
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3 days 12:28
Coronavirus: Are the new measures enough to avoid a second national lockdown? - BBC Newsnight
Boris Johnson has said new coronavirus measures could be in place for up to six months and warned restrictions could be further tightened if the rules aren't followed.
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4 days 6:02
Further restrictions as the UK's #Covid19 alert level raised - BBC Newsnight
All pubs, bars, restaurants and other hospitality venues in England must have a 22:00 closing time from 24 September 2020, to help curb the spread of coronavirus.
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7 days 6:08
James Rebanks on the future of farming - BBC Newsnight
With many of us now accustomed to working from home, some dream of quitting the rat race altogether, for what they hope will be a simpler life in the country.
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8 days 6:18
From Brexit to coronavirus: Scotland’s changing political landscape - BBC Newsnight
As May 2021's Holyrood elections edge closer, how are Brexit and the pandemic playing into the changing Scottish political landscape?
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9 days 5:34
The difficulty of international Covid-19 comparisons - BBC Newsnight
As #Covid19 cases rise again, how can we compare figures internationally when no two countries have the same testing regime?
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9 days 10:01
Coronavirus: Lockdown child sexual abuse 'hidden by under-reporting' - BBC Newsnight
A significant drop in the number of child sexual abuse cases reported to police during lockdown masks the true extent of what's happened to vulnerable children, police chiefs say.
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10 days 5:19
Coronavirus: How are care homes gearing up for a potential rise in infections? – BBC Newsnight
After being hit so badly at the beginning of the Covid pandemic, how are care homes protecting themselves from the possibility of a second spike?
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11 days 9:49
UK Border tensions: Anti-immigration protests on the rise – BBC Newsnight
As increasing numbers of migrants attempt to reach the UK in small boats, anti-immigration protests targeting asylum seekers have begun to rise.
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11 days 22:09
Brexit: Internal Market Bill clears first hurdle in Commons - BBC Newsnight
A proposed law giving Boris Johnson's government the power to override parts of the Brexit agreement with the EU has passed its first hurdle in the Commons. Subscribe to our channel here: goo.
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15 days 6:19
Melania Trump has 'a transactional marriage', says ex-aide Stephanie Winston Wolkoff - BBC Newsnight
In her only UK broadcast interview, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff - Melania Trump’s former friend and aide - joins Newsnight's Kirsty Wark to discuss her relationship with the First Lady and her new
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15 days 4:05
Tory rebellion looms as PM imposes stricter Covid restrictions - BBC Newsnight
Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said "we must act" to avoid another lockdown as virus cases rise in England.
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16 days 10:16
Children 'should be banned from unregulated care homes' - BBC Newsnight
The government should ban placing under-18s in care in unregulated homes amid concerns over sexual and criminal exploitation, the children's commissioner has exclusively told #Newsnight.
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17 days 14:01
Ex-US ambassador ‘does not regret’ Trump criticism - BBC Newsnight
In an exclusive interview the UK’s former Ambassador to the US, Sir Kim Darroch, tells Newsnight’s Emily Maitlis he does not regret criticising Donald Trump in briefings later leaked to the media
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18 days 7:08
Fake feedback: Sellers ‘using one-star reviews to harm rivals on Amazon’ - BBC Newsnight
Between September 5 and 6, Amazon removed 20,000 fake positive reviews from its platform, but it is fake one star reviews that are now thought to be the new front of feedback forgery.
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18 days 18:34
What happened to Boris Johnson’s ‘oven-ready’ Brexit deal? - BBC Newsnight
Is the government getting ready to tear up a treaty its already signed to get the Brexit it wants?
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18 days 15:28
HS2: Could a lasting shift towards home-working make it obsolete? - BBC Newsnight
As construction work on HS2 officially begins, are infrastructure projects like high speed rail the boost the economy needs or is it a relic from a pre-Covid era?
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21 day 10:17
Margaret Atwood on the US election, Trump and The Testaments - BBC Newsnight
Margaret Atwood, author of The Handmaid’s Tale and The Testaments, discusses her work, the upcoming US election and how Covid19 has changed us with BBC Newsnight’s Kirsty Wark.
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22 days 18:30
Scottish Independence: Sturgeon revives plans for indyref2 - BBC Newsnight
The Scottish government is to set out its plans for a second independence referendum in a draft bill at Holyrood.
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23 days 10:05
Coronavirus: Is mass testing the answer? - BBC Newsnight
Some say that if we're going to live with #Covid19 but reduce the chances of continued lockdowns, mass testing is critical. But how straightforward is it?
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23 days 14:11
Coronavirus: How much is it costing and who will pay? - BBC Newsnight
Chancellor Rishi Sunak has told Tory MPs there won’t be a “horror show of tax rises with no end in sight”, but with the UK cost of the pandemic already at approximately £190 billion, how does the
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24 days 5:29
Will Young on ‘gay shame’, homophobia and educating himself on Black Lives Matter - BBC Newsnight
Will Young sits down with Kirsty Wark to discuss 'gay shame', the impact it's had on his life and the release of his latest book, To Be a Gay Man.
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24 days 16:06
US Election 2020: Could law and order secure Trump a second term? - BBC Newsnight
As Donald Trump visits Kenosha, is he looking for a peaceful solution to racial violence or trying to sew division for political gain?
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25 days 12:37
600,000 leaseholders unable to sell homes with cladding - BBC Newsnight
New regulations brought in after the Grenfell tragedy require safety checks for thousands of buildings with cladding, but many of those who live inside are now struggling to sell their homes until
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28 days 14:00
Coronavirus: The 'reasonable worst case scenario' this winter - BBC Newsnight
A leaked government report suggests a "reasonable worst case scenario" of 85,000 deaths across the UK this winter due to Covid-19.
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29 days 18:25
When will Britain’s workers return to the office? - BBC Newsnight
As the British summer holiday draws to a close, next week students return to school in England but when will workers be back to the office?
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30 days 11:54
Who is accountable when things go wrong in government? - BBC Newsnight
The Department for Education’s permanent secretary, Jonathan Slater, has been sacked after the exams row, as the PM Boris Johnson calls for ‘fresh leadership’.
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30 days 14:41
US Election 2020: Can Trump unite America and win a second term? - BBC Newsnight
Voters in America will decide on 3 November whether Donald Trump remains in the White House for another four years. But what is the Republican strategy for President Trump’s re-election?
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