6 hours 1:57:56
Get Out The Vote Ohio: Nina Turner For Congress (Live At 11:30Am Et)
GET OUT THE VOTE OHIO: Given the unprecedented crises facing our country, we need progressive fighters in Congress who are building a multi-generational, multi-racial grassroots movement to take on
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9 days 1:39
Republicans are getting VERY NERVOUS!
The Republicans are very, very nervous, and I'll tell you why that is.
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9 days 1:42
Billionaires are in outer space while the working class struggles on Earth.
The richest guys in the world are off in space. They're not particularly worried about Earth anymore.
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9 days 25:06
Sen. Bernie Sanders & Rep. Pramila Jayapal Instagram Live (12:30Pm Et)
Join Rep. Pramila Jayapal and me NOW on Instagram to discuss how the budget bill is going to transform the lives of millions of working class Americans. The stakes could not be higher.
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16 days 1:37
The most consequential legislation for working families since the 1930s.
This budget reconciliation bill is the most consequential piece of legislation since the 1930s. Join us at berniesanders.com!
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18 days 2:20
Raise the corporate tax rate.
For years and years, Republicans have told us that if we just cut taxes for the wealthy and corporations, working people will share in the prosperity. Wrong. Trickle-down economics is a fraud.
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22 days 3:12
Take a look around you — the climate crisis is happening NOW.
Look around. Join us at berniesanders.com!
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22 days 1:53
Republicans want to stop us from helping working people.
What I and my colleagues are trying to do is to address the needs of America's working families — not billionaires and corporations.
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28 days 3:31
Guarantee child care to EVERY working family
What other countries are doing and what we must do is make clear that taking care of children is one of our major priorities.
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29 days 0:56
The expanded Child Tax Credit is government delivering for working people.
I do not think we can overstate the significance of the fact that in just 2 weeks, working class parents will begin receiving direct payments to help with the costs of raising a child.
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32 days 2:10
We must address the crises facing the American people.
Real wages in America today are lower than they were 48 years ago. The rich are getting even richer.
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35 days 2:03
The time is NOW for paid family leave.
Average paid leave for new moms in other major countries: 18 weeks Paid leave for new moms in the United States: ZERO weeks We must guarantee paid family leave for all workers in this country.
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36 days 1:18
We can't wait for bold action.
We are going to: - lead the world in addressing the crisis of climate change and create millions of jobs - guarantee child care and pre-K education to every child in America - make the rich pay
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37 days 1:21
Republicans won't vote to preserve American democracy.
Republicans all across the country are touting the absurd position that the former president, Donald Trump, won the last election in a landslide, and zero Republicans are prepared to vote to support
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38 days 1:31
The right to vote is the bedrock of American society.
Republicans refusing to even debate protecting our democracy is a total outrage. We can disagree on issues, but we should not disagree on whether or not Americans have the fundamental right to vote.
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38 days 2:09
We must tax the wealth of multibillionaires.
We have a tax code in this country that allows multibillionaires to pay NOTHING in federal income tax. That is outrageous. It is time for them to pay their fair share.
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39 days 1:23
The reality for the working class
What's going on right now is the very rich are doing phenomenally well and corporate profits are soaring, while working people are living paycheck to paycheck.
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39 days 1:20
The time is now to pay attention the needs of the working class.
For decades now, the government has paid attention to the rich and the powerful. I think that now is the time to finally pay attention to the needs of the working class. Join us at berniesanders.
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40 days 2:15
Go vote, NYC!
Right now, New Yorkers have the opportunity to elect leaders from district attorney to public advocate to city council who will fight for a New York that works for working families, not developers
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40 days 2:25
On #PrimeDay, I say: Jeff Bezos, treat your workers with dignity and respect.
Jeff Bezos' life during the pandemic: - $78 billion richer - commissioned a super-yacht - is going to space Amazon workers' lives: - no hazard pay - no paid sick leave - spied on - underpaid On
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52 days 1:33
The wealthiest Americans pay almost NO INCOME TAXES.
Why should we be surprised that in a corrupt system, the very, very richest people in this country pay, in a given year, ZERO DOLLARS in federal income tax? Join us at berniesanders.com!
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53 days 1:06
Republicans are COMPLETELY unserious.
We cannot continue on endlessly negotiating with Republicans, particularly when they are completely unserious about anything significant.
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71 day 1:23
Raise wages to end labor shortages.
I hear my Republican colleagues going on about a 'labor shortage' in this country. Well, in Pennsylvania and elsewhere, some employers have raised wages — you know what?
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73 days 1:24
McDonald's: Stop Paying Starvation Wages
If McDonald's can afford to pay its CEO over $10 million in compensation and spend billions on stock buybacks to award its wealthy shareholders and executives, you know what?
9 247
74 days 2:18
Tax Excessive CEO Pay.
Over the course of the pandemic, the average corporate CEO has seen their pay explode by some 29%. The median worker has seen their pay decline by 2%. That is totally unacceptable.
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75 days 1:31
The problem is not a labor shortage — the problem is low wages.
The problem is not a labor shortage in this country. The problem is that in state after state, workers are being asked to work for starvation wages and no benefits. Join us at berniesanders.com!
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79 days 1:31
It’s past time for the very wealthy to pay their fair share in taxes.
How are we going to pay to rebuild our nation's crumbling infrastructure? Republicans want to raise taxes on working families.
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87 days 2:39
Our government should fight for the working class.
Mitch McConnell fights every day for the needs of the wealthy and powerful. I view the world a bit differently.
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88 days 1:51
The debate now with Republicans is whether or not we remain a democracy.
The debate now with the Republican Party is not over health care. It's not over education. It's not over climate. It is over whether or not we remain a democracy. Join us at berniesanders.com!
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88 days 1:36
Medicare must cover dental care, hearing aids, and eyeglasses.
To say that dental care, hearing aids, and eyeglasses should be a part of Medicare makes all the sense in the world. Let's get it done. Join us at berniesanders.com!
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