5 hours 2:51
End endless wars.
20 years of war is enough. 2,500 brave men and women losing their lives is enough. The expenditure of $2 trillion is enough. I applaud what President Biden has done in ending our nation's longest war.
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8 days 1:31
Republicans are protecting their interests by suppressing the vote.
All over this country, what Republicans are doing is trying to protect their own interests by making it harder for people who may vote against them to participate in our democracy. ABSURD!
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8 days 2:01
We have a crisis in human infrastructure.
In so many ways, we are behind many other countries throughout the world in providing for working class families, the elderly, and the children.
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8 days 2:28
We must grow the union movement in this country.
It is no great secret that wages have been stagnant in America for many decades. The rich are getting richer, while many workers are working longer hours for lower wages.
3 652
15 days 2:00
Amazon workers in Alabama can make history.
Amazon workers in Alabama are sick and tired of being treated like robots. They are standing up and fighting back, and I am proud to support them. Join us at berniesanders.com!
10 097
16 days 2:14
Jeff Bezos is getting a little NERVOUS!
My question for Amazon’s Jeff Bezos is simple: When you have so much money, more money than can be spent in a million lifetimes, why are you trying so hard to defeat workers who are demanding decent
69 975
17 days 1:55
"The way that we work, it's meant to mentally break you down."
I spoke for a few minutes on Friday with Amazon workers in Alabama. They told me about the heat, the absurd breaks, and the fact that if you are one minute late you lose a whole hour of pay.
14 320
19 days 36:25
Solidarity With Amazon Workers (Live At 3Pm Ct)
Today we stand in solidarity with Amazon workers in Alabama before the union vote comes to an end this Monday.
16 667
21 day 54:00
We Must End Starvation Wages For Tipped Workers (8Pm Et)
It's up to us to make sure Congress knows they need to pass this $1.9 trillion plan and prioritize people over corporations.
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23 days 2:16
When workers stand together in collective bargaining, there's power.
Every benefit, from the minimum wage to the 5-day work week, was earned when people organized. It’s never easy.
7 150
28 days 1:08
We are off to a really good start.
Let me be clear, we must have the courage to address the crises facing the American people, even if it means taking on the big money interests. Yes, we are off to a really good start.
16 180
31 day 1:01
Jeff Bezos: What is your problem with allowing workers to organize for better wages and conditions?
I say to Jeff Bezos, the richest person on the planet: what is your problem with Amazon workers organizing for better working conditions and better pay? You are worth $182 BILLION.
29 794
35 days 2:11
Republicans have turned their backs on the needs of working families.
This relief bill is the difference between dignity and despair for millions of America’s working families. And yet, not a single Republican — the so-called 'party of the working class' — voted for it!
10 072
36 days 6:46
What progressive support has achieved for working people.
To the progressive movement, it is because of your support that we just passed the most significant legislation for working people in decades. Let’s talk about just a few of the policies in it.
14 115
36 days 1:46
The most significant piece of legislation to benefit the working class in decades.
What we did is write and pass a bill to address the crises facing the American people, not the wealthy and large corporations.
5 306
40 days 1:38
We are facing crises unlike any we have faced in our lifetimes.
Where was Republicans' concern for the deficit when they gave over a trillion dollars in tax breaks to the rich and large corporations?
11 082
40 days 1:48
We will pass a $15 minimum wage.
The federal minimum wage of $7.25 is a starvation wage that has not been raised since 2007. Raising the minimum wage to $15 would give 32 million workers a much-deserved pay raise.
11 423
43 days 3:00
Faces of Greed: The Walton Family of Walmart
I say to the Walton family of Walmart: the American people are sick and tired of subsidizing your greed. Pay your workers a living wage. Join us at berniesanders.com!
55 044
46 days 3:01
Walmart Can Afford to Pay Its Workers a Living Wage.
Walmart, the largest employer in America, is owned by the richest family in America. Their wealth has gone up $50 billion during the pandemic, and they spend millions on themselves.
19 260
47 days 1:36
The American people want an end to starvation wages.
I strongly disagree with the parliamentarian’s ruling about the minimum wage. But the people are demanding an end to starvation wages in America. We will not give up. We must get this done.
8 051
48 days 1:08:16
Live With People's Action: The Relief Our Communities Need
It's up to us to make sure Congress knows they need to pass this $1.9 trillion plan and prioritize people over corporations.
8 230
49 days 2:07
Walmart Can Afford to Pay Their Workers a Living Wage.
The owners of Walmart, the Walton Family, are the richest family in the country. They're worth $200 billion. They currently pay at least HALF their workers less than $15 an hour. That is absurd.
13 706
49 days 2:13
Amazon Workers in Alabama Are Fighting for a Union
Let me congratulate the workers at Amazon for having the incredible courage to stand up and to fight for a union.
17 658
57 days 2:16
Congress must move forward vigorously and help the American people
Let's be clear. The rich are doing just fine. Billionaires are seeing tremendous growth in their wealth.
11 265
57 days 2:04
Does the Republican Party believe in democracy or the Big Lie?
Does the Republican Party believe in democracy or the Big Lie and conspiracy theories? That is what Republicans must decide. That is what is at stake. Join us at berniesanders.com!
7 175
61 day 1:46
A $15 minimum wage is long overdue.
Unbelievably, the minimum wage in America has not been raised since 2007. The time is long overdue. We've got to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. Join us at berniesanders.com!
10 160
62 days 1:14
Raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour.
It's time to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. Join us at berniesanders.com!
11 255
66 days 2:23
No Cuts to Income Eligibility for Direct Payments
It is absurd that some Democrats think we should tell a worker making $52,000 a year that they are "too rich" and cannot get the full $2000 benefit we promised.
24 562
67 days 2:47
The New Yorker Union
I stand with workers at The New Yorker fighting for a union. The New Yorker should sit down with workers and agree to a fair contract. Join us at berniesanders.com!
10 447
69 days 1:10
Raising the Minimum Wage is Long Overdue.
No one can tell me that you can live in dignity on $7.25 an hour. It's time to raise the minimum wage to $15. It is long overdue and we must do it now. Join us at berniesanders.com!
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