7 hours 1:35
We Cannot Reach Out To Republicans Indefinitely.
If they choose not to come on board to help the American people now, we have the majority. We should use that majority. Join us at berniesanders.com!
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2 days 1:38
Congress Must Walk and Chew Gum At The Same Time
Yes, we must impeach and convict Trump. Yes, we must appoint Biden’s nominees. And most importantly, we must address the crises affecting working families. Join us at berniesanders.com!
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5 days 2:27
The New Chairman of the Senate Budget Committee
For too long our country has prioritized corporate profits, tax cuts for the rich and military spending over investing in the American people.
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7 days 1:14
Biden's Rescue Plan Is A Good Start
President-Elect Biden’s COVID rescue plan is a good, serious start. Join us at berniesanders.com!
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11 days 1:16
No Austerity Politics
Republicans didn’t care about the deficit when it came to tax breaks for billionaires. We cannot buy into their rhetoric about the deficit now.
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15 days 3:03
Democrats Must Be Bold Now
Now that Democrats have power, we have to be bold in a way we have not seen since FDR in the 1930s.
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17 days 3:30
Election Day In Georgia
Today is the day, Georgia. Your vote will decide which party controls the United States Senate and the direction of our country. Polls close at 7:00 p.m. Find your polling place at iwillvote.com.
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18 days 1:00
Trump Is Again Attacking Democracy
Trump’s threat against the Secretary of State of Georgia is outrageous. It is the most consequential attack on American democracy in the history of our country. Join us at berniesanders.com!
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22 days 2:01
I Am A Little Tired Of Republican Hypocrisy
Republican leadership has endless amounts of money for bloated military budgets and tax breaks for billionaires. But when working families need help, oh my God, we can’t afford it!
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23 days 2:02
The American People Support $2,000 Payments
Trump supports the $2,000 payments, Biden supports the $2,000 and the American people support $2,000. McConnell must allow a vote on the $2,000 payments now. Join us at berniesanders.com!
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23 days 1:16
Mitch McConnell, Allow A Vote On $2000 Checks
$2000 checks for the working class passed the House of Representatives with bipartisan support. Mitch McConnell – Let’s have an up or down vote in the Senate NOW, and get this done.
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24 days 1:49
Millions Are Counting On The Senate To Act
This is about life and death for millions of people. The Senate must approve the $2000 for every working class adult. Join us at berniesanders.com!
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26 days 2:31
Sign The Bill, President Trump.
Join us at berniesanders.com!
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34 days 3:05
$1200 Direct Payments Now
We need $1200 direct payments for every working class adult and $500 for each of their kids NOW. Join us at berniesanders.com!
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36 days 1:01:35
Justice On Our Minds: How The Georgia Runoffs Can Transform Our Country (8Pm Et)
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37 days 2:10
We Are Making Progress
I am happy to say as we enter the holiday season, when so many families are struggling, at least there will be direct payments for every working class adult and their children, and an extension of
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38 days 1:49:01
Coming Soon: Live Event With People's Action & American Economic Liberties Project (2Pm Et-4Pm Et)
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39 days 3:10
Congress Cannot Go Home Until We Address Economic Suffering
Congress cannot go home for the Christmas holidays until we begin to address the economic desperation in this country, and that means providing a $1,200 direct payment to working class adults
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39 days 26:58
Multistreaming with Restream.io
Join us at berniesanders.com!
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42 days 1:56
Pathetic Is Too Mild A Word For The Senate GOP
While the pandemic is surging, Senate Republicans want to provide a 100% deduction for rich people to go out for three-martini lunches and 100% legal immunity for corporations.
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43 days 2:28
Republican Obstinacy Must End Now
Congress must not leave for the Christmas holiday until we protect working people.
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44 days 3:46
If We Can Afford War, We Can Afford To Help Families In A Pandemic
Here in Washington, when we go to war there’s endless amounts of money. But when children are going hungry today, suddenly we don’t have enough money. That’s wrong.
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45 days 1:04
$1200 Direct Payments Is A No-Brainer
To me it is a no-brainer: Congress must provide a $1200 direct payment to every working-class adult plus $500 for each of their children. Join us at berniesanders.com!
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46 days 1:42
$1200 Direct Payments Now
The economy is in shambles. Tens of millions of Americans are suffering. At the very least, Congress must provide $1200 direct payments to every working-class adult in this country.
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47 days 1:24
No Legal Immunity For Corporations That Break The Law
Every now and then, it might be a good idea for Congress to listen to the American people, not just large corporations. Join us at berniesanders.com!
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50 days 1:40
This Is Not A Time To Take Our Foot Off The Gas Pedal.
If we rally the American people, we can get a hell of a lot done. Join us at berniesanders.com!
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52 days 13:48
Unprecedented Times Require An Unprecedented Response
These are unprecedented times and Congress and the Biden administration must respond in an unprecedented way. If we are going to restore faith in the American political system, we must act boldly.
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63 days 5:41
Our People Deserve A Vibrant Democracy
We must do everything possible to make me sure we become a vibrant democracy, and that means doing the exact opposite of what Trump and his authoritarian friends want to do.
24 577
67 days 1:06
Our Ideas Are Common Sense Ideas
I always find it amusing when our opponents talk about the “far-left” agenda. The truth is our ideas are common sense ideas that the majority of the American people support.
19 558
71 day 1:07
Our Agenda Is Good Politics
112 co-sponsors of Medicare for All were on the ballot in November. All 112 won. 98 co-sponsors of the Green New Deal were on the ballot. Only one lost. Our proposals are not just good policy.
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