2 days 1:01:44
Solidarity Brewing: A Town Hall Discussion With Starbucks Workers (Live At 8Pm Et)
LIVE: Young workers are fighting back against an economy that only works for the wealthy.
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2 days 0:38
Abortion is a constitutional right.
We can’t go back to the days when women had to risk their lives to end an unwanted pregnancy. We must pass legislation that codifies Roe v. Wade as the law of the land.
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7 days 55:58
Saving American Democracy: A Town Hall Discussion (LIVE AT 8PM ET)
LIVE NOW: Our country is facing the very real existential threat of losing our democracy as we know it and plunging toward authoritarianism.
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18 days 1:58
Nursing home workers ON STRIKE for a fair contract
Health care workers across this country put their lives on the line to get us through this pandemic. They deserve dignity on the job and to be paid a decent wage.
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20 days 1:18
We must reduce defense spending & INVEST in the working class.
Congress says in this moment, when it comes to working families' needs and the very habitability of our planet for future generations, we can't afford to act.
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21 day 2:42
There is no 'labor shortage' in our country today.
Are we seeing a real 'labor shortage' in this country? No, I do not think so. What we have is a situation in which workers all across this country are saying, 'you know what?
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21 day 2:10
We must keep our promise to our veterans.
We must commit ourselves to keeping America’s promise to our veterans and servicemembers, just as they kept their promise to us. Join us at berniesanders.com!
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21 day 1:32
Professor Robert Reich on the second Gilded Age
"Justice Louis Brandeis said, 'America faces a choice.
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23 days 1:01:47
Building An Economy For All: Town Hall (Live At 8Pm Et)
LIVE: Our economy has worked incredibly well for billionaires and corporate CEOs. It's time we built an economy that worked for the working class of this country.
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34 days 2:08
The working class is FIGHTING BACK against corporate greed.
There is a war being waged by corporate America against the working class of this country — the working class is fighting back, and the working class is going to win that war.
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35 days 1:07:16
Labor Strikes Back (Livestream At 8Pm Et)
LIVE: The power rests with those who get together, who organize, and who stand up for their rights. That's exactly what tens of thousands of workers all across this country are doing right now.
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37 days 2:21
ON STRIKE: Kellogg's workers say HELL NO to corporate GREED.
"If all workers would stand up, stand together — the exploitation of the worker in this country can stop." I am proud to stand in strong solidarity with BCTGM workers in their struggle for a fair
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38 days 1:03
The American people are SICK & TIRED of paying the highest prices on earth for prescription drugs.
Right now, the pharmaceutical industry is doing everything they can to make sure that 1 out of 4 Americans continues to be unable to afford the prescriptions their doctors write.
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43 days 25:57
End The Greed Of Big Pharma (Live Address At 8Pm Et)
Now is the time for Congress to finally have the courage to take on the pharmaceutical industry. They cannot continue to charge us the highest prices in the world for prescription drugs.
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47 days 1:06:58
What's In The Damn Bill?: A Panel Discussion With Progressive Leaders (Rebroadcast At 8:00Pm Et)
JOIN OUR PANEL: We are proposing historic legislation which says you know what? Maybe we should finally invest in the needs of working people.
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47 days 1:45
John Deere Workers Are Speaking Up & Fighting Back.
It is the workers who brought John Deere a year of record-breaking profits — not their CEO, not their executives — and it is workers who deserve a decent wage and a fair contract.
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47 days 2:03
There is NOTHING RADICAL about what we are proposing!
Let me let you in on a little secret: what we are trying to accomplish with the Build Back Better plan is not radical stuff!
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48 days 2:15
ON STRIKE: John Deere workers FIGHT BACK for a fair contract.
Look, John Deere is not a poor company. They are currently on track to make some $5.7 BILLION in profits this year alone.
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49 days 1:09:10
WHAT'S IN THE DAMN BILL?: A Panel Discussion with Progressive Leaders (LIVE AT 8:00PM ET)
We are working to pass the most consequential legislation for the working class in decades.
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54 days 2:38
The Sackler Family has faced ZERO criminal charges.
It is obscene that no member of the Sackler family, which profited for years from the sale of OxyContin and at the expense of the suffering of millions, has faced criminal charges for their actions.
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54 days 1:44
1,500 PHARMA LOBBYISTS vs 535 members of Congress
NEWSFLASH: The overwhelming majority of the American people are with us. They want us to lower prescription drug costs. They want the wealthy to pay their fair share.
7 947
55 days 1:40
The American people are SICK & TIRED of Washington catering to the rich.
What we are talking about with our budget bill is not a “wish list." These are the real, material needs of the American people.
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57 days 2:05
What is a "compassionate and rewarding society" about?
I need Senator Manchin to be a little more specific. When he talks about remaining a "compassionate and rewarding society," we must ask, what is a "compassionate and rewarding society" about?
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63 days 1:25
Congress must LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE, not campaign contributors.
When you've got the support of the majority of the American people, the Democratic House and Senate caucus, and when you've got the support of the president — this is not some 50-50 deal.
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64 days 1:42
PROGRESSIVES are STANDING UP for the needs of working families.
We have the real possibility of creating unprecedented public policy which stands up for working families, the elderly, the children, the sick, and the poor — and defeats the greed of powerful
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65 days 1:36
The American people want us TO ACT.
The vast majority of the American people want us to: - substantially lower prescription drug costs - expand Medicare to cover dental, vision, and hearing - expand home health care - make child care
8 830
65 days 2:04
The corporate media is IGNORING problems facing working people.
There's a big disconnect between the corporate media and working people.
8 260
66 days 1:18
We are TAKING ON the ENTIRE ruling class.
Look, the Republican Party has already been bought and paid for — they are not going to do anything to help working people. We know this.
9 552
69 days 1:06
Republicans LOVED reconciliation to help BILLIONAIRES
Republicans just L-O-V-E-D reconciliation when it was used to give some $2 trillion in tax breaks for billionaires — that was fine!
8 585
72 days 2:33
GREED is the religion of the RULING CLASS
The ruling class in this country is very, very religious. Their religion is greed. And they are prepared to destroy the planet to make a few more dollars.
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