1 day 17:46
Using the Sun to Image Alien Planets
A team at NASA’s JPL is proposing a mission that will let us see planets in other solar systems.
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3 days 12:45
Ben & Jerry's Activism is Anything but Half Baked
While many companies attempt to join the conversation around social justice, Ben & Jerry’s has been leading from the front for over 30 years.
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4 days 11:33
How China’s Flagship Belt and Road Project Stalled Out
The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is one of the most important components of Beijing’s ambitious Belt and Road Initiative. But so far, just one-third of planned development has been completed.
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4 days 13:03
How Japan Is Building Disaster-Proof Skyscrapers
With Japan’s susceptibility to severe earthquakes and the growing threat of more powerful storms, engineers and architects have pushed the boundaries of technology and design to create resilient
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5 days 13:31
How Tainted Pills Got Into America's Drug Supply
Gaps in how the U.S. Food and Drug Administration evaluates the safety of generic drugs allowed cancer-causing impurities to end up in blood pressure pills taken by many Americans.
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6 days 1:49
Building City Resilience: The Power of Partnerships | Presented by JLL
Creating a more resilient, sustainable future will require businesses, governments and citizens to work together to find innovative solutions.
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7 days 14:01
Terror in the Irish Borderlands
In the Irish borderlands, Sean Quinn was always known as a tough businessman. Hugely successful and having created thousands of jobs, he was seen by many as a local hero. Then it all went wrong.
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10 days 24:33
The Music Plays On…Demand | System Shock Ep 3
Watch Parts 1 and 2 here: youtube.com/playlist?list=PLqq4LnWs3olWZfE2J2rlb-vOq0c-U23nZ As artists make less money in the online marketplace, some are skipping labels entirely and going
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10 days 25:54
The Music Industry Strikes Back | System Shock Ep 2
Watch Parts 1 and 3 here: youtube.com/playlist?list=PLqq4LnWs3olWZfE2J2rlb-vOq0c-U23nZ With music flowing freely over the internet and nobody paying for it, record companies sought to
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10 days 19:40
An App Called Napster | System Shock Ep 1
Watch Parts 2 & 3 here: youtube.com/playlist?list=PLqq4LnWs3olWZfE2J2rlb-vOq0c-U23nZ The music world was forever changed when an American teenager named Shawn Fanning started Napster in
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12 days 16:03
If China Builds It, Will They Come?
This episode of China+ addresses the question of whether a massive new land port on the China-Kazakhstan border can attract global trade despite the area's rising geopolitical and ethnic tensions.
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14 days 9:42
Why is Rural America's Internet So Bad?
As more Americans move to the suburbs and work from home, with many planning to stay, demand for high-speed internet in less populated areas has skyrocketed. But supply isn't keeping up.
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14 days 31:49
Who Killed Berta? An Environmental Murder Mystery
Berta Cáceres, a prominent Honduran environmental activist, was killed in her home in 2016.
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19 days 35:04
Contagion of the Mind: How the World Failed in 2020
Over the course of the past year, humanity witnessed a public health catastrophe unlike any seen in a century.
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20 days 41:46
The WeWork Story Part 7: In the End, There Was Adam
For more episodes: youtube.com/playlist?list=PLqq4LnWs3olUarg-55iGQ821OKR1gtBF- Part 7: In the End, There Was Adam After WeWork's failed IPO, thousands of employees were laid off and
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21 day 41:58
The WeWork Story Part 6: IPO...Just Kidding
For more episodes: youtube.com/playlist?list=PLqq4LnWs3olUarg-55iGQ821OKR1gtBF- Part 6: IPO...Just Kidding WeWork had spent nine years chasing lightning-fast growth, burning billions
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24 days 35:34
The WeWork Story Part 5: The Universe Does Not Allow Waste
For more episodes: youtube.com/playlist?list=PLqq4LnWs3olUarg-55iGQ821OKR1gtBF- Part 5: Adam Neumann always had wild ambitions.
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31 day 31:23
The WeWork Story Part 4: WeWork Sued Her the Same Day
For more episodes: youtube.com/playlist?list=PLqq4LnWs3olUarg-55iGQ821OKR1gtBF- Part 4: What happened at WeWork when things got ugly between the company and its employees?
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31 day 12:26
Just How Likely Is An Asteroid Impact?
An impact from an asteroid could have catastrophic consequences for humanity. Meet the scientists trying to predict when big asteroids will hit and how we might prevent it.
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32 days 14:03
How Working Remotely Will Change More Than Work
For anyone that works, commuting might just be the worst part of the day. So with WFH and less time commuting, could we see a drastic change in the cities we live in?
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34 days 14:18
The Country That Learned to Live With Covid-19
As nations around the world still struggle to contain Covid-19, South Korea’s early, focused, and perhaps controversial approach has kept loss of life and economic damage to a minimum.
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34 days 12:57
The Rise of the Flying Car is Finally Happening
Flying cars have been a staple of futuristic fantasy since the dawn of science fiction.
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35 days 12:26
Could Plastic-Eating Bacteria Save The Planet?
Plastic is one of Earth’s biggest problems. Its discovery transformed everyday life, but its failure to degrade is choking the planet.
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38 days 33:25
The WeWork Story Part 3: Is Naked Pete Coming to Summer Camp?
For more episodes: youtube.com/playlist?list=PLqq4LnWs3olUarg-55iGQ821OKR1gtBF- Part 3: To its thousands of employees, WeWork was much more than a job.
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38 days 11:51
How Bossware is Watching While You Work
Employee surveillance software has done booming business as many people continue to work from home.
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40 days 11:01
The Pros and Cons of Declaring Bankruptcy
Filing for bankruptcy may not be the nail in your financial coffin that you think it is.
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40 days 12:50
The Price of Saving Paradise
In 2018, Paradise, California, lost over 80 percent of its homes to the Camp Fire. Now local leaders are proposing an ambitious scheme to protect the town from future blazes.
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41 day 12:00
The Stock Market Scheme That Almost Killed a Soccer Team
The bombing of a professional German soccer club's bus was at first thought to be an act of terrorism.
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42 days 13:08
Why An Undersea Space Station Is Long Overdue
Since the 1960s, mankind has dreamed of living under the waves. Some habitats were even built on the seafloor, but our yearning for the stars left them abandoned.
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43 days 13:08
The 90s Pepsi Contest That Turned Deadly
In the 1990s, a Pepsi marketing stunt promised soda drinkers in the Philippines a chance at getting rich.
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