6 days 9:22
Why Power is Finally Coming to Rural Africa
A rural village in Kenya might not be the first place you’d expect to find electric motorcycles, internet service and thriving local businesses, but a solar-powered mini-grid is making it all
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10 days 8:06
Where and When Did Antifa Really Begin?
As white supremacist and other extreme right wing groups continue to grow, so too has an aggressive effort to defeat them.
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11 days 53:23
Foundering: The WeWork Story | Podcast Q&A
Listen to Foundering on Apple Podcasts: podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/foundering/id1161880916 Spotify: open.spotify.com/show/6hETi9oBd26vc0bRgXYN5W Pocket Cast
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12 days 12:38
A City Built on Water Is Running Out of It
Mexico City was built on an ancient lake and gets more rain than London, but it's still running out of water. For millions of its poorest residents, getting enough is a daily challenge.
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18 days 15:23
How a 1993 Murder Changed the U.K.
It’s been dubbed “the murder that changed a nation”. In 1993, Stephen Lawrence, a Black British teenager, became the victim of an unprovoked racist attack.
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21 day 28:55
Young People Spreading Covid-19; Largest Monument to White Supremacy; How Police Reform Really Works
Here’s what's happening in your world this week: - This city shows how disbanding the police really works - Why young people might be responsible for the rise in #Covid19 - Why the world’s
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24 days 6:18
The Ex-Tesla Executive Electrifying Mass Transit
When it comes to sustainability, reducing greenhouse gas emissions is a top line item.
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31 day 8:05
What The Global Skyscraper Boom Really Means
As the global economy sputters in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, some economists are looking to city skylines for clues to the future.
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32 days 11:35
The Troubled Saga of Masa Son's $100 Billion Fund
SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son’s Vision Fund has been impossible to ignore since its inception, pumping billions upon billions of dollars into tech companies like WeWork and Uber.
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39 days 16:49
How Fracking Became America's Money Pit
For most any nation, let alone a superpower, energy independence is considered the geopolitical holy grail.
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40 days 9:33
How to Build a City Around Bikes, Fast
Around the world cycling lanes are popping up and bike shops are selling out. As the coronavirus pandemic means people need to avoid subways and buses the bicycle is having a renaissance.
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45 days 7:13
The SpaceX Competitor is Printing Its Rockets
California-based startup Relativity Space is manufacturing rockets using giant Westworld-esque 3D printers, a process they say could drastically shorten the rocket-making process from years to weeks.
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46 days 12:30
The Uplifting Changes Coming to Elevators
As offices and businesses around the world slowly begin to reopen, the spotlight turns to one of the most traditionally uninteresting forms of transportation: the elevator.
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47 days 8:28
Brazil's Landslide Leader Is On a Wild Ride
Even with a political career full of controversy and condemnation, Jair Bolsonaro built a new coalition of voters and won the Brazilian presidential election in a landslide.
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51 day 3:33
How 2020 Remapped Your World
View the full collection of maps and submit your own: bloomberg.com/citylab Through homemade maps, CityLab readers shared perspectives and stories from a world transformed by the
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53 days 14:31
Why Car-Free Streets May Be Here to Stay
While increasing automobile traffic has been a growing problem in major U.S. cities, the threat of Covid-19 has revealed what life could look like without car-clogged streets.
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54 days 13:10
Inside Carlos Ghosn’s Unbelievable, Daring Escape
Just before New Year’s Eve 2019, Carlos Ghosn, the ousted leader of Nissan Motor Co.
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58 days 13:20
Camden's Radical Plan to Fix Its Police
Some protests of the Minneapolis police killing of George Floyd in recent weeks have turned into violent clashes with law enforcement.
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62 days 6:33
This 20-Something CEO Is Testing California
In the early days of the pandemic, biotech startup Curative pivoted its entire business toward Covid-19.
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67 days 8:57
The End of Meat May Be Impossible
Impossible Foods’ founder and CEO Pat Brown wants to replace all meat with plant-based alternatives.
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68 days 8:21
Why Your Brain Can't Fight Distraction
Research shows that our brains are designed to be distracted.
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69 days 7:44
The Vanishing Water of the Murray-Darling Basin
Australia is on the front lines of the climate crisis.
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71 day 3:11:47
SpaceX Astronaut Launch: Cape Canaveral, Florida | May 30th, 2020
What You Need to Know About Today's Launch: bloomberg.com/news/storythreads/2020-05-22/spacex-s-first-crewed-flight?sref=SCKvL4TY Watch live as Elon Musk's SpaceX, in partnership with
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73 days 9:14
How Bill Gates Wants to Save the World
Bill Gates is the second richest man in the world, and he’s giving it all away. In his first act he revolutionized computer software, and his second act is even more ambitious.
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74 days 3:10:55
SpaceX Astronaut Launch Mission Attempt: Cape Canaveral, Florida
What You Need to Know About Today's Launch: bloomberg.com/news/storythreads/2020-05-22/spacex-s-first-crewed-flight?sref=SCKvL4TY Watch live as Elon Musk's SpaceX, in partnership with
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80 days 10:23
How the WHO Came Under Fire
As the world grapples with the Covid-19 pandemic, the World Health Organization is arguably more essential now than it has been in its 72-year history.
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81 day 1:00:56
Self-Employment Tips in the Coronavirus World
The coronavirus pandemic is making it even tougher for the millions of workers who are self-employed.
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86 days 5:45
This $130 Box Could Transform Covid-19 Care
As the coronavirus hit, staff at the Texas Children’s Hospital raced to invent a new device that would better protect doctors, nurses and patients during intubation procedures.
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86 days 8:14
What Really Happened to the U.S. Meat Supply
Many of the reasons America's meat supply chain is so efficient are also why processing plants have witnessed devastating coronavirus outbreaks. If U.S.
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87 days 56:01
What's Next for The Space Race? | Peter Beck, Rocket Lab
The coronavirus has put pressure on high-risk start-ups. What will the effect be on the New Space Race?
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