22 hours 14:30
China's Race for AI Supremacy
Artificial intelligence is set to revolutionize the world, empowering those nations that fully harness its potential. The U.S. is still seen as the world AI leader, but China is catching up.
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5 days 13:00
How Topgolf is Aiming For The Mainstream
While most sports struggled to survive the pandemic, golf managed to thrive, becoming more popular than it had been in decades.
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6 days 21:03
How Fashion Megabrands Will Adapt to Post-Pandemic Life | The Business of Fashion Show
Francois-Henri Pinault of Kering and Bruno Pavlovsky of Chanel reveal to Imran Amed how their brands will connect to customers whose habits may be forever changed by the pandemic.
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7 days 15:42
Why China’s Lead on EVs Has Been a Long Time Coming
When it comes to green manufacturing, China is now a clean-energy powerhouse.
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8 days 15:21
How Dying Gas Wells Are Making One Company Rich
Bloomberg travels to America's Appalachian mountains to investigate reports that old natural gas wells across the region are leaking greenhouse gases at an alarming rate.
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12 days 23:11
Why Cage Fighting May Soon Be the World's Biggest Sport
Led by the larger-than-life Dana White, mixed-martial arts promoter UFC has grown explosively.
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13 days 20:15
How Ginkgo Bioworks Is Trying Reprogram the World
After raising almost $3 billion, Ginkgo Bioworks has built the world’s largest DNA factory in a bid to alter the code behind life and replace traditional manufacturing with biology.
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14 days 12:40
How This Recession Could Set Us Back 30 Years
Women were hit particularly hard by the job losses and new demands brought on by the coronavirus pandemic. As the world recovers, women are now paving a path toward a more equitable workforce.
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16 days 16:55
Why China's Government is Worried About Plastic Surgery
The Chinese “beauty economy” is poised to be the biggest in the world, with growth dwarfing that of other nations.
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20 days 22:27
How Covid Is Transforming the $380 Billion Luxury Fashion Industry | The Business of Fashion Show
Founder and CEO of The Business of Fashion, Imran Amed travels to Paris for the first time since global lockdowns to find designers Demna Gvasalia of Balenciaga and Marine Serre exploring
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21 day 15:55
How South Korea Built a City Out of The Sea
Master-planned cities are nothing new, but these days we’re building them faster than ever.
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23 days 19:42
The Brazilian Amazon’s Tipping Point May Already Be Here
The destruction of Brazil’s rainforests may have passed the point of no return. Its perpetrators aren’t just far-right government officials and industrial farmers, however.
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23 days 14:27
Why Istanbul Is The Place to Get Your Hair Back
Every year hundreds of thousands of men pack their bags and fly to Turkey because they want their hair back.
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26 days 11:08
How The Pandemic Might Make Restaurants Better
Covid-19 affects nearly every aspect of daily life, and the food service industry is no exception. After a very challenging period, many restaurant owners are finally back in full swing.
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26 days 1:00
The Brazilian Amazon’s Tipping Point May Already Be Here #Shorts
The destruction of Brazil’s rainforests may have passed the point of no return. Its perpetrators aren’t just a far-right government and industrial farmers, however.
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27 days 29:21
The Contrarian: Peter Thiel and Silicon Valley's Pursuit of Power | LIVE Q&A with Author Max Chafkin
Max Chafkin is a features editor and a tech reporter at Bloomberg Businessweek. His work has also appeared in Fast Company, Vanity Fair, Inc., and The New York Times Magazine.
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28 days 18:48
How Robinhood Gets Casual Traders Hooked
With its ease of use and sleek design, Robinhood’s commission-free app made trading a pandemic pastime. But critics contend it makes trading too easy, and now the SEC is getting involved.
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29 days 18:16
The Inside Story of the Ship That Broke Global Trade
The six-day stranding of the Ever Given in the Suez Canal last March did something incredibly rare: it made regular people care about shipping, the means by which more than 80% of the world’s goods
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30 days 16:46
For Whiter Skin, Some Are Turning to Injections
Lighter skin has long been associated with power and privilege, and the use of lightening creams remains pervasive in some parts of the world.
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33 days 13:26
Vienna's Radical Idea? Affordable Housing For All
As cities around the world grapple with a crisis of affordable housing, Vienna has been keeping it at bay. How the Austrian capital got there may offer a model strategy for cities worldwide.
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35 days 18:21
How Product Design Was Transformed By 2020
Brands originally built on racist stereotypes have existed for more than a century. Now racial prejudice is also creeping into the design of tech products and algorithms.
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36 days 37:02
Live Q&A: Mark Gurman talks Apple Event, Consumer Products and more (9/14/2021)
Subscribe to Power On, Mark's column about Apple scoops, consumer tech/devices/apps, product reviews, and even the occasional NBA take.
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36 days 14:47
Texas Oil Country Has An Invisible Secret
In West Texas, vast quantities of methane, a powerful greenhouse gas, are leaking into the atmosphere. Specialized cameras that can detect the invisible pollutant are helping to expose the problem.
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37 days 16:19
How Rihanna’s $4B Brand is Expanding This Industry
Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty has helped expand the image of beauty in the cosmetic industry.
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41 day 9:50
How Rotterdam's Flood Defenses Could Help Save Us All
Climate change is increasingly threatening cities with catastrophic flooding. Many are now looking to Rotterdam, and its long history of innovation when it comes to holding water at bay.
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42 days 16:47
Why London's Cab Drivers Have Different Brains
‘Wayfinding’ systems are the smart design tools that help people navigate from place to place.
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54 days 15:48
How Trading Cards Became a $1B+ Asset Class
The market for trading cards exploded during the pandemic. A once-innocent hobby has been transformed by seven-figure valuations and fractional investment.
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56 days 14:49
NASA's Next Search for Life Is in Extraterrestrial Oceans
It's thought that many planetary bodies in our solar system contain liquid water deep below their icy surfaces.
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57 days 16:42
How The 'SPAC King' Forever Changed The IPO
Chamath Palihapitiya is a Silicon Valley staple. He's a tech billionaire, he owns the Golden State Warriors pro-basketball team, and he has a devoted online following.
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61 day 14:36
The Future of NFTs May Not Be Fine Art
NFTs (non-fungible tokens) burst on the scene with a $69 million sale of Beeple’s digital art.
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