6 hours 25:28
Trading Blows at the UN & Latinos Lifting the US Economy
In the lead up to the election in the United States, transpacific tensions have flared up at the United Nations General Assembly.
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1 day 24:59
Intel to Supply Huawei & UK Renews Some Restrictions
In the wake of rising US-China tensions in the tech sector, Intel has secured a license to supply equipment to the 5G giant.
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2 days 25:44
TikTok Deal Moves Forward & The Costs of Natural Disasters
After the threat of an outright ban, the United States has allowed a deal to be struck between Chinese tech company ByteDance and US vendors Oracle and Walmart to allow TikTok to continue operations
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5 days 24:51
U.S. Bans TikTok Downloads & Financials of the Final Frontier
The United States has made a major ruling on popular video-sharing app TikTok, a decision which will see further downloads of the application banned.
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6 days 24:57
U.S. to Rule on TikTok & U.S. Jobless Claims Remain High
The TikTok saga is hitting the home stretch as the Trump administration is set to rule on the fate of the wildly popular video-sharing app.
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7 days 24:58
Gold Glimmers amid COVID-19 Volatility
As the future remains uncertain in the wake of COVID-19, gold has seen a spike in value as investors flee to safe haven assets.
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8 days 24:50
US-China tensions: Imports banned from Xinjiang region
Tensions have escalated between the United States and China as the Trump Administration bans the import of certain goods from the Chinese region of Xinjiang.
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9 days 24:35
Oracle to Partner with TikTok in US
The TikTok saga has seen yet another shock twist as Oracle has made an agreement with ByteDance, the parent company of TikTok, beating out the favored tech giant Microsoft.
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12 days 24:55
Commodities on the Rise & Amazon Profiteering?
In the new abnormal economic age birthed in the wake of COVID-19, commodities are set to surge in the coming months. But how will other sectors perform?
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13 days 24:50
ECB Holds Rates Steady & US Crackdown on Chinese Students
Despite a recent rally in the Euro, the European Central Bank has decided to hold rates steady amid the COVID-19 fallout.
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14 days 25:28
AstraZeneca Trial Halted & Decoupling on the Horizon?
AstraZeneca's COVID-19 vaccine trial has been put on hold due to an illness in one patient, but medical experts are still assuaging those concerns.
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15 days 25:15
Tech Slumps amid COVID-19 Surges & China-US Tech Tussle
US tech stocks have continued to slide as the COVID-19 pandemic surges in some former hot spots.
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19 days 24:56
US Aims for Chinese Funding
As the tensions between the United States and China continue to rise amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the Asian superpower is looking to cut back on its holding of US debt.
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20 days 24:43
US Jobless Claims Take a Dive
Jobless claims in the United States have fallen to their lowest point since the beginning of the COVID-19 closures.
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21 day 24:51
Australian GDP Takes Major Slide
Australia is feeling the strain of the COVID-19 pandemic as the island nation enters for its first recession in 30 years.
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22 days 24:38
McDonald's Faces Discrimination Lawsuits
Fast food giant McDonald's is back in the hot seat as the firm faces claims of racial discrimination.
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23 days 25:01
China Stalls TikTok Acquisition Talks
New Chinese restrictions may cause problems blocking the sale of social media app TikTok's US operations while reports indicate a deal could happen within days.
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26 days 25:02
Walmart Wades into TikTok Saga & Pro Teams go on Strike
In the wake of President Trump's plan to bar TikTok from the United States under its current owner, the race for its acquisition is heating up.
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27 days 24:53
Fed Rates to Lay Low & COVID-19 Tears Travel Sector
Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell has spoken on lending rates, and the future looks low for the United States' central bank.
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28 days 24:35
India-China Relations Chill & Cryptocurrency Lending
While US-China relations continue to fray, India is hardening its stance toward Beijing in the tech realm. We bring you up to speed on the growing fault lines in the fight for 5G.
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29 days 24:49
Fate of a Phase 2 Deal & Zoom Slams on the Break
US-China ties continue to chill amid the COVID-19 pandemic in the wake of the “phase one” trade deal; but could a “phase two” deal help to thaw the tension?
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30 days 24:58
Market Rally Questioned & TikTok Fights Back
The COVID-19 pandemic has slammed main street and the real economy, but US stock markets are rallying to record highs.
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33 days 24:57
US Drug Firms Test COVID-19 Vaccines
The race for a COVID-19 vaccine continues to heat up as some major American pharma giants are headed into promising late-stage trials.
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34 days 24:53
US Jobless Claims Spike above 1M
Weekly jobless claims in the United States have seen a bump yet again, pushing the number above one million.
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35 days 25:10
US Postpones Chinese Trade Talks
US trade talks with China have been put on hiatus after President Trump claims he does not want to speak to the Asian superpower. What does it mean for trans-pacific relations in the age of COVID-19?
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36 days 24:38
US Lawmakers Target Nord Stream 2
Lawmakers in the United States are ramping up their threats against the construction of the controversial Nord Stream 2 pipeline.
21 150
37 days 25:03
US Ramps Up Pressure on Chinese Firms
The US is set to further tighten restrictions on Huawei as President Donald Trump says the White House is looking at potential action against Alibaba and other Chinese commercial giants.
16 305
40 days 24:47
Fed Goes Digital & New Path for AI?
The Federal Reserve is partnering up to test to wade into the realm of digital currencies. Plus, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen a lumber shortage sweep the United States.
18 581
41 day 25:10
US Jobless Claims Fall & Chinese Trade Update
Jobless claims in the United States have fallen below one million for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic began. What effect will this have on the global economy?
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42 days 24:47
Gold Gaining amid COVID-19 & US Officials Visit Taiwan
Uncertainty in the age of COVID-19 has led to surges in safe-haven assets like gold and cryptocurrency.
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