22 hours 24:39
Despite ban the US is still buying from Chinese tech companies
A new report reveals that at least three US government agencies are still purchasing thousands of dollars' worth of Chinese technology despite a federal ban.
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1 day 24:28
OPEC keeps oil policy amid omicron concerns
OPEC and its oil-producing allies agreed to stick to their existing policy of increasing production. This despite a release of oil reserves and amid fears of the new variant of Covid.
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2 days 25:43
Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell hints at end of bond-buying
Could we see the Federal Reserve increasing its plans for tapering asset purchases faster than expected?
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3 days 24:32
Oil falls nearly 5% on concerns over vaccine efficacy
Oil prices are sinking as the Omicron variant fears have infected markets across the globe.
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4 days 24:44
Markets Rebound after Bloody Black Friday & Tensions Weigh on French-British Relations
Markets rebounded on Monday after getting rocked on Black Friday by fresh fears of the COVID-19 Omicron variant.
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8 days 24:44
Supply chain issues wreak havoc on holiday shopping season
The holidays are just around the corner and the supply chain situation isn't looking great which might force consumers to change holiday shopping habits.
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9 days 24:44
IMF warns El Salvador against using Bitcoin
The IMF is once again pushing back against El Salvador's decision to use Bitcoin as Legal Tender, warning that because of the volatility of the cryptocurrency the risks are too high.
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10 days 24:44
US taps petroleum reserves to bring down gas prices
In order to combat the surging energy costs, the United States and other nations have taken the major step to tap their oil reserves. We'll discuss the move as fuel prices begin to drop.
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11 days 24:42
Biden to nominate Jerome Powell to head the Fed, again
Jerome Powell is up for another term at the Federal Reserve as President Biden nominated the current head, despite pushback from some members of his own party.
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14 days 24:43
House approves Biden $2 trillion 'Build Back Better Plan'
The Build Back Better package is now headed to the Senate after the House passes the nearly $2 Trillion Bill - which is a key piece of President Joe Biden's economic agenda.
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15 days 24:40
Corporations are using inflation as an excuse to raise prices
With inflation in the United States hitting its highest rate in more than 3 decades and no end to rising prices in sight, it would seem that consumers and retailers alike would be feeling the
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16 days 24:27
China vows to expand and open to foreign investment
Chinese Vice President Wang Qishan said China is committed to expanding and opening to foreign investment.
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17 days 24:18
Germany suspends Nord Stream 2 pipeline
Germany suspended certification of the recently completed Nord Stream 2 pipeline, saying it could only certify a company that was organized under German law.
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18 days 24:21
Taiwan issue expected to dominate Biden-Xi summit
Tariffs and supply chain disruption will take a backseat when Presidents Biden and Xi prepare for their face-off at a virtual summit. Instead, Taiwan is expected to dominate the agenda.
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21 day 24:27
U.S. & China Pledge to Curb Greenhouse Gases: Too Little Too Late?
The devil is in the details of Congress's $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill, which introduces new taxes on crypto trades. Former CFTC chair J.
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22 days 24:25
Xi Status Cemented in China & Rivian Stock Soars in Trading
Chinese President Xi Jinping has been elevated to a level that only two previous leaders in the CCP's history have reached.
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23 days 24:40
U.S. Inflation Clears Multi-Decade High & Tesla Tumbles on Musk Tweets
Inflation in the United States has hit its highest level in nearly 30 years as supply chain woes continue to take a toll on the nation's recovery.
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24 days 24:44
Fed Rings Bell on Potential Chinese Contagion & Bitcoin Clears Crucial Threshold
The Federal Reserve is sounding the alarm on the potential for the Chinese real estate contagion to infect U.S. markets.
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25 days 24:38
China Coal Imports Spike & Ethereum Smashes Price Records
China's rate of coal consumption has skyrocketed as the nation has turned to the fossil fuel to fight surging energy prices.
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28 days 24:35
OPEC+ Agrees to Hold Steady & Bitcoin Cash Price Pops on False Reports
Despite calls to boost output amid the ongoing energy crisis, OPEC+ members have decided to hold oil output levels steady.
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29 days 23:59
Markets Boom on Fed's Taper Announcement & US Auto Sales Rally in October
Markets have shattered records in the wake of the Federal Reserve's tapering announcement this week.
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31 day 24:51
Fed Being Dialing Back Measures & What Burden Should Billionaires Bear?
The peak of the COVID-19 pandemic seems to be winding down, leading the Federal Reserve to dial back economic measures.
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32 days 25:12
China Coal Sector Heats Up & US Aims for Stablecoin Regulation
In order to combat the ongoing energy shortage facing the globe, China has turned to coal to ease the pressure.
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32 days 24:53
EU, U.S. Scrutinize Chinese Steel & American Airlines' Rough Weekend
World leaders are convening in Italy this week for the G20 conference to discuss a range of topics - notably, the global supply chain disruption.
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36 days 24:43
World Leaders Convene at G20 & Facebook Goes for a Facelift
On today's Boom Bust, we catch up with Boom Bust's Ben Swann and Christy Ai to discuss the meeting of some of world's most-powerful leaders at the G-20 summit in Rome.
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37 days 24:50
US GDP Growth Cools & International Regulators Eye Crypto-Crime Connection
Following a red-hot recovery amid the COVID-19 economic rebound, the United States has seen its GDP growth slow in the third quarter.
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37 days 25:14
US Bars Chinese Telecom & Coal Price Surges on Energy Squeeze
The ongoing China-US tech war doesn't seem to have dissipated as the world's largest economy has now banned China Telecom from operations in the nation.
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39 days 24:47
Tesla Smashes $1T Market Cap & Cyber Attacks Trending Upward
More than a year and a half into the COVID-19 pandemic, could we soon see the Federal Reserve begin to taper its asset purchases?
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39 days 24:43
Miami Business Dean Quelch: "We are Now in a Global Supply Chain Pandemic"
EU leaders are sounding the alarm on the magnesium shortage in China as the bloc's leaders look to adjust.
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42 days 24:51
Key to Easing Shipping Woes? & Relatability of Netflix's 'Squid Game'
In the midst of a major supply chain disruption facing the United States, President Joe Biden has floated the idea of using the National Guard to ease pressure on the system.
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