1 day 25:01
Housing Boom Losing Steam? & Smaller Players Emerge in Space Race
In the wake of a red-hot run during the coronavirus pandemic, has the U.S. housing market finally begun to cool down? Dr.
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2 days 25:12
Beijing Looks to Mend Markets & Nikola Founder Arrested for Fraud
In the wake of a tumble on regulatory woes, Beijing is looking to reinforce China's rising market volatility.
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3 days 25:18
Chinese Stocks Tumble & U.S. Trade Deficit Grows
Chinese stocks continue to fall in trading as the world's second-largest economy has dialed up its clampdown on business.
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4 days 24:50
Delta Forecasts Turn Grim & Amazon Quashes BTC Rumors
Several major financial institutions are dialing back their recovery forecasts as the new Delta variant continues to sweep the United States and the world. Dr.
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5 days 25:00
Crypto Rallies on Amazon Payment Rumors & China-U.S. Talks Stall
Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have rallied after months of beatings as rumors of Amazon accepting coins as payment have surfaced.
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8 days 24:50
U.S. Proposing New Asia Deal? & Space Investment Booms
The United States is reviewing proposals for a partnership initiative in Asia for the 21st century, just years after former President Trump axed the planned Trans-Pacific Partnership.
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9 days 24:42
US, Germany Accord Objections & Tesla to Flip-Flop on Bitcoin?
Russia has issued an objection to elements of the U.S.-Germany accord in regards to the Nord Stream 2 pipeline.
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10 days 24:50
EU Weighs Cryptocurrency Clampdown & Figures Reveal State of Unemployment
The European Union has set its sights on fresh cryptocurrency regulation as the trend continues to sweep the globe.
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11 days 24:53
China Denies Hacking Claims & Blue Origin Makes History
Inflation has continued to rise in the United States, prompting fears among consumers, but the Biden administration has once again stated that the trend is only temporary.
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12 days 24:36
US Slams Chinese Hackers & U.K. Celebrates "Freedom Day"
The U.S. and several other nations have blamed Chinese hackers for a major breach of tech giant Microsoft.
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15 days 24:44
Are Movie Theaters Back?
This week, US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen gave a bleak prediction about inflation rates across the country.
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16 days 24:56
Powell: Bitcoin Could Go Obsolete
Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell suggests Bitcoin could become obsolete if the U.S. government adopts a centralized digital currency.
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17 days 25:04
OPEC reaches Oil Production Compromise
OPEC has reached a compromise with the United Arab Emirates. The agreement is to lift the amount of oil the cartel member can eventually pump.
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18 days 25:09
CPI Reports 5.4% Inflation, Highest in 13 Years
The latest CPI report notes a 5.4 percent annual jump, marking the fastest increase since the US was on the verge of the 2008 financial crisis.
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19 days 24:48
China Crackdown on ByteDance IPO Dreams Amid Data Security Scrutiny
ByteDance, the company behind social media giant TikTok, is shelving its plans for an IPO amid scrutiny in China.
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22 days 25:04
Biden Inks Anti-Monopoly Order & European Commission Slaps Auto Firms with Fines
U.S. President Joe Biden has signed an executive order targeting monopolies in the nation. Boom Bust's Ben Swann joins the program to bring us the details of the order and what impact it could have.
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22 days 25:09
Trump Files Social Media Lawsuit & Crypto Crackdown Intensifies
Months after being removed from most major social media sites, former U.S. President Donald Trump has filed a lawsuit against Twitter, Google and Facebook.
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24 days 24:41
US Weighs In on Cyber Hacks & Iceland's Four-Day Work Week
The Pentagon has moved to reject Microsoft's contract to build its JEDI cloud program following an outpouring of criticism from other players in the sector.
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24 days 25:23
Ransomware Wave Sweeps Small Biz & China Targets Foreign-Listed Firms
A new wave of ransomware cyber-attacks have swept businesses from the United States to Europe in the latest hack of a growing trend.
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29 days 24:12
Robinhood Warns of Meme Frenzy & Britain Wins Key Tax Exemption
Before its much-hyped IPO listing, retail trading app Robinhood has warned investors of another potential "meme stock" rally.
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30 days 22:47
Microsoft Data Scandal & Global Tax Gets Backing
New details have emerged showing that Microsoft has been disclosing swaths of information to the United States law enforcement agencies in a manner that the firm has dubbed "routine".
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30 days 25:04
Collapse Survivors File Lawsuits & Judge Rejects Facebook Challenge
As the death toll continues to climb in the wake of the South Florida apartment building collapse.
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32 days 23:47
China's Cyber Strength Growing & Crypto Billionaire Reportedly Dead at 41
The United States still maintains its spot as the largest economy and the top cyber-space nation, but China's development is quickly catching up.
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33 days 24:47
United Kingdom Bars Binance & New Twist in the Space Race
The latest shot has been fired in the growing clampdown of cryptocurrency as the United Kingdom has banned Binance in the nation.
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36 days 24:28
Is the Federal Reserve Wrong about the Inflation?
Inflation gauges continue to soar as the global vaccination process continues to move forward. Plus, as crypto's popularity has soared, so has the crackdown on mining.
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37 days 24:37
U.S. Slams Nord Stream 2 Pipeline
United States Secretary of State Anthony Blinken has slammed the nearly complete Nord Stream 2 pipeline during his latest trip to Germany.
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38 days 24:44
Millionaire Club Grows Despite Pandemic
The Central Bank war on cryptocurrency is heating up, while several investors have slammed the emerging FinTech. Plus, the E.U.
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39 days 24:36
EU Opens Google Antitrust Investigation
The European Union has officially opened an antitrust investigation into Google as the regulatory movement continues to gain steam.
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40 days 24:23
Bitcoin Price Falters on China Crackdown
Bitcoin's price is continuing to take a hit as China's crackdown on the premier cryptocurrency moves forward.
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43 days 24:25
NATO Funding Process Explained & Bank of England Takes on Bitcoin
Just days after NATO's announcement that it would be ramping up its efforts to combat China, Russia has claimed that Ukraine's membership in the bloc would be a "red line".
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