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CEO Pay Soars Amid COVID-19 Struggle
The Bitcoin rally rages on as its price is driven even higher by the Wall Street debut of Coinbase. We explain the price spike and what the listing means for the fintech sector.
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Bitcoin Soars Ahead of Coinbase Debut
Bitcoin has hit another record high ahead of the Coinbase IPO this week. Our panel discusses the future of the world's most popular cryptocurrency.
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2 days 24:53
Peter Schiff to Fed: 'Cancel Stimulus and Increase Tax'
As the global semiconductor shortage frustrates the tech and auto industries, the White House meets with executives from major firms to get to the bottom of ongoing supply-chain issues.
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5 days 25:06
Rise of the Digital Currency Economy & Airline Industry Aims to Takeoff
With Russia wading further into financial technology sphere and some detractors loudly opposing the adoption of Bitcoin, digital currencies seem to be here to stay in the spotlight.
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6 days 24:38
Biden Softening on Infrastructure Deal? & Facebook's New Data Scandal
The Federal Reserve has calmed fears of inflation, but what other concerns does the United States central bank have?
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7 days 24:53
Amazon Facing Rising Heat & CEOs Turn on Infrastructure
Amazon is facing heat from all sides as the e-commerce giant is awaiting the fate of a unionization drive in Alabama and allegations of anti-trust from small businesses.
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8 days 25:09
China Dives into FinTech & UK Eyes Vaccine Passports
In a first for a global economy, China has launched its own digital currency in a bid to dominate the new FinTech frontier.
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9 days 24:51
Boeing Warns US on China & Britain' Aristocrat Cash-out?
Markets in the United States are soaring on Easter Monday as vaccine optimism and jobs numbers are fueling economic optimism.
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12 days 24:43
US Sees Major Job Growth in March
The US has added just short of one million jobs as the uncertainty about the pandemic begins to wane and markets react around the globe.
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13 days 24:57
Factory Hiccup Costs Millions of Vaccine Doses
Millions of Johnson & Johnson vaccine doses are going to waste following a mistake from a third-party manufacturer.
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14 days 25:09
Huawei's Sales Rebound in 2020 amid Sanctions
Following two years of turbulence from the United States and other nations, Huawei has bounced back with a rise in profit. But what does this means for the Chinese telecom giant?
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15 days 24:56
PayPal Adopts Cryptocurrency Usage
The U.S. fight against Covid-19 continues to heat up as President Biden has announced that nearly all adults in the nation will be eligible for a vaccine within the next month.
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16 days 24:51
EU, UK Reach Post-Brexit Agreement
The Suez Canal stoppage saga has come to an end as the wedged cargo ship has been freed in one of the world's busiest waterways.
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19 days 24:37
Suez Slowdown Slams Global Trade & Global Chip Shortage Shocks Tech
The lodged shipping vessel in the Suez Canal is continuing to cause major jams in the global supply chain as the blockage enters its fourth day.
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Nord Stream Tensions Rise & Tech Firms Face Congress
Another day, another escalation in the ongoing Nord Stream 2 saga as the United States warns its European allies against completing the project.
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21 day 24:45
UK, EU at Odds amid Vaccine Rollout & Trump's Return to Social Media?
While the United States has had a swift vaccination process so far, Europe is seeing a struggle to deliver doses to its population, causing a rift between the United Kingdom and the mainland.
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22 days 24:45
Other Players Join Chinese Sanctions & Powell Sours on Crypto
The European Union, United Kingdom, and Canada have now joined the United States in leveling more sanctions against China over alleged Uyghur abuses in the Xinjiang province.
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23 days 24:29
Tesla's Tech Concerns in China & Optimistic Economic Recovery?
As Tesla's growing operations expand in China, CEO Elon Musk has claimed that he would halt production immediately if it was revealed that his products were being used for spying.
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26 days 24:54
US relations with China far from improving
The world's two largest economies saw sparks fly in their first summit since the advent of the Biden administration as top officials from China and the United States convene in Alaska.
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27 days 24:53
Private Firms' Space Race Heating Up
When it comes to the recent advancements in space exploration, the industry used to be almost entirely exclusive to governments. But the private space sector has picked up in recent years.
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28 days 24:47
Fed Holds Rates Steady Amid Optimism
The Federal Reserve has revised its outlook on US economic growth as the vaccination process has ramped up in the nation.
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29 days 24:51
Huawei to Diversify in Wake of US Ban
As the US war on Huawei continues, the telecom company has now announced that it will begin charging other smartphone makers a royalty to use its patented 5G technology.
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30 days 24:54
Bitcoin Slips Below $60K After Bull Run
Bitcoin's price has fallen back following a record spike over the weekend. So what's driving Bitcoin's surge and will it come to an end anytime soon?
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33 days 25:00
Biden Sets May Deadline for Vax Availability & Investing in Your Playlist
Shortly after signing a major U.S. stimulus package, President Joe Biden made a sweeping target for vaccine availability in the nation.
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34 days 24:39
COVID Pandemic Turns One & Facebook Gears to Fight Regulation
The Earth has taken a full trip around the sun since COVID-19 was declared a global pandemic, bringing with it some of the most unprecedented measures in world history.
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35 days 24:48
US Stimulus and Global Inflation & the Gamification of Trading
The $1.9 trillion stimulus bill has made its way through both houses of Congress and is on the way to President Biden's desk.
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36 days 24:52
Robinhood Continues to Face Heat & Gold Losing its Glimmer?
Retail trading app Robinhood continues to face criticism over its handling of the GameStop scandal, with accusations of favoring institutional investors being hurled from all parts of the political
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37 days 24:44
IRS Launches Bitcoin Program & US Vaccine Rollout Update
With cryptocurrency becoming more commonplace in the public spotlight, the Internal Revenue Service has launched "Operation Hidden Treasure" to crack down on tax evasion in the fintech sector.
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40 days 24:39
NFT Digital Asset Trending
Boom Bust goes inside the emerging Non-Fungible Tokens or NFT sector and break down what exactly it is, and the hype that surrounds the technology.
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41 day 24:52
Chinese Gov't Convenes amid COVID-19
China's rising tech dominance is set to be discussed at its national Congress as the rest of the world is continuing its fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.
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