2 hours 10:31
How Whitewater Rescuers Are Trained | What It Takes
Swiftwater rescuers must complete a rigorous training course in order to be fully prepared to rescue individuals who have fallen victim to fast-moving water.
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Everything In This Mall Is Recycled | World Wide Waste
ReTuna is the world's first secondhand mall. Located next to a recycling center, the Swedish mall repurposes everything from toys to furniture.
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How Crickets Become Food | Big Business
Here at Entomo farms they harvest 50 million crickets a week and turn them into protein packed foods. Crickets contain more protein than beef and are being heralded as “the food of the future”.
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10 days 2:33
How This Surgeon And CEO Is Reshaping Telehealth
Sponsor Content created by Insider Studios with Lenovo Meet Dr.
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11 days 7:05
How Mushrooms Are Turned Into Bacon And Styrofoam | World Wide Waste
A biotech company in upstate New York designs products made from the root structures of mushrooms. It takes about a week to grow their alternative to styrofoam packaging.
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12 days 6:18
Why Violin Bows Are So Expensive | So Expensive
In 2017, a single violin bow sold at auction for $690,000. You can buy a beginner's bow for less than $50, but a top-rate professional bow can often cost thousands of dollars.
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14 days 9:55
How Fighter Pilots Train To Fly The Marine Corps’ F-35B | Boot Camp
With a price tag of just over $100 million, the F-35B from Lockheed Martin is equipped with the most powerful engine of any jet in the world, as well as the most advanced sensor suite of any fighter
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14 days 5:56
Why Are Cars So Expensive In Tunisia | So Expensive
Cars in Tunisia are among the highest priced in the world. Tunisians are paying almost twice the market value for a used car. We dive into why cars in Tunisia are so expensive.
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15 days 8:01
Meet Some Of The Last Papyrus Makers In Egypt Keeping A 5,000-Year-Old Craft Alive | Still Standing
Papyrus paper originated in ancient Egypt. Today, just one village still makes the paper, but after a year without tourists, workers are struggling to keep their doors open.
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18 days 9:47
How NZ Farmers Shear 25,000 Sheep In 10 Days | Big Business
Wool was once one of New Zealand’s most exported products. But thanks to trade wars and synthetic fabrics, wool prices have plummeted.
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19 days 6:37
Why Black Opal Is So Expensive | So Expensive
Lightning Ridge is a small mining town outside of New South Wales, Australia renowned for its black opal, which can sell for over $10,000 per carat.
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22 days 5:52
Mushroom Coffins Turn Bodies Into Compost And Make Death Less Toxic | World Wide Waste
People pollute the earth even after they die. But the Loop coffin made from mushroom mycelium may finally put toxic funeral practices to rest.
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22 days 5:50
How 5.5 Million Peeps Are Made For Easter | Big Business
Just Born makes 2 billion Peeps a year in their Bethlehem, PA factory. Peeps make up 70% of Just Born’s annual revenue, and their peak sales season is Easter.
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23 days 8:07
How Over 2,000 Tons Of Gulal Are Produced in India For Holi | Big Business
One of the most important parts of the celebration of Holi, a Hindu holiday celebrated internationally, is the color.
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26 days 5:44
Why Donkey Cheese Is So Expensive | So Expensive
Pule donkey cheese is the most expensive cheese in the world. Produced by only one farm in the world, pule will cost you about $600 for a single pound.
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30 days 8:01
How One Of Japan's Oldest Businesses Has Served Roasted Mochi For Over 1,000 Years | Still Standing
About 25 generations of one family have made roasted rice cakes at Ichimonjiya Wasuke in Kyoto, Japan.
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What Happens To NYC’s 3.2 Million Tons Of Trash | Big Business
New York City is one of the most wasteful cities in the world. But none of its trash is actually processed in NYC.
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33 days 5:22
Why This Booming Vegan Ice Cream Business Struggles To Find Investors
The founders of the vegan ice cream brand Kubé need investors in order to meet soaring demand. Like many other Black entrepreneurs, they face systemic racism and other hurdles when trying to scale.
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33 days 5:21
Flour Made From Leftover Bread Could Help Reduce Waste | World Wide Waste
Though France has banned supermarkets from throwing out food, 150,000 metric tons of bread wind up in the trash every year. Le Crumbler grinds old bread into fine crumbs to be used in new recipes.
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37 days 8:16
How The $30 Million 'Super Scooper' Plane Was Built To Fight Wildfires
This $30 million Super Scooper is the only plane in the world that was designed specifically to fight wildfires.
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38 days 8:02
Meet One Of The Last Salt Makers Keeping A 2,000-Year Old Mexican Tradition Alive | Still Standing
Indigenous people in Zapotitlán have been hand-making salt here for over 2,000 years. Today, producers can’t make enough money to sustain themselves.
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39 days 6:13
How 3.5 Million Oysters Are Harvested At This Virginia Farm Every Year | Big Business
Located on Virginia’s Mobjack Bay, this aquaculture farm is one of the largest on the East Coast.
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40 days 6:57
Why Ceylon Cinnamon Is So Expensive | So Expensive
Ceylon cinnamon is native to just one region of the world. And producing it requires hours of delicate work. Even the most skilled workers can make only a few pounds of quills a day.
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40 days 7:04
Beeple Explains The Absurdity Of NFTs | So Expensive
Mike Winkelmann, better known as Beeple, has sold the most expensive digital artwork in history.
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What Makes Blood Plasma So Expensive? | So Expensive
Americans supply two-thirds of the world’s plasma, supporting an industry that relies on vulnerable donors in need of cash.
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44 days 9:59
The Rise And Fall Of The Cruise Industry | Rise And Fall
Until COVID-19 hit, the global cruise industry was on course for a record-breaking year.
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46 days 8:04
How Animal Hides Are Made Into Parchment At The Last Workshop In The US | Still Standing
Pergamena is the last workshop in the US that turns animal skins into parchment, an ancient paper-like material that nearly disappeared after the Middle Ages.
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46 days 5:32
How Rotting Vegetables Make Electricity | World Wide Waste
Every year, 1.3 billion tons of food gets thrown away. But instead of sending unsold vegetables to a landfill, the Bowenpally market converts them into biogas.
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49 days 6:13
How Marines Test Hand-To-Hand Combat Skills At Boot Camp
We got an inside look at how United States Marine Corps recruits are trained to fight each other in hand-to-hand combat basic training.
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49 days 9:52
The Rise And Fall (And Rise) Of GameStop
GameStop has been a key player in the video game industry for over two decades.
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