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10 Aug 2011
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ZillowGoneWild x HGTV #shorts
Ummm this Perry Park, CO home literally has a 200 million year old 35 feet red rock formation inside the home.
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Can You Guess Who The Virgin Is Based On Their Kiss?
"That breath was just like a horror movie." Can Kate guess who the virgin is out of a lineup just based on how they kiss?
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3 days 7:52
The Cast of '1UP' Finds Out Which Character They Really Are
We went behind the scenes of the new movie '1UP' and had Hari Nef, Taylor Zakhar Perez, Paris Berelc, and the rest of the cast take a quiz to find out which character they really are.
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People Afraid of Heights Watch 'Fall' (No Spoilers)
"That movie took a year off my life, but in a good way." Mei, Lindsay, and Gadiel are terrified of heights, so we had them watch the new movie "Fall" which takes place 2,000 feet in the air.
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Single Guy Picks A Date Based On Mexican Food
Is your personality hidden in how you make your tacos? Chris tries out Mexican meals from mystery women - the winner gets a date!
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Parenting Like Boomers For A Week
New dad Adam visits his family with 8-month-old twins Sky and Reve. Adam's challenged to parent the same way his boomer parents did 30 years ago.
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15 days 10:19
We Switched Parenting Roles For One Week
Adam and Tee are new dads with two 8-month-old twins, Sky and Reve. Each has a different parenting style, but they're switching it up this week! Will swapping roles prove a success or a huge mistake?
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21 day 3:56
My Viral TikToks Skyrocketed My Music Career - Lubalin
When Lubalin watched an argument between two strangers unfold on facebook, he had no idea it would propel him into music stardom. Find out how it went down!
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22 days 9:43
How We Work Full-Time While Parenting Twins
The childcare system in the U.S. makes it difficult for most parents to work and parent full-time.
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A Dominican & A Chinese American Exchange Popular Dishes
"I could literally eat a hundred of these." BuzzFeed producers Emely (@emelynda8) and Tucker (@tucker.iverson) swap some yummy foods from their cultures.
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'Fall' Official Trailer
Confront your fears. FALL - Dropping Only In Theaters August 12. #FallMovie #lionsgate #buzzfeedstudios
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I Wore All My Trash For 30 Days
Follow Rob's other projects at and Credits: Subscribe to BuzzFeedVideo
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I Let My Toddler Run Our Lives For A Week • Mom In Progress
This week’s challenge is sponsored by GEICO. Hannah lets her 2-year old, Henry, decide the family’s activities for a week. Would you trust Henry’s picks?
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29 days 7:00
I Accidentally Became a Meme: Woman Yelling at a Cat
When Taylor Armstrong learned that her domestic secrets had been aired to the world in a dangerous way, she never imagined that her reaction would lead to one of the most famous memes of all time.
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31 day 4:23
We Tasted The Worst-Reviewed Pizza in New York City
BuzzFeed producers Jordan and Tucker are back to give the worst-reviewed pieces of pizza in NYC a redemption arc. It's a second chance at slice!
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32 days 4:32
Gamer Girls Play Never Have I Ever
In celebration of the new BuzzFeed Studios gamer comedy "1UP," a group of gamer girls joined us to play a little Never Have I Ever. Have they been accused of cheating? Been told they shouldn't game?
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35 days 4:53
Ranking The Internet's Best Hot Cheetos Combo
Hot Cheetos with avocado?? Umm... I need to try this.
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We Only Ate Meals From India For A Week • Mom In Progress
Hannah feeds the boys Indian dishes submitted by her Instagram followers for a week. Warning: this video will make you hungry!
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38 days 10:16
Can A Noob Memorize All 898 Pokemon In 2 days?
Can a guy who grew up without Pokemon memorize all 898 of them in 48 hours? Good thing Tucker (@tucker.iverson) did this challenge before Pokémon Scarlet and Violet were fully released.
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43 days 18:02
I Let My Kids Meal Plan Our Week (Again) • Mom In Progress
Hannah lets Jackson, Wyatt, and Henry pick all the family’s meals for a week. What could possibly go wrong?
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43 days 8:47
Queer Couples Discuss Good (And Bad) Media Representation
Schitt's Creek really nailed it with *that* scene. MY FAKE BOYFRIEND, a new LGBTQ rom-com from BuzzFeed Studios is available now on Prime Video.
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45 days 10:25
Single Girl Picks A Date Based On Their Credit Card Statement
Does your credit card history reveal if you’re interesting enough to date?
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Dylan Sprouse, Kieynan Lonsdale, And The Cast Of "My Fake Boyfriend" Play Never Have I Ever
The cast of “My Fake Boyfriend” (Dylan Sprouse, Sarah Hyland, Keiynan Lonsdale, Samer Salem, Marcus Rosner, and Karen Robinson) played a game of “Never Have I Ever” to celebrate the film's release
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49 days 8:09
A Dominatrix & A Preacher Have An Honest Conversation While Finger Painting
What happens when a sex worker and a religious leader get honest about their pasts?
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My Family Ate My Weird Pregnancy Cravings For A Week • Mom In Progress
Hannah asks her family to eat her weird pregnancy cravings! Which one would you try?
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50 days 8:54
We Surprised These Newlyweds With A Honeymoon Stay In The Florida Keys / by BuzzFeed & Visit Florida
Feel like you’re in a tropical paradise, without leaving the country. Find the perfect romantic honeymoon in The Florida Keys at one of the many resorts like Hawks Cay!
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Sarah Hyland Talks About “Modern Family” Memories, Bad Dates, And Other Firsts
Sarah Hyland (“Modern Family,” “Vampire Academy”) stopped by to chat first times.
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Single Girl Picks A Date Based On Their Amazon Purchases
What can your recent Amazon purchases reveal about your personality?
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53 days 3:57
The Cast Of “My Fake Boyfriend” Answers Your Most Pressing Dating Questions
To celebrate the release of the BuzzFeed Studios film "My Fake Boyfriend,", we had the cast (Sarah Hyland, Dylan Sprouse, Keiynan Lonsdale, Karen Robinson, Samer Salem, Marcus Rosner) answer
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We Ate An Entire Garden Of Rare Fruit
That plant has presents?! BuzzFeed visited the Girl & Dug Farm to explore a farm full of rare vegetables. Have you cooked with any of these ingredients before?
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