1 day 5:42
The "Dear Evan Hansen" Cast Plays Who's Who
To celebrate the release of “Dear Evan Hansen,” Ben Platt, Kaitlyn Dever, Amandla Stenberg, Nik Dodani, and Colton Ryan joined us for a delightful game of Who’s Who.
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2 days 13:17
The "Dear White People" Cast Plays Who's Who
Dry those tears — "Dear White People" might be coming to an end, but this video will live on forever!
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4 days 11:06
Tyler Posey Talks About His First Kiss With Miley Cyrus, "Teen Wolf" and Other Firsts
Former "Teen Wolf" star Tyler Posey rocked our world when he stopped by our studio to kick off the release of his new solo EP "DRUGS." To commemorate the whopping 10-year anniversary of his
46 697
8 days 6:25
The "Sex Education" Cast Plays Who's Who
The cast of Sex Education — Asa Butterfield, Ncuti Gatwa, Mimi Keene, Dua Saleh, and Jemima Kirke — sat down to play an exciting game of Who’s Who. So, who’s the biggest on-set prankster?
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9 days 3:14
ATEEZ Answers 30 Questions In 3 Minutes
Summer just got hotter with the release of ATEEZ's comeback album "ZERO : FEVER Part.3" so we invited the lovely men of ATEEZ to dial things up in celebration by answering 30 burning questions in 3
240 589
9 days 5:13
Larray Talks About Billie Eilish's Reaction To "Cancelled" And Other Firsts
What better way to celebrate the release of Larray's Loaded Mac than to invite the viral video vixen over to get the biggest scoop on his firsts?
7 283
10 days 3:27
The Cast of Home Economics Plays Who's Who: Sibling Edition
Which sibling would bail you out of jail? The cast of Home Economics plays a challenging game of "Who's Who: Sibling Edition". #HomeEconomics premieres WED SEPT 22 on ABC |
3 354
11 days 5:25
B.I Talks About Meeting Epik High's Tablo, Big Bang, And Other Firsts
B.I's back! It's safe to say we're "Waterfall"-ing pretty hard for the K-Pop rapper so we really had no choice but to invite him over and chat all about his firsts.
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12 days 9:53
JAY B Reads Thirst Tweets
JAY B asked for thirsty tweets, and you all delivered.
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15 days 3:19
Sydney Sweeney Of "The Voyeurs" Answers 30 Questions In 3 Minutes
We can hardly keep up with our favorite it girl and "Euphoria" starlet Sydney Sweeney's latest projects but we HAD to snag her to celebrate the release of her latest show, "The Voyeurs." She took on
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16 days 5:48
JoJo Siwa Talks About Her Girlfriend, Meeting Miley, And Other Firsts
With the recent release of Paramount+'s The J Team, we chatted with JoJo Siwa all about her first times. Who was the first A-list celebrity to follow her? And who was her first celebrity crush?
32 865
22 days 5:40
Yahya Abdul-Mateen II And Nia DaCosta Find Out If They Would Actually Survive A Horror Movie
“Candyman” star Yahya Abdul-Mateen II and director Nia DaCosta sat down with us and risked it all to find out whether they would actually survive a horror movie.
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23 days 5:37
The "Shang-Chi" Cast Takes An MCU Trivia Quiz
The latest Marvel movie “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” is here, and honestly, we’ll be yelling about it for the foreseeable future.
418 341
25 days 8:33
Addison Rae And Tanner Buchanan Take The Co-Star Test
Since “He’s All That” is the number one movie on Netflix, what better time than now to watch this video of TikTok sensation Addison Rae and “Cobra Kai’s” Tanner Buchanan take a co-star test to find
120 297
29 days 2:40
"Candyman" Star Yahya Abdul-Mateen II Reads Thirst Tweets
“Candyman” star Yahya Abdul-Mateen II is ready to read your thirst tweets. From Kegel confessions to compliments about his beard, Yahya’s reacting to it all. Will you be able to survive his hypnotism?
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30 days 15:47
JAY B Tells Us About His First Times
JAY B's highly anticipated debut solo project "SOMO: FUME" is finally here! To celebrate, the multi-talented artist sat down with us to share a few of his First Times stories!
470 587
32 days 5:55
Luke Hemmings On His First 5SOS Memories And New Solo Album
5SOS’s Luke Hemmings sat down with us and chatted all about his first times. So, what his the first song he ever wrote? When's the first time he met the love of his life?
31 328
36 days 5:50
"The Kissing Booth 3" Cast Plays Who's Who
It’s a bittersweet moment, y’all!
19 193
37 days 6:11
GRAY Reads Thirst Tweets
GRAY's here to read some thirsty tweets, and to remind you that even though he's no Christian Grey, you can still call him daddy.
437 550
38 days 7:33
Bowen Yang Reads Thirst Tweets
All of our thirst dreams came true when star of "Awkwafina is Nora From Queens" and "SNL" fan favorite Bowen Yang sat down with us to take on some unmissable Thirst Tweets.
222 179
39 days 6:36
Enhypen Plays Who's Who
ENGENEs, this one's for you! We invited the boys of our latest K-Pop obsession ENHYPEN to stop by and spill some deets during a tell-all game of "Who's Who." So, who is the ultimate group chat ghost?
741 923
43 days 4:52
Ryan Reynolds And Jodie Comer Play Who's Who
Calling all gamers, the cast of “Free Guy” (Ryan Reynolds and Jodie Comer) sat down to play Who’s Who! So, who’s constantly cracking jokes on set? Who does the best impressions of their cast mates?
102 171
44 days 6:04
Jennifer Hudson Tells Us About Her First Times
Our worlds are colliding with the release of the long-awaited biopic “Respect,” which features the former queen of “American Idol” Jennifer Hudson as the late Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin.
8 183
45 days 4:06
Stephen Amell Reads Thirst Tweets
Stephen Amell — aka the star of "Arrow" and the upcoming STARZ wrestling drama "Heels" — sat down with us to read the thirstiest tweets about himself the Internet has to offer.
208 221
50 days 6:42
"The Suicide Squad" Cast Finds Out Which Characters They Really Are
Is that a bird? Is that a plane? No, it’s the cast of “The Suicide Squad” taking a quiz to find out which character best matches their personality.
150 516
51 day 7:08
Jack Antonoff Reads Thirst Tweets
To celebrate the release of Bleachers' newest album "Take the Sadness Out of Saturday Night," Jack Antonoff sat down with us to read and react to all your thirstiest tweets.
126 846
52 days 6:31
Jake Johnson Reveals "New Girl" First Impressions And Other Firsts
One of our fave “New Girl” alums and star of the new film “Ride The Eagle,” Jake Johnson, stopped by to graciously share some hilarious stories about his First Times with us!
49 365
57 days 5:26
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