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Hotel CEO Tells the Broken Promises From the State of California | Paul Sanford
As a result of the year-long state-mandated shutdowns and lack of clear guidelines for business meetings, conferences, and events, the hospitality industry is losing confidence in California.
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3 days 26:21
How California's Distribution of $8 Billion Federal Funds is Devastating Small Cities | Beth Haney
California received $26 billion dollars including $8.4 billion dollars that will be divided amongst local cities through the American Rescue Plan. My guest today is Beth Haney.
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6 days 41:40
Uncovering Human Trafficking in California | Greg Jones
California is one of the largest states for human trafficking. My guest today is Greg Jones. He is a Deputy Sheriff with San Bernardino’s County Sheriff’s Department.
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10 days 33:11
The Influence of Cancel Culture on Hollywood, Explained | John Duffy
Cancel culture in Hollywood is blacklisting artists and celebrities for their past and current actions. My guest today is John Duffy. He is a film producer with over 25 feature films.
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13 days 34:35
Inside the Mental and Physical Training of a U.S. Navy SEAL | Chad Williams
San Diego is home to the extensive 24-week training of Navy SEALs. My guest today is Chad Williams, he is a Navy Seal Veteran and author of Seal of God.
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15 days 28:06
California Moves to Green Energy; Is CCE the Right Way? | Jim Phelps
California cities are striving to provide clean energy through Community Choice Energy (CCE) programs. My guest today is Jim Phelps.
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17 days 36:23
California Wine: The History, Culture, and Art of Wine Making | Jim & David Gianulias
California is widely known for its wine country destination with over four thousand wineries. My guests today are Jim and David Gianulias. They are the founders of Levendi Winery in Napa Valley.
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20 days 37:17
Can Gavin Newsom Redeem Himself From Looming Recall? | Don Wagner
Over 2 million California residents from across the political spectrum signed the recall petition against Governor Gavin Newsom.
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22 days 39:47
The Truth Behind California’s Clean Energy | Jim Phelps
California legislators are proposing to use 100% carbon free energy by 2045. My guest today is Jim Phelps. He is an energy consultant, power contractor and designer with over 35 years of experience.
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24 days 27:26
How Cancel Culture is Changing California | Melissa Melendez
As cancel culture rises in California and across the nation, employees and students are facing backlash for their personal beliefs. My guest today is Melissa Melendez.
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28 days 30:58
Gavin Newsom Recall: ‘Last Chance for the Middle Class?’ | Shawn Steel
The grass root effort to recall Governor Gavin Newsom obtained over 2 million signatures just before the March 17th deadline. My guest today is Shawn Steel.
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30 days 22:32
How Working From Home Can Impact Your Career | Tom Turk
40% of California residents are working from home after the state-mandated a stay-at-home order in 2020. My guest today is Tom Turk.
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34 days 29:41
What’s Happening with California’s High Speed Rail Project? | Jim Patterson
In 2008, California residents voted on building a high-speed rail connecting San Francisco to Los Angeles.
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35 days 41:08
Inside Los Angeles’ Homelessness Crisis | Elvis Summers
Los Angeles is facing a homelessness crisis with over 56,000 homeless people living in the city. My guest today is Elvis Summers. He is the CEO and Founder of The Tiny House Project.
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37 days 36:54
The Controversy Over the $6.6 Billion Plan to Reopen California Schools | Lance Izumi
California lawmakers passed a $6.6 billion plan to encourage schools to reopen by April 1st, but despite this incentive, some schools may choose not to open. My guest today is Lance Izumi.
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41 day 40:47
Why Real Estate and Housing Prices in California Continue to Rise | Lee Ohanian
California is facing a housing shortage as the median price of real estate exceeded 700,000 thousand dollars for the first time in the state's history in 2020. My guest today is Lee Ohanian.
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43 days 28:18
How School Closures Impacts Family Life in California | Psychotherapist Dorothy O'Neill
It's been nearly a year since California schools shut down after the state-mandated a stay-at-home order. My guest today is Dorothy O’Neill.
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50 days 31:35
Tito Ortiz: Former UFC Champion Elected California Mayor Pro Tem
California residents are getting more involved in local politics to address the issues in their communities. My guest today is Tito Ortiz.
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52 days 19:33
California’s Student-Athletes Face Mental Health Struggles Amid State Shutdown
After nearly 12 months, California eased certain guidelines to resume high school sports.
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56 days 35:30
What is Happening to California Restaurants? | Noah Blöm
California restaurants are struggling to survive as a result of the state shutdowns. My guest today is Noah Blöm. He is a restaurant owner and council member in Newport Beach.
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59 days 29:39
How Scammers Steal Thousands from California Residents | Steve Wagstaffe
Scammers are targeting Californians in an attempt to steal money and personal information, especially senior citizens. My guest today is Steve Wagstaffe.
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61 day 25:22
Can California’s Tourism Industry Recover from State Shutdowns? | Jay Burress
Tourism in California declined in 2020 after the state shutdown. My guest today is Jay Burress. He is the CEO and President of Visit Anaheim.
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64 days 18:55
How a California Inspector Uncovered the Multi-billion Dollar Unemployment Fraud | Jordan Boyd
California is facing a multi-billion-dollar fraud with even jail inmates receiving unemployment benefits.My guest today is Jordan Boyd.
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66 days 31:40
Will California’s Governor Gavin Newsom Face a Recall? | Anne Dunsmore
The campaign to recall Governor Gavin Newsom is gaining momentum and approaching 1.5 million needed signatures. My guest today is Anne Dunsmore.
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69 days 24:03
California Cities Are Getting Into the Utilities Business | Michael Hoskinson
California's local governments are getting into the utility business with the ambition of cost savings and bringing green energy. My guest today is Michael Hoskinson.
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71 day 17:42
California’s Rising Addiction Crisis and Substance Abuse, Explained | Scott Silverman
As a result of the pandemic, substance abuse is on the rise in California due to isolation. My guest today is Scott Silverman. He is a crisis coach and family navigator.
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73 days 28:37
California Churches Clash With State Shutdown Orders | Phil Hotsenpillar
During the CCP virus pandemic, California’s government ordered churches to close. My guest today is Phil Hotsenpillar.
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79 days 28:04
How Local Government Can Shape California’s Future | Laguna Beach Council Member, Peter Blake
Laguna Beach is known for its beaches, diversity, and tourism. My guest today is Peter Blake. He is an art gallery owner and city council member.
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100 days 16:30
California’s Real Estate Rises During the Pandemic; Inner City Population Decline | Louis DiGonzini
California’s real estate market is rising through the CCP Virus Pandemic. My guest today is Louis DiGonzini. He is the founder of the DiGonzini Real Estate Group.
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102 days 22:26
California’s Heavy Tax Increase On The Wealthy; Financial Impact On Residents | Hank Adler
California is considering a wealth tax that would impose a tax increase on permanent and temporary residents that stay in the state for more than 60 days, and a 10-year lookback provision for former
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