205 days 0:54
Centipede 2020
well folks we're back
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28.04.18 2:34
You Can't Stump the Trump Volume XXX: The REAL Fire and Fury
Well folks it seems that President Trump has ended the Korean War and Kanye West has joined the Hoteps. All is right with the world.
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10.12.17 1:06
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10.05.17 0:15
The Fire Rises
I told y'all that it was just constructive criticism.
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23.04.17 0:16
Hold His Feet to the Fire
If he's playing 4D Chess then he (and us) are the ones getting played.
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20.04.17 7:13
The Trump Chronicles Volume I (Pilot)
Wow, the pilot of an extremely BASED series.
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18.04.17 1:54
The Trump Chronicles Volume I (TEASER)
A rough idea of what you'll be getting in TWO DAYS. Maybe I'll learn how to get their mouths to move before then. Who knows?!
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18.04.17 0:21
April 20th, 2017
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13.04.17 1:12
Holy Shit Don!
Boy he done did it this time! Donald Trump went and dropped the MOAB on ISIS in Afghanistan hehehehe.
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27.03.17 0:28
You Can't Stump the Trump Volume 29.8 (The First 100 Days)
*EXCLUSIVE FOOTAGE of PizzaParty Ben being deported* This video is dedicated to Lauren Southern, JonTron and PewDiePie.
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09.11.16 2:03
You Can't Stump the Trump Volume 29.5 (THE MADMAN DID IT)
Too drunk to make a proper video so he's a reaction video set to Richard Wagner. However, a proper video will come in a few days that will chronicle the last 17 months. Heil Trump, lads.
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11.10.16 9:38
You Can't Stump the Trump Volume Volume XXIX (Total War)
After being trained by the Iron Lad, Donald Trump confronts his rival Hillary Clinton on national television. Meanwhile, Glenn Beck breaks up with Ted Cruz.
318 194
23.07.16 11:55
You Can't Stump the Trump Volume XXVIII ("I Am Your Voice")
The final takeover of the GOP is nearing completion. The #NeverTrump forces have been depleted and many of their commanders have already bent the knee.
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24.06.16 6:04
You Can't Stump the Trump Volume XXVII (You Can't Barrage the Farage)
I'm currently on vacation, but I was able to secure a guest host for this edition.
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08.06.16 12:14
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31.05.16 1:30
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06.05.16 13:14
You Can't Stump the Trump Volume XXV (Mr.Trump's Triumph)
Ted Cruz and the leaders of the #NeverTrump Movement have taken refuge in the Cückbunker as the conservative movement crumbles before their very eyes.
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27.04.16 10:35
You Can't Stump the Trump Volume XXIV (The Double Entente)
Impotent when left to their own devices, Ted Cruz and John Kasich have formed the Double Entente in an attempt to finally Stump the Trump.
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20.04.16 12:35
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16.04.16 2:15
Volume 23 World Premiere Trailer
I made this in, like, fifteen minutes. Enjoy.
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25.03.16 3:39
Something is Going On (#CallBrussels)
By popular demand, I'm uploading the #CallBrussels portion of Volume 22 as its stand alone video.
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24.03.16 8:21
You Can't Stump the Trump Volume XXII (#CallBrussels)
Long thought to be dead, the Guac Merchant rises from the grave for one last attempt to Stump the Trump. Also, Local Nut Glenn Beck calls for a Mormon theocracy and Mr.
240 150
16.03.16 9:12
You Can't Stump the Trump Volume XXI (The Ides Of Marco)
It's do or die for the Foolish Foam Boi of Florida. If he fails to Stump the Trump in Florida, he will surely end it all.
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10.03.16 11:05
You Can't Stump the Trump Volume XX (The House of Romney)
UPDATED SOUNDTRACK PLAYLIST: youtube.com/playlist?list=PLF1IFz7llUybejwioto2Gs5gh1yJYANxo Mitt Romney has come out of retirement, with his sights set on Stumping the Trump.
329 707
01.03.16 13:27
You Can't Stump the Trump Volume XIX (The Foolish Foam Boi)
The eve of Super Tuesday has arrived. Ted Cruz is reeling and Marco Rubio has lost his voice. Will Donald Trump vanquish the final two foes on his path to the GOP nomination?
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28.02.16 7:59
You Can't Stump the Trump Volume 18 (Trump Vegas)
This one deals with Trump's video and cucking of Glenn Beck. Volume 19 coming SOON.
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21.02.16 8:38
You Can't Stump the Trump Volume 17 (Goodbye, Guac Merchant)
Donald J. Trump's victory in South Carolina has come at a price, for it Jeb Bush has seemingly lost the will to campaign! Is this the end of the Foolish Guac Bowl Merchant?
410 409
19.02.16 9:54
You Can't Stump the Trump Volume 16 (House of Guac)
House of Cards trailer (for reference): youtube.com/watch?v=NTzycsqxYJ0 Volume 16 of You Can't Stump the Trump has arrived.
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10.02.16 12:24
You Can't Stump the Trump Volume 15 (Triumph Edition)
Soundtrack playlist: youtube.com/playlist?list=PLF1IFz7llUybejwioto2Gs5gh1yJYANxo After being stabbed in the back by the Children of the Corn, Donald Trump seeks revenge by eternally
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04.02.16 0:37
Big Man Tyrone Endorses Donald J. Trump
A lot of people have been asking for the source video of this, so here it is.
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