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McLaren 765LT Spider: Road And Track Review | Carfection 4K
Rarely do we see a car that is just as characterful and engaging on both the road and track! Henry Catchpole explores how the 765LT Spider adds a new layer to the already impressive 765LT.
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We Review The Ginetta G56 GTA, IN THE MIDDLE OF A RACE ! | Carfection 4K
The Ginetta G56 GTA is a beast of a race car but can we review it, while driving in a race? Subscribe for more Carfection videos: youtube.com/c/carfection/...
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7 days 7:50
The "Almost" Ferrari That Changed The Company | Carfection 4K
The Dino started a lineage of great mid-engined Ferraris. But it wasn't always treated as the great car that it is. Alex Goy explains.
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13 days 8:55
Aston Martin Valkyrie Spider: FIRST LOOK | Carfection 4K
Henry Catchpole may have uncovered the secret to why Aston Martin are producing (the even more exclusive) Valkyrie Spider!
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21 day 16:56
McLaren 720S GT3X: Track Review | Carfection 4K
McLaren threw out the rulebook to make their QUICKEST non-F1 car! Henry Catchpole takes it to the track to see what it can achieve.
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23 days 9:53
Range Rover: Re-Engineered by Kingsley | Carfection 4K
What if you could daily drive the most iconic luxury SUV? Kingsley Re-Engineered are restoring old Range Rovers to their true potential.
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30 days 10:37
Ferrari 250 SWB, a GTO Engineering Restomod | Carfection 4K
The 250 SWB Revival by GTO Engineering is the closest thing you'll get to the original, and then some.
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34 days 8:25
Radical SR1 Track Review: If You Want To Be FAST, Start Here | Carfection 4K
The Radical SR1 is a track only race car designed for people wanting to take their first steps into motorsport.
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35 days 13:04
This E-Type Restomod Prototype By Helm Costs £420,000, But It Might Be Worth It | Carfection 4K
Henry Catchpole Drives this exquisite Jaguar E-Type Restomod by Helm. But is it worth the £420,000 price tag?
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37 days 18:27
NEW Range Rover: FIRST LOOK | Carfection 4K
Henry Catchpole tells us everything we need to know on the new 2022 Range Rover. Subscribe for more Carfection videos: bit.ly/1V1yFYX Don't forget to hit the 🔔 Like on Facebook: on.fb.
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37 days 17:16
NEW Audi RS3: Road And Track Review | Carfection 4K
Audi's latest RS3 has finally arrived and we take it on road and track to see if it lives up to the hype.
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45 days 11:52
Renault Sport Clio V6 Review: The Most LAIRY Hot Hatch | Carfection 4K
The Clio V6 has a fearsome reputation, but why?
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48 days 14:50
Audi RS e-tron GT Review: Is It Really A Grand Tourer? | Carfection 4K
Henry Catchpole drives Audi's RS e-tron GT from the highlands to the midlands to find out if you really can GT in an EV.
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Kia EV6 Road Review: I'd Pick This Over Hyundai Ioniq 5, Here's Why | Carfection 4K
The Kia EV6 looks great, but how is it to drive? Drew Stearne finds out in the prototype.
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55 days 13:15
C8 Corvette - EURO SPEC: We FINALLY Drove it! | Carfection 4K
The C8 Corvette is coming to the UK and Henry Catchpole finally got to drive this mid-engined slice of American muscle.
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57 days 19:00
McLaren 620R: TRACK MODE at Brands Hatch | Carfection 4K
In Ep.4 of Track Mode, Abbie Eaton and Jorge Calado take the track-focused McLaren 620R around one of Britain's most beloved circuits, Brands Hatch.
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59 days 9:32
NEW Porsche Cayenne Turbo GT SUPER SUV Review | Carfection 4K
Henry Catchpole drives the range-topping 631bhp Cayenne Turbo GT.
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62 days 8:30
Litchfield Alpine A110: Road Review | Carfection 4K
Litchfield has tinkered with the standard Alpine A110 giving it more power and a few other tweaks. Is it a necessary improvement?
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66 days 8:26
VW T-Roc R Review: Why It Deserves The R Badge | Carfection 4K
Henry Catchpole shares his thoughts after 6 months daily driving the Volkswagen T-Roc R.
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69 days 9:20
FULLY Electric Porsche 911 Review | Carfection 4K
Henry Catchpole drives Everrati's electric 964 Porsche 911 restomod. Is this how we'll keep classic cars on the road in the future?
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72 days 9:41
This FORGOTTEN PORSCHE was the 718 Cayman Of The Past | Carfection 4K
We drive the latest 718 Cayman and the retro 914 to see if entry-level Porsche's are the ones you should go for.
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79 days 9:36
NEW Bentley Continental GT Speed Review: How They Made 2300kg Handle So Well | Carfection 4K
The new Continental GT Speed has some chassis advancements that make it great for a spirited drive. Fortunately, Henry Catchpole has an abandoned military base at his disposal to do just that.
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80 days 11:18
The NEW Bowler Defender: The most EXTREME Land Rover | Carfection 4K
Bowler have worked their magic on the new version of the Land Rover Defender. Henry Catchpole took it for a spin to see how it handles when driven like a rally car.
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86 days 9:10
New Kia Sportage: First Look Review
The new, fifth generation Kia Sportage is here and it might be one of the best looking small SUVs we've seen in a while.
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89 days 8:35
Bentley Flying Spur V8 Review: At Home In The City | Carfection 4K
Henry Catchpole takes the new Flying Spur V8 around the streets of London, a place it should feel right at home.
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93 days 7:06
This Mini Restomod cost £100K! | Carfection 4K
This Mini restomod is guaranteed to put a smile on your face, but is it worth the £100k price tag?
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98 days 13:50
Audi Sport Quattro S1 Evolution 2: We Drive The Most Iconic Group B Rally Car! | Carfection 4K
Henry Catchpole gets behind the wheel of the utterly insane S1 E2 Group B rally car, driven in period by both Walter Rohrl and Stig Blomqvist. This is the real deal!
225 786
119 days 19:50
NEW Morgan Plus Four CX-T: Off-Road Review | Carfection 4K
Henry Catchpole puts the new Morgan CX-T through its paces on some rough Welsh terrain.
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120 days 17:09
Ferrari 330 LMB Review: Restomod, Replica or Recreation? Ferrari Fortnight Part 5/5 | Carfection 4K
Henry Catchpole drives Bell Sport & Classic's Ferrari 330 LMB, a car that started its life as a 330 GT and has been meticulously restored and reimagined into something that is very special indeed.
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122 days 10:47
Ferrari 812 GTS: Road Review - Ferrari Fortnight Part 4/5 | Carfection 4K
In the penultimate film of our Ferrari Fortnight Henry Catchpole reviews the 812 GTS. Is there any better sound than a naturally aspirated Ferrari V12 at full chat?
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