4 hours 2:00
Investigators gather evidence from fatal misfire at movie set
Investigators are searching for evidence on the set of “Rust,” where lead actor Alec Baldwin shot a prop gun, killing cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. Omar Villafranca has the developments.
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5 hours 1:46
Boy's pumpkin patch helps kids around the country
A 5-year-old boy grows pumpkins with his dad and donates the profits to charity. CBS Minnesota's Liz Collin has more.
5 hours 2:17
Spanish island's volcanic eruptions still causing massive damage
The Cumbre Vieja has scorched more than 200 acres of land so far, and lava is still flowing through the streets of La Palma, burning buildings and billowing smoke to the skies.
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5 hours 2:18
Catalytic converter theft is on the rise
The rise in the price of rare metals has caused catalytic converter thefts to increase by more than 300%. CBS Chicago's Jim Williams shares a couples story.
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5 hours 2:09
UNICEF warns Haiti is "nowhere near safe" as abductions worsen
The number of abductions for ransom in Haiti have surpassed 2020 numbers in the first eight months of this year. UNICEF warns the country is "nowhere near safe." Manuel Bojorquez has more.
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5 hours 1:52
Biden and Congress nearing final infrastructure bill
President Biden and congressional Democrats are close to finalizing their much anticipated infrastructure bill.
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5 hours 2:10
California braces for "bomb cyclone" storm system
Californians are under evacuation warnings from yet another extreme weather event — this time a storm system known as a "bomb cyclone." The storms are expected to bring massive rainfall and strong
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5 hours 1:22
Forecasting the impact of California’s “bomb cyclone”
CBS News’s meteorologist and climate specialist Jeff Berardelli forecasts the developing “bomb cyclone” storms headed for California.
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1 day 2:52
Alec Baldwin fatally shoots crew member with prop gun
Actor Alec Baldwin, who fired a prop gun that killed a cinematographer and injured a director on a movie set in New Mexico, called the incident a "tragic accident" and said his heart is broken.
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1 day 2:30
Dads help curb violence at Louisiana high school
When an SOS went up at a troubled Louisiana high school, who answered the call? A bunch of dads.
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1 day 2:02
Afghan women protest for girls to return to school
Nearly two dozen Afghan women risked punishment from the Taliban by rallying to support education for all. Since the Taliban takeover, schools in Afghanistan have been off-limits to most older girls.
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1 day 2:07
Millions quit their jobs due to pandemic burnout
More than 4 million Americans quit their jobs in August alone. The biggest reason: burnout. And rather than complain, thousands have decided to start their own companies. Mark Strassmann reports.
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1 day 3:11
Universal pre-K in focus amid spending showdown
There are new signs that congressional Democrats may be nearing an agreement on President Biden’s “Build Back Better” plan. A key part of that plan is universal pre-kindergarten.
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1 day 1:12
Supreme Court to hear Texas abortion law challenges
The Supreme Court has agreed to fast-track challenges to the new abortion law in Texas. The justices will hear arguments November 1. But for now, the Texas law remains in effect.
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1 day 1:43
Pfizer says its COVID vaccine is 90.7% effective in kids 5-11
More than 70 million Americans are eligible for COVID-19 booster shots. The number of Americans getting boosters each day is now more than double the number getting their first shots.
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2 days 0:39
Brian Laundrie's remains found, FBI says
The FBI confirmed that human remains found in Florida's Carlton Reserve on Wednesday were those of Brian Laundrie.
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2 days 2:44
Supply chain issues worsen medication shortage
Global supply chain disruptions are not only impacting consumers, but also America’s hospitals. Dozens of life-saving drugs are in short supply — forcing doctors to use less-effective medications.
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2 days 1:00
Georgia ER nurse's proposal goes viral
Two ER nurses in Marietta, Georgia, became inseparable during the pandemic. A proposal was imminent, and one of the nurses’ devotion to her patients provided the perfect set-up.
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2 days 0:24
Salmonella outbreak linked to onions
The CDC issued a warning that a salmonella outbreak linked to onions imported from Mexico has sickened more than 650 people in at least 37 states. Nearly 130 people have been hospitalized.
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2 days 2:19
Tension rises in Haiti over missionary kidnappings
Protests erupted in Haiti as concerns over public safety continue to grow following the kidnapping of 17 U.S. and Canadian missionaries by a gang last week. Manuel Bojorquez reports.
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2 days 3:05
Alternative education program uses music to motivate
Several pediatric health groups took extraordinary action by declaring a national emergency in children's mental health. Ignoring a child's mental health can have dire consequences for their future.
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2 days 0:21
Reports warn climate change threatens national security
The U.S. is getting a stark warning on the effects of climate change.
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2 days 2:08
House votes to hold Steve Bannon in contempt
House Democrats and a handful of Republicans have upped the ante in the Capitol riot investigation. They voted to hold former Trump advisor Steve Bannon in contempt for defying a subpoena.
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2 days 1:09
Queen Elizabeth spends night in hospital
In breaking news from Britain, Queen Elizabeth II reportedly spent the night in a hospital. Holly William has the details.
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2 days 2:56
CDC panel approves Moderna and J&J boosters
A CDC advisory panel is recommending booster doses of both Moderna's and Johnson & Johnson's COVID-19 vaccines. Now CDC Director Dr.
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3 days 0:21
Netflix employees protest Dave Chappelle special
Dozens of Netflix employees protested outside of the company's Los Angeles headquarters, demanding the streaming platform remove Dave Chappelle's latest comedy special.
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3 days 2:19
Another Michigan city experiencing lead water crisis
Hamtramck joined a growing number of Michigan cities with serious water quality issues. Now, more than 75% of kids in the state have detectable lead levels in their blood.
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3 days 2:30
FDA authorizes Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccine boosters
The FDA issued emergency use authorization for two more COVID-19 vaccine booster shots.
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3 days 2:10
Parkland school shooter pleads guilty to 17 murders
More than three years after 17 students were killed in the Parkland school shooting, gunman Nikolas Cruz pleaded guilty to 17 counts of murder and 17 counts of attempted murder in a Florida courtroom.
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3 days 1:29
Cop and violinist uses music to bring people together
Classical musician Alexander Strachan uses music to connect with others, including with his mother, who had Alzheimer's, and with the community where he also serves as a cop.
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