9 hours 2:14
Florida 12-year-old goes viral over powerful song about racism
Keedron Bryant, a 12-year-old from Florida, performed a powerful song written by his mother about racism following the death of George Floyd. 1 Jul 2020, 23:24
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9 hours 1:56
Spike in cases causing concern for travel industry
Travel demand recovered slightly in June after the coronavirus pandemic devastated the airline industry. But a recent surge in coronavirus cases is causing demand to plummet once again. 1 Jul 2020, 23:21
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9 hours 2:44
Trump calls reports of Russian bounties on U.S. troops a “hoax”
President Trump called reports of alleged Russian bounties on U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan a “hoax,” noting he was never verbally briefed on the supposed plot. 1 Jul 2020, 23:20
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9 hours 0:18
More than 300 protesters arrested in Hong Kong
Authorities in Hong Kong used water cannons and pepper spray to disperse thousands of pro-democracy protesters and arrested more than 300 people. 1 Jul 2020, 23:20
9 hours 1:39
More than 30 arrested as Seattle police clear protest zone
Following a shooting, the mayor of Seattle ordered police to clear a section of town occupied by groups protesting police brutality. More than 30 people were arrested. Jonathan Vigliotti reports. 1 Jul 2020, 23:20
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10 hours 1:32
Overwhelmed Houston hospitals transfer coronavirus patients to other cities as cases spike
New coronavirus infections in Texas are soaring to an all-time high, with over 8,000 new cases Wednesday. 1 Jul 2020, 23:05
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10 hours 2:12
Trump says "masks are good," but does not support making them mandatory
After months of mixed messages, on Wednesday, President Trump said "masks are good.” He went on to say he doesn't support making them mandatory, which health officials say would help slow the | 1 Jul 2020, 23:04
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10 hours 3:29
Nationwide surge in coronavirus cases prompts states to reimpose restrictions
California Governor Gavin Newsom ordered 70% of the state to close bars and ban indoor dining for the next three weeks after a huge spike in coronavirus cases. Dr. 1 Jul 2020, 22:57
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1 day 4:10
Fauci warns virus cases could hit 100,000 per day
Dr. Anthony Fauci says he wouldn’t be surprised if the U.S. sees new cases rising to 100,000 per day. Carter Evans reports. 30 Jun 2020, 23:34
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1 day 2:03
Comedian Carl Reiner dies at 98
Emmy Award-winning actor Carl Reiner has died at 98 years old. He was a comedian, a TV pioneer, a writer and a director. Chip Reid takes a look back at his life.  Subscribe to the "CBS Evening | 30 Jun 2020, 23:10
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Officers investigated over photos at Elijah McClain memorial
Three police officers in Colorado have been put on paid leave after the police chief says they appeared in inappropiate photos taken near a memorial for 23-year-old Elijah McClain. 30 Jun 2020, 23:07
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1 day 2:11
Some coronavirus survivors face long road to recovery after ICU stays
More than 705,000 people in the U.S. have recovered from the coronavirus. But some of those who spent time on ventilators face a difficult road back to full health. Jim Axelrod reports. 30 Jun 2020, 23:04
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White House says Trump has been briefed on alleged Russian bounties on U.S. troops
Sources tell CBS News that while no one verbally told President Trump that Russia may have paid the Taliban to kill U.S. 30 Jun 2020, 23:01
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1 day 1:56
EU reopening its borders, but not to Americans
The European Union will reopen its border to visitors from 15 countries but is barring any visitors from the United States. Holly Williams reports. 30 Jun 2020, 23:00
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1 day 1:44
Judge sets bond for ex-officer who killed Rayshard Brooks
A judge in Atlanta has set bond for the former police officer who fatally shot Rayshard Brooks. Mark Strassmann reports.  Subscribe to the "CBS Evening News" Channel HERE: bit.ly/1S7Dhik | 30 Jun 2020, 22:58
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1 day 1:16
Southern hospitals inundated by surge of COVID-19 cases
Hospitals in Houston are being overwhelmed by a flood of new coronavirus patients. Hard-hit Arizona is also seeing a rise in hospitalizations. Janet Shamlian reports. 30 Jun 2020, 22:56
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2 days 1:41
Teenager sketches doctors and nurses wearing PPE while being treated for coronavirus-linked disea…
A 17-year-old suffering from the coronavirus-related inflammatory syndrome that’s been plaguing children found an artistic way to get through his treatment. 29 Jun 2020, 23:07
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2 days 2:01
Army investigates disappearance of Fort Hood soldier
The search for a missing soldier is intensifying in Texas. Private First Class Vanessa Guillen has been missing for more than two months and her family is demanding an independent investigation. 29 Jun 2020, 23:04
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2 days 1:50
Four former officers charged in George Floyd's death appear in court
The four former Minneapolis police officers charged in the killing of George Floyd appeared in court Monday. A trial date has been set for March 2021. Jamie Yuccas reports. 29 Jun 2020, 23:03
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2 days 2:34
Congress demands answers from Trump over alleged Russian bounties
The White House insists President Trump was never briefed on reports of a Russian plot to target American troops in Afghanistan because the intelligence was "not verified.” Congress members from | 29 Jun 2020, 23:01
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2 days 2:06
Supreme Court strikes down Louisiana abortion law
Conservative Chief Justice John Roberts joined the four liberal justices on the Supreme Court and struck down Louisiana abortion restrictions. 29 Jun 2020, 22:59
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2 days 3:37
World Health Organization warns pandemic is “speeding up”
Florida beaches are closing due to the rise in coronavirus cases and Miami is requiring face-coverings in public. Across the country, states are postponing or reversing their reopening plans. 29 Jun 2020, 22:55
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2 days 1:54
Texas scrambles to expand ICU capacity as virus cases soar
Coronavirus cases are surging throughout Texas. The state is struggling to expand ICU capacity and ramp up testing capabilities. Janet Shamlian reports. 29 Jun 2020, 22:55
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3 days 2:09
Pilot dad flies 6-year-old son to Disney on Make-a-Wish trip
A 6-year-old boy fighting cancer took the trip of a lifetime. As Kris Van Cleave reports, he did it on his father's wings. 29 Jun 2020, 0:10
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3 days 2:11
Dalai Lama weighs in on Beijing's crack down on Hong Kong's protests
Tibet's spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, was forced into exile in 1959 after an uprising in his country was crushed by Chinese forces. 29 Jun 2020, 0:09
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3 days 2:26
How more mail-in ballots might delay 2020 election results
Due to the coronavirus pandemic, votes cast by mail are expected to set a new record this November. 29 Jun 2020, 0:07
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3 days 2:34
Trump under fire for retweeting racist video of supporter yelling "white power"
President Trump faces scrutiny over a tweet that appears to promote white supremacy. Nikole Killion has the latest. 28 Jun 2020, 23:40
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3 days 1:20
Mississippi lawmakers vote to remove Confederate emblem on state flag
Mississippi made history this weekend after lawmakers voted to change the state flag, which is the last one displaying a Confederate battle emblem. Kate Smith has the latest. 28 Jun 2020, 23:39
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3 days 2:02
Brazil ties U.S. with largest daily number of COVID-19 cases
The World Health Organization reported more than 10 million people have tested positive for COVID-19. Brazil and India are seeing the virus spread fast. Elizabeth Palmer reports. 28 Jun 2020, 23:35
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3 days 1:56
California orders bars and nightclubs closed in 7 counties as coronavirus cases spread
In California, the coronavirus is proving resurgent prompting officials to order bars and nightclubs closed to curb the spike of new infections. Lilia Luciano reports. 28 Jun 2020, 23:35
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