5 hours 1:39
Karate coach wins fight of his life against COVID-19
A Karate coach seemed invincible until he contracted COVID-19 and spent six weeks on a ventilator. Vladimir Duthiers shares how his daughter’s love helped him win the fight.
6 hours 2:07
Emotional funeral honors Daunte Wright after police shooting
Hundreds attended Daunte Wright’s funeral to mourn the 20-year-old who was shot and killed by a police officer in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota. Jeff Pegues shares more.
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6 hours 0:25
NASA rover successfully makes oxygen on Mars
NASA’s Perseverance rover converted some of Mars’s thin atmosphere into pure oxygen. Meanwhile, its Ingenuity helicopter aced its second flight test.
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6 hours 2:00
Rising waters in Washington, D.C., threaten iconic monuments
Water levels near the nation’s capital are rising faster than almost anywhere else on the East Coast, putting the Tidal Basin’s cherry blossom trees at risk.
6 hours 4:36
U.S. likely to resume Johnson & Johnson vaccinations, sources say
The CDC and FDA are leaning toward resuming the Johnson & Johnson vaccine after it was halted following reports of blood clots, sources told CBS News. Janet Shamlian has more.
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6 hours 3:03
Alternate juror backs conviction in Chauvin trial
An alternate juror in Derek Chauvin’s trial said she agreed with the guilty verdict, adding that the prosecution had a strong argument. Jamie Yuccas reports.
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6 hours 2:17
Biden vows to cut greenhouse emissions in half by 2030
President Biden met virtually with 40 world leaders to discuss climate change. Nancy Cordes has the details.
6 hours 0:23
Colorado supermarket shooting suspect faces 43 new charges
The man who allegedly opened fire in a Boulder, Colorado, grocery store faces 43 new criminal charges. A police officer and nine others were killed.
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1 day 3:48
George W. Bush on need for comprehensive immigration reform
Norah O'Donnell interviews former President George W. Bush, who says not passing immigration reform is one of his biggest regrets.
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1 day 2:36
Biden touts 200 million COVID-19 vaccinations milestone
President Biden said the U.S. has hit 200 million COVID-19 shots in less than 100 days. He also urged employers to give workers paid time off to get the shots. Adriana Diaz has the latest.
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1 day 1:56
Ohio officer fatally shoots Black teen wielding knife
Ohio police released body camera footage of an officer fatally shooting Ma’Khia Bryant, a 16-year-old Black girl. David Begnaud reports.
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1 day 1:34
Man spends 589 days picking up trash in his favorite California park
For nearly 600 days in a row, one man picked up trash in his favorite park through extreme heat, thunderstorms and snow.
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1 day 3:36
Justice Department announces sweeping probe into Minneapolis police
Attorney General Merrick Garland opened an investigation into the Minneapolis Police Department’s policies, training and use of force investigations. Jeff Pegues has more.
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1 day 2:02
Derek Chauvin awaits sentencing as nation reacts to verdict
Derek Chauvin is being held in a jail unit away from the general population as he awaits his sentencing in eight weeks. Jamie Yuccas reports.
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1 day 1:01
Chauvin prosecutor: "I was never convinced we were going to win this case until we heard the verd…
"Particularly when the victim is a person of color, it's just rare that there's any accountability," Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison told 60 Minutes for a report airing Sunday.
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2 days 4:20
What the Chauvin verdict means for reforms
CBS News correspondent Wesley Lowery and professor Michael Eric Dyson discuss what the Derek Chauvin verdict means for police reform and how people of color view the justice system.
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2 days 3:02
Emotional outpouring after Chauvin guilty verdict
Many awaiting the verdict in the Derek Chauvin trial were emotional and relieved when the former Minneapolis police officer was found guilty of murdering George Floyd. Jeff Pegues shares more.
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2 days 5:08
Derek Chauvin guilty on all charges in George Floyd's death
Former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin was led out of the courtroom in handcuffs after a jury found him guilty on all three counts related to the killing of George Floyd.
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2 days 1:10
Chauvin verdict brings a moment of accountability
George Floyd's death sparked a reckoning over race and injustice in America.
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2 days 1:26
Biden calls Chauvin trial evidence "overwhelming"
President Biden and Vice President Harris spoke with George Floyd's family by phone after the verdict was announced. Mr.
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2 days 1:55
Analyzing the Derek Chauvin verdict
CBS News legal analyst Rikki Klieman weighs in on the guilty verdict in Derek Chauvin's murder trial.
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2 days 0:23
Oldest American leaves behind lasting legacy
Hester Ford, the oldest person in the U.S., died Saturday at the age of 116. She had nearly 300 grandchildren.
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3 days 1:52
Green jobs boom in traditionally red Texas
Green jobs are booming in the heart of Texas. Mireya Villarreal reports for CBS News series' Eye on Earth: Our Planet in Peril.
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3 days 4:51
Derek Chauvin case heads to jury after closing arguments
Attorneys made their final arguments in Derek Chauvin's murder trial. Jurors are now deliberating whether Chauvin killed George Floyd. Jamie Yuccas reports.
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3 days 1:31
Female engineer makes history with Mars test flight of Ingenuity helicopter
MiMi Aung, a NASA engineer, led the operation to fly a small helicopter over Mars. Jonathan Vigliotti shares her story.
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3 days 1:30
Urgent warning issued over Peloton Tread treadmill
The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is warning families with children to immediately stop using the Peloton Tread treadmill. Peloton said the warning was misleading.
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3 days 1:52
FedEx shooting puts spotlight on "red flag" laws
The man who opened fire at a FedEx facility in Indianapolis never made it onto Indiana's red flag warning list after he had his gun seized by police last year. Nikki Battiste reports.
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3 days 2:31
All U.S. adults now eligible for coronavirus vaccine
Half of Americans have had at least one COVID-19 shot, but there is increasing concern about hesitancy to get the vaccine. Meg Oliver has the latest.
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3 days 1:44
Minneapolis braces for verdict in Chauvin murder trial
Minneapolis is preparing for the worst as jurors deliberate a verdict in the Derek Chauvin murder trial. Jeff Pegues has more.
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4 days 2:08
ACM Awards returns to Nashville after rough year
Nashville has endured many tragedies in the past year, from the downtown bombing to a devastating flood.
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