4 days 1:38
Dad turns building treehouses into career
A Georgia dad built his kids a treehouse for remote learning during the pandemic. Building treehouses has since become a family business. Mark Strassmann takes a look.
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4 days 2:01
FDA approves groundbreaking drug to fight obesity
The new drug, Wegovy, has been approved for people who are either obese or overweight and have at least one weight-related medical problem. Dr. Jon LaPook has the details.
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4 days 1:41
Suspect charged with murder in California road rage shooting
Marcus Eriz is facing murder charges for the shooting death of 6-year-old Aiden Leos on a Southern California highway. His girlfriend, Wynne Lee, has been charged as an accessory.
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4 days 2:05
Kamala Harris defends not visiting southern border
Vice President Harris is facing questions about why she hasn't visited the U.S.-Mexico border as she seeks solutions on immigration. Weijia Jiang reports.
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4 days 2:09
COVID-19 vaccines may soon be available for kids
Moderna and Pfizer are in the process of making sure their COVID-19 vaccines are safe for younger children. Nikki Battiste reports.
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4 days 2:09
Senate report details sweeping failures around January 6 Capitol riot
A Senate investigation into the Capitol riot on January 6 found numerous missteps, including lack of preparation among the government, military and law enforcement. Kris Van Cleave has more.
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4 days 3:09
Global crime bust leads to more than 800 arrests
The FBI lured suspects into using a messaging app that was secretly run by the bureau, which monitored messages about drug smuggling, money laundering and planned murders. Jeff Pegues takes a look.
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5 days 2:19
FDA approves controversial Alzheimer's drug
The FDA approved the first Alzheimer's drug in nearly 20 years. The agency's decision drew controversy following warnings from independent advisers on the treatment known as Aduhelm. Dr.
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5 days 1:53
U.S. recovers millions in Bitcoin paid in Colonial Pipeline ransom
The U.S. government has recovered $2.3 million in cryptocurrency paid in ransom to Colonial Pipeline hackers.
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5 days 1:54
Fisher-Price ignored "critical" infant sleeping warnings, report finds
A new report found Fisher-Price failed to ensure its Rock 'n Play was safe and "ignored critical warnings" that showed its product was dangerous. Anna Werner reports.
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5 days 0:27
2 suspects arrested in deadly road rage shooting in California
Two suspects have been arrested in the death of Aiden Leos, 6, who was killed in an apparent road rage shooting last month in Southern California.
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5 days 2:10
Harris addresses border crisis on first foreign trip as vice president
Vice President Harris spoke about the root causes of migration during her first foreign trip to Guatemala. Ed O'Keefe has the details.
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5 days 2:09
Low vaccine rates fuel fear of COVID surge in the South
Vaccination rates are lagging behind in several Southern states, prompting fear of another surge in coronavirus cases. Janet Shamlian reports.
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5 days 1:09
Tracking the latest heat wave
When will the heat wave end? CBS New York chief weathercaster Lonnie Quinn has the forecast.
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5 days 2:58
Record-breaking heat wave threatens millions
Millions of Americans are under a heat advisory as some states record record-high temperatures on Monday. Meanwhile, severe drought conditions helped fuel two wildfires in Arizona.
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6 days 2:36
Millions of Americans return to the movies
"A Quiet Place Part 2" from Paramount Pictures (a division of ViacomCBS) broke pandemic box-office records and took in nearly $100 million.
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6 days 2:31
Entrepreneur launches initiative supporting Black-owned sneaker retailers
Protests for social justice and racial equity inspired The Athlete's Foot's management to launch STAART, the "Strategic African American Retail Track." The initiative is a pipeline program that
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6 days 1:10
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announce birth of new baby
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced the birth of their second child on Sunday.
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6 days 2:29
Guam launches "vaccine tourism" packages for expatriate Americans
Officials in Guam have noticed a steady stream of Americans living in Asian countries with slow vaccine rollouts flying in to get their shots.
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6 days 2:28
Vaccine hesitancy higher in low-income and underserved communities
Low-income and underserved communities have higher levels of vaccine hesitancy in the U.S.
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6 days 2:02
Former President Trump addresses crowd in North Carolina
Former President Trump on Saturday spoke at a Republican event in North Carolina where he discussed the 2020 election and the future of the Republican party. Christina Ruffini has more.
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6 days 2:45
Vice President Kamala Harris heads to Guatemala to address immigration crisis
Vice President Kamala Harris' first international trip was delayed Sunday when Air Force 2 experienced a mechanical problem.
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6 days 1:35
Temperatures surge across the country
The U.S. is dealing with oppressive heat as temperatures hit triple digits in multiple cities and dozens of records were broken on Sunday.
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7 days 2:36
Canadian nurses commute across the border to care for American patients
A group of Canadian nurses crosses the U.S.-Canada border each day to treat patients in Michigan.
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7 days 1:32
Brood X cicadas swarm across several Eastern states
Billions of Brood X cicadas are emerging across the East Coast after spending 17 years underground. While some see the insects as a noisy nuisance, others are fully embracing their visit.
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7 days 2:48
Reflecting on the AIDS epidemic, 40 years since its first reported cases
This Saturday marks the 40th anniversary since the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention first published a report on what would come to be known as HIV/AIDS.
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7 days 2:03
Hong Kong commemorates Tiananmen Square Massacre despite crackdown
Hong Kong authorities banned vigils commemorating the 32nd anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre — the official reason, the COVID-19 pandemic.
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7 days 1:24
Delta flight lands safely after flight crew detains unruly passenger
The FBI is investigating an incident aboard a Delta flight where a passenger attempted to force his way in to the cabin.
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7 days 1:49
Federal judge overturns California's ban on assault weapons
A federal judge overturned California's ban on assault weapons, calling the 1989 legislation a "failed experiment." Governor Gavin Newsom criticized the decision and vowed to appeal.
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7 days 1:36
Trump to speak at Republican event in North Carolina
Former President Donald Trump is set to make a rare public appearance at a Republican event held in North Carolina this Saturday night, where conservatives are expected to plan for their party’s
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