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How the ballet world is adjusting to the coronavirus pandemic
Ballet training begins at the barre, but in the age of the coronavirus pandemic, a kitchen counter and the back of a couch have become substitutes for even America's most elite ballerinas. 6 Jul 2020, 1:08
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4 hours 9:04
Pandemic takes toll on seasonal workers, small businesses
Large outdoor events across the country have been canceled because of the coronavirus pandemic. Those hardest hit by these cancellations include small businesses and seasonal workers. 6 Jul 2020, 0:32
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7 hours 10:10
Masking America’s fears: How do we get people to take COVID-19 seriously?
The “reopening” of America depends of slowing the spread of coronavirus, which in turns depends on Americans changing their behavior. 5 Jul 2020, 21:18
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7 hours 11:37
Trump delivers divisive July 4th speech and downplays pandemic
President Trump used his stage on the White House South Lawn on Saturday to accuse social justice protesters of trying to "destroy America," while saying little about Americans lost to COVID-19. 5 Jul 2020, 21:18
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Trump uses July 4 speech to defend "American heroes"
In remarks at the White House on July 4 ahead of a military flyover, President Trump emphasized shared heritage of Americans and the legacy of "American heroes." Mr. 5 Jul 2020, 1:04
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1 day 9:12
Coronavirus cases surge in some parts of U.S. as country starts holiday weekend
As Americans celebrate the Fourth of July, there has been a surge in coronavirus cases in some parts of the country. Dr. 4 Jul 2020, 21:41
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Epstein's alleged accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell set to be arraigned next week
The woman accused of recruiting and abusing underage girls involved in Jeffrey Epstein's alleged sex trafficking ring is set to face a judge in New York federal court next week. 4 Jul 2020, 21:37
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1 day 5:45
U.S. moves forward with Taliban peace plan as questions loom over Russian bounty reports
The U.S. is moving forward with peace talks with the Taliban as lawmakers are demanding more information about reports that Russia offered payments to fighters linked to group to target U.S. troops. 4 Jul 2020, 21:36
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2 days 10:31
Trump announces plans to create national garden honoring "greatest Americans to ever live"
During his remarks at Mount Rushmore on Friday evening, President Trump said he plans to establish, via executive order, a "National Garden of American Heroes," which he described as "a vast outdoor | 4 Jul 2020, 4:34
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2 days 7:53
Trump's visit to Mount Rushmore sparks controversy
President Trump is traveling to South Dakota to participate in an Independence Day celebration at Mount Rushmore with a speech and an elaborate fireworks display that will be set off above the | 3 Jul 2020, 22:46
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2 days 8:37
Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu faces criticism for trying to annex parts of West Bank
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is facing criticism from leaders at home and abroad over his push to annex Palestinian-held territory in the West Bank. 3 Jul 2020, 21:52
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Khashoggi murder trial begins in Turkish court
The trial of 20 Saudi nationals accused in the murder of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi has started in Istanbul. The defendants are being tried in absentia. 3 Jul 2020, 21:14
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2 days 17:36
Photos show officers reenacting chokehold on Elijah McClain
Several officers in Aurora, Colorado, have been fired over a photo that reenacted a chokehold their colleagues used on Elijah McClain, who died in police custody in 2019. 3 Jul 2020, 20:58
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2 days 3:56
CBS Sports Connected: The American Dream
CBS is taking a closer look at how race is discussed in sports. 3 Jul 2020, 20:32
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Controversial security law takes effect in Hong Kong
A controversial new security law has taken effect in Hong Kong. 3 Jul 2020, 19:23
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Civil rights leader Andrew Young says George Floyd's death "touched the heart of the planet"
Civil rights icon Andrew Young marched with Martin Luther King Jr. and has been at the forefront of breaking barriers against Black Americans for a generation. 3 Jul 2020, 19:05
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2 days 8:51
How to protect yourself from coronavirus over Fourth of July weekend
Health experts are expressing concern over the surging number of new coronavirus cases across the U.S. 3 Jul 2020, 18:45
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2 days 5:29
How have South Dakota's leaders reacted to Trump's coronavirus response?
President Trump is kicking off the Independence Day holiday with a visit to Mount Rushmore in South Dakota despite coronavirus concerns and criticism from the Native American community. 3 Jul 2020, 18:07
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3 days 13:31
Intelligence chiefs brief lawmakers on alleged Russian bounties
U.S. intelligence chiefs briefed lawmakers on alleged bounties offered by Russia to kill U.S. troops in Afghanistan. 3 Jul 2020, 3:18
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3 days 6:48
Time running out to save biodiversity as species go extinct, leading scientists say
A report by one of the world's leading scientists says species are going extinct at an alarming rate, leading us down a road of "biological annihilation." CBS News meteorologist and climate | 3 Jul 2020, 2:02
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3 days 6:53
New film on Rep. John Lewis' 50+ years of fighting for equal rights
Dawn Porter, director of "John Lewis: Good Trouble," joined CBSN's "Red and Blue" to discuss her new film and how looking back at the civil rights icon's life provides lessons for people still | 2 Jul 2020, 23:43
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3 days 7:47
Trump says U.S. economy is "roaring back" despite surge in COVID-19 cases
President Trump reacted to June's jobs report by saying the U.S. economy is "roaring back." That comes as the country saw a new daily record for COVID-19 cases. 2 Jul 2020, 23:33
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3 days 6:45
Pelosi says White House "put on a con" after briefing on Russia bounties
Intelligence leaders spent the day on Capitol Hill briefing top lawmakers on allegations that the Russian government paid Taliban-linked militants bounties to kill U.S. troops. 2 Jul 2020, 23:28
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3 days 4:15
Biden blasts Trump over coronavirus response
Joe Biden is ramping up his attacks on President Trump over the administration's response to the coronavirus pandemic. CBS news campaign reporter Bo Erickson joined CBSN to discuss the latest. 2 Jul 2020, 22:12
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3 days 6:04
Justice Department looks into Elijah McClain's death for possible civil rights case
The FBI and Department of Justice are looking further into the death of Elijah McClain to see if a federal civil rights investigation is warranted. 2 Jul 2020, 21:51
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3 days 4:48
Mondaire Jones on his historic candidacy for Congress
Two expected winners of Democratic House primary races in New York are likely to make history as the first openly gay Black members of the U.S. Congress. 2 Jul 2020, 20:48
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3 days 1:15
Flat Teddy, the cardboard "therapy dog," visits hospital patients
Since Teddy the therapy dog can't visit patients at Indiana University Health during the pandemic, his owners sent the next best thing – a cardboard cutout of him, known as "Flat Teddy." Subscribe | 2 Jul 2020, 20:37
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3 days 1:39
Boy sleeps in tent for 90 days to raise money for hospice care
Ten-year-old Max Woosey was gifted a tent by his neighbor Rick, who wanted him to have "lots of adventures. 2 Jul 2020, 20:34
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3 days 5:13
Texas landlords filing for hundreds of illegal evictions
The United States is facing a potential wave of evictions when short-term protections and expanded unemployment benefits expire. 2 Jul 2020, 19:48
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