3 hours 3:22
E-scooter company Spin offers discounted rides to polls on Election Day
Many ride-hailing services are helping people get to the polls on Election Day by offering discounted rides.
4 hours 1:51
Florida woman in labor refused to go to hospital until she voted
A pregnant Florida woman in labor refused to go to the hospital, insisting that she first stop at the polls to cast her ballot in the 2020 election.
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4 hours 6:48
"Losing Las Vegas" shows the economic toll of COVID shutdown
This Sunday's episode of CBSN Originals, "Reverb | Losing Las Vegas," reveals the lingering impacts of the pandemic-related shutdown in a city many economists say will be one of the last to recover.
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5 hours 2:06
New details emerge about suspect in terror attack in France
Residents in France are still reeling after a man entered a church in Nice and killed three people in a suspected terror attack. The suspect is hospitalized with life-threatening injuries.
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5 hours 4:11
7.0 magnitude earthquake hits Turkey and Greece
An earthquake killed at least a dozen people and injured hundreds of others in western Turkey. The 7.0 magnitude quake was centered in the Aegean Sea and was felt as far as Athens.
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5 hours 3:34
Protests continue in Poland over near-total abortion ban
Hundreds of thousands of people have been protesting in Poland after a court ruling imposed a near-total abortion ban. CBS News reporter Anna Noryskiewicz joined CBSN with more.
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5 hours 10:23
Potential legal challenges over late-arriving mail ballots
Minnesota counties are segregating absentee ballots that arrive after 8 p.m. on Election Day in case the deadline is challenged in court later.
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8 hours 2:46
Labor unions try to mobilize infrequent Florida voters to cast their ballots for Joe Biden
CBS News campaign reporter LaCrai Mitchell followed labor union activists as they conducted socially-distanced door-knocking to encourage infrequent Florida voters to cast their ballots for Joe Biden.
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9 hours 7:41
Democrat Jaime Harrison on his close race against Senator Lindsey Graham in South Carolina
Recent polls show Republican Senator Lindsey Graham and his Democratic challenger Jaime Harrison in a tight race in South Carolina.
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9 hours 7:03
What happens if presidential race is tied in Electoral College?
The CBS News Battleground Tracker shows a tight presidential race in some key states. What happens if there's a tie in the Electoral College?
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9 hours 3:21
How to build a strong financial foundation during a pandemic
CBS News business analyst Jill Schlesinger shares financial tips on how Americans can regain financial security during the coronavirus pandemic.
9 hours 5:28
Doctor: COVID death rate not as high as in spring, but anyone can die from virus
Dr. Bob Lahita, a professor of medicine at New York Medical College and the chairman of medicine at St.
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9 hours 12:08
Kamala Harris making campaign stops in Texas as Democrats compete for state
Joe Biden's running mate, Kamala Harris, is visiting Texas on the last day of early voting in the state.
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10 hours 9:17
Michigan charges 2 tied to white supremacist extremist group
Michigan's attorney general has announced charges against two men tied to a white supremacist extremist group called The Base.
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10 hours 7:17
Data-mining company Palantir Technologies sparks privacy concerns
The software company Palantir Technologies has faced criticism in recent years over the vast amounts of data it synthesizes for clients. The company has worked with the CIA, ICE, the U.S.
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10 hours 11:14
Trump, Biden head to Midwest with four days until election
The presidential candidates are setting their sights on battleground states in the Midwest with four days left until Election Day. This comes as the region sees a spike in coronavirus cases.
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10 hours 4:13
When the youth vote made all the difference: 2018 midterms
Many assume young people are apathetic and won’t vote. But in 2018, young Americans proved otherwise when they mobilized to help elect a new generation of leaders.
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1 day 5:12
Wisconsin Republican Party says hackers stole $2.3 million from Trump re-election fund
The Wisconsin Republican Party says hackers stole more than two million dollars from an account being used to help President Trump's re-election bid in the state.
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1 day 8:39
Trump and Biden make final pitches ahead of election
President Trump and Joe Biden are making their final pitches ahead of Tuesday's highly anticipated election. More than 79 million Americans have already voted.
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1 day 6:32
Diverse political views of Latino Americans may play into election outcome
CBS News contributor Maria Elena Salinas joined "Red and Blue" to discuss her reporting for the primetime special "The Deciders." She spoke with Latino Americans in Florida and Arizona, where
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1 day 7:11
Walmart pulls firearms from store shelves amid fears of possible unrest
Walmart has removed firearms and ammunition from store shelves as a precautionary measure, amid concerns about possible unrest surrounding the election.
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1 day 15:26
Trump celebrates economic growth, but pandemic losses remain
President Trump is celebrating the third-quarter economic rebound from the low point brought on by the coroanvirus pandemic.
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1 day 6:10
Ballot initiatives on abortion, drugs, gig economy jobs and more
Washington Post political reporter Dave Weigel spoke to "Red and Blue" host Elaine Quijano about some of the initiatives on state ballots this year, including potential new rules for gig economy
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1 day 8:27
Campaigns try to court Black voters in Midwest battleground states
CBSN political reporter Caitlin Huey-Burns joins "Red and Blue" to discuss her latest piece in our series "America's Right to Vote," looking at how the Trump and Biden campaigns are courting
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1 day 2:09
Breonna Taylor's family encourages people to vote at rally
The family of victims of police violence, including Breonna Taylor's mother and aunt, urged residents to vote at a rally in Chicago.
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1 day 11:11
Rapper and activist Common is motivating a new generation of voters
Grammy and Oscar winning rapper and songwriter Common joins CBSN anchor Tanya Rivero to talk about why he is encouraging young and marginalized voters to exercise their right to vote in 2020.
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1 day 4:29
3 dead in suspected terror attack in France
An attacker with a knife killed 3 worshipers at a church in Nice, France, in a suspected terror attack. Police shot the suspect and immediately took him into custody.
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1 day 6:14
Examining the legal threats President Trump could face if he loses
The Justice Department has long held that a sitting president cannot be indicted for a crime. However, President Trump could face a cascade of lawsuits and investigations if he loses this November.
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1 day 4:11
France and Germany impose new lockdowns as COVID-19 cases surge
French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel are announcing new coronavirus lockdown restrictions as cases surge across Europe.
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1 day 5:08
Weekly jobless claims decline as GDP rebounds
Two new economic reports reflect the impact of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.
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