2 hours 6:48
DOJ issues warning to states over voting laws and election audits
The Justice Department is putting states on notice over audits of ballots cast in last year's presidential election. CBS News legal contributor Jessica Levinson joined CBSN with more.
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2 hours 15:35
"Bring Your Own Brigade" searches for answers to world's wildfire crisis
A new documentary is shedding light on the causes and solutions to a global wildfire epidemic. "Bring Your Own Brigade" sets out to explain why the nation's fire suppression policies are misguided.
3 hours 3:10
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4 hours 6:11
U.S. Olympic swimmer questions if races are "clean"
U.S. swimmer Ryan Murphy won the silver medal in the men's 200-meter backstroke, his last race at the Olympic Games in Tokyo.
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5 hours 5:46
First plane carrying Afghan evacuees arrives in U.S. under strict secrecy
A plane carrying over 200 Afghans, mostly interpreters and their families, landed at Washington's Dulles International Airport early Friday morning. It's the first evacuation flight of what the U.S.
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5 hours 7:50
Liz Cheney expected to be challenged by Trump-backed candidate
Wyoming House Representative Liz Cheney will likely be challenged ahead of the 2022 midterm elections, as former president Trump has been vetting candidates to unseat the Republican congresswoman.
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6 hours 5:08
President Biden says Congress should extend eviction ban
President Joe Biden wants Congress to extend an eviction moratorium before millions lose their homes. CBS MoneyWatch reporter Irina Ivanova joins "CBSN AM" to discuss the latest.
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6 hours 3:59
U.S. rolls out new strategies to get more Americans vaccinated against COVID-19
The federal government is rolling out new strategies to get more people vaccinated against COVID-19.
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6 hours 7:47
Democrats push for federal clean energy standard
Democrats announced plans to pass a federal clean energy standard as part of the Biden administration's push to combat climate change.
18 hours 18:08
White House announces new policy for federal workers
In an address to the nation on Thursday, President Biden announced new incentives to encourage more Americans to get vaccinated.
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19 hours 6:12
Ranking last in the U.S. for vaccinations, Alabama faces its second-largest COVID wave
Ranking last in the nation for vaccinations, Alabama is now dealing with its second-worst wave of coronavirus infections since the pandemic began.
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19 hours 6:29
White House looks for new path to citizenship after judge blocks new DACA applications
President Biden is meeting with a group of Democratic lawmakers to outline possible pathways to citizenship for undocumented people who came to the U.S. as children.
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19 hours 5:46
Some presidential battleground states have far less competitive House races, new data shows
New data from Ohio State found some of the most competitive battleground states for the presidential election have the least competitive House races.
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21 hour 57:00
Biden announces new vaccine requirements for federal workers, calls for $100 payments | full video
President Biden on Thursday announced new measures to boost vaccinations in the U.S., including requiring all federal workers and contractors to show proof of vaccination or submit to regular COVID
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1 day 6:12
U.S. GDP reaches pre-pandemic levels as initial jobless claims fall
The Labor Department says 400,000 Americans filed first-time unemployment claims last week, down 24,000 from the previous week.
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1 day 6:48
U.S. pole vaulter tests positive for COVID-19 at Olympics
American pole vaulter Sam Kendricks is out of the Olympics after testing positive for COVID-19. Meanwhile, gymnast Simone Biles said she had the "twisties" during the vault competition.
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1 day 11:27
Ohio Democrats gear up for 11th Congressional District primary election
With just five days to go until the Democratic primary election for Ohio's 11th Congressional District, the race is heating up between the two front-runners.
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1 day 3:06
WorldView: Report shows China may be expanding nuclear capabilities
A new report by the Federation of American Scientists shows China may be building a second field of missile silos in its western deserts, signaling a potential expansion of its nuclear capabilities.
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1 day 5:20
Senate votes to move infrastructure deal forward in rare bipartisan agreement
A bipartisan group of senators pushed an infrastructure package forward, signaling hope it could soon become law.
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1 day 6:30
Hong Kong court set to sentence man under national security law
A Hong Kong court is getting ready to hand down a sentence for the first person tried under the city's controversial national security law. Ramy Inocencio joined "CBSN AM" to talk about the case.
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1 day 7:31
COVID misinformation runs rampant on social media despite bans and government pressure
A new report claims almost four-fifths of COVID misinformation on Facebook is spread by just 12 accounts, and a group of protesters laid body bags in front of the entrance of the company's
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1 day 2:50
$1 trillion infrastructure deal clears major Senate hurdle
A bipartisan vote of 67-32 in the Senate moves the infrastructure package a step closer to becoming law.
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1 day 7:05
Two whistleblowers allege migrant children face poor living conditions at Fort Bliss
A new whistleblower complaint alleges migrant children held at the Fort Bliss U.S. tent camp faced filthy conditions and lacked access to adequate mental health services.
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1 day 7:46
$1 trillion infrastructure proposal clears procedural vote in the Senate
In a 67 to 32 vote Wednesday, the Senate voted to begin debate on a $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure package.
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1 day 12:47
Pulitzer-winning reporter Carol Leonnig on new Trump book: "I Alone Can Fix It"
"I Alone Can Fix It," a new book by co-authors Carol Leonnig and Philip Rucker, details the chaotic final year of Donald Trump's presidency, including the failed security response at the U.S.
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1 day 8:50
Local Matters: Jake Ellzey wins Texas special election
Texas Representative Jake Ellzey won the state's special election to fill late Congressman Ron Wright's seat in the 6th District.
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1 day 5:21
Local Matters: Georgia Democrats fear impacts of new voting law
A new voting law in Georgia could have serious implications for the Democratic Party in 2022's midterm elections.
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1 day 12:08
White House advises federal agencies to issue mask mandate
The White House has issued a mask mandate for its own employees and is advising all federal agencies in Washington D.C., and other COVID hot spots to do the same.
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1 day 8:19
CDC says indoor mask guidance change prompted by new science
Director Rochelle Walensky said the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention changed its mask guidance for all people in the United States because the science changed. Dr.
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1 day 7:04
DACA applicants worry after federal judge blocks approval of new applications
Thousands of teenagers from immigrant families are still hoping to be a part of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, though a Texas federal judge blocked the Biden administration
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