22 hours 5:03
Weekly jobless claims decline, but unemployment remains high
The Labor Department reports 730,000 Americans filed new unemployment claims for the week ending February 20. That's down 111,000 from the previous week's numbers.
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22 hours 2:25
Lady Gaga's dogs stolen in Hollywood shooting
Lady Gaga's dog walker was shot and two of the singer's French bulldogs were stolen in Hollywood during an armed robbery Wednesday night. The dog walker was shot once and is expected to survive.
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23 hours 3:08:31
Watch live: Top U.S. Capitol security officials testify at House hearing on January 6 attack
Watch live on February 25 at 10 a.m. ET: Acting House Sergeant-at-Arms Timothy Blodgett and acting U.S.
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23 hours 15:15
Republicans push for voter restrictions following 2020 election
Republicans in states across the country are pushing new legislation that would restrict voter access.
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1 day 1:35
Former UPS driver who dropped out of college donates $20 million to same school
Nearly 60 years ago, Calvin Tyler couldn't afford college and dropped out of Morgan State University, an HBCU, to become a UPS driver. He went on to become a top executive at the company.
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1 day 10:11
Momo with Infinity Song discusses "Music for the Movement"
Momo Boyd with Infinity Song joined CBSN to discuss the EP titled "Black History Always - Music for the Movement," volume 2 of a project between ESPN's The Undefeated and Hollywood Records.
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1 day 9:17
Shelters for migrant children near capacity along the border
U.S. Border Patrol is now allowing asylum seekers to begin crossing into the country to have their requests processed, a reversal of Trump administration policy.
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1 day 7:00
Medical expert on difference between single and multi-dose COVID-19 vaccines
The FDA could issue emergency approval of Johnson and Johnson's single-dose COVID-19 vaccine as soon as Friday.
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1 day 9:17
Biden administration to release report blaming Saudi Crown prince for Khashoggi murder
The Biden administration is set to make public a report that blames Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman for the 2018 murder of Jamal Khashoggi.
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1 day 3:14
WorldView: German court sentences former Syrian intelligence officer; Dubai princess urges U.K. t…
A German court has sentenced former Syrian intelligence officer Eyad Al-Gharib to prison for aiding crimes against humanity.
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1 day 6:34
U.S. intelligence report could link Saudi Arabia's crown prince to Khashoggi murder
A U.S. intelligence report on the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi could be released today.
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1 day 4:19
California's redwoods fight to survive after being scorched by wildfires
California's iconic coastal redwoods are struggling to recover after wildfires ripped through the state over the summer.
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1 day 9:07
Biden's pick to lead White House budget office faces pushback from senators
President Joe Biden is facing pushback from fellow Democrats over his pick to lead the Office of Management and Budget, Neera Tanden.
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1 day 7:16
Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine deemed "safe and effective" by the FDA
The FDA confirms the Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine is safe and effective. The single-dose vaccine could receive emergency approval as early as Friday.
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1 day 7:53
New study looks at the demographics of those who stormed the U.S. Capitol
As investigations into the attack on the U.S. Capitol continue, details are emerging about the people who stormed the building on January 6.
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1 day 10:21
House Committee holds hearing to address threat of domestic terrorism in America
Lawmakers held a hearing Wednesday to address the rise of domestic terrorism in America. Testimony focused on the failure of the U.S.
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1 day 6:32
5 board members resign from Texas power grid operator after millions lose power after winter storm
Texas lawmakers will hold a hearing Thursday to address the state's power grid failure during last week's winter storm.
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1 day 2:50
House of Representatives prepare to vote on next COVID relief bill
The House of Representatives is preparing to vote on the next COVID-19 relief bill as soon as Friday.
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1 day 5:45
Former Border Patrol agent advocating for migrant rights
Jenn Budd, an immigration activist who used to work as a Border Patrol agent, is speaking out against the agency and its alleged abuses.
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1 day 4:51
Republicans look to take control of the House of Representatives in 2022
Republicans came very close to taking back control of the House of Representatives in 2020.
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1 day 10:24
Congressman Andy Levin on $15 minimum wage and COVID relief
The House is expected to pass President Biden's $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package this week.
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1 day 0:40
"A Touch of Disney" to open at company's California Adventure Park
Disneyland released more details about its new outdoor dining experience at the California Adventure Park, scheduled to start on March 18. CBS Los Angeles reports.
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1 day 14:09
Biden orders review of critical supply chains amid chip shortage
President Biden is ordering federal agencies to review supply chains for critical goods. Meanwhile his administration is looking to salvage their first stalled nomination.
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1 day 10:30
Biden holds meetings with Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau and Black essential workers
President Biden had a bilateral meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Tuesday, and he also met with a group of Black essential workers.
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1 day 6:04
Police veteran and stress expert on the trauma suffered by Capitol police
Lawmakers are pushing for mental health resources to support police officers who came under attack the U.S. Capitol on January 6.
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1 day 4:34
How severe are Tiger Woods' injuries?
Tiger Woods is recovering from surgery after his car flipped in Southern California. Police believe he was driving too fast when his vehicle crossed over a median and rolled down an embankment. Dr.
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1 day 7:39
How Rhode Island kept school doors open before CDC deemed it safe
Rhode Island became one of the only Democratic-led states to keep school doors open before the Centers for Disease Control approved the return of in-person learning.
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1 day 6:13
President Biden to sign executive order on supply chains
President Joe Biden is signing an executive order on supply chains Wednesday, part of the administration's efforts to cope with the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.
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1 day 7:31
FDA confirms Johnson & Johnson's COVID-19 vaccine works well
An FDA review released today confirms the single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine is both safe and effective against COVID-19, likely setting the stage for a third vaccine to be authorized for use in
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2 days 2:24:50
CIA director nominee William Burns questioned at Senate confirmation hearing
The Senate Intelligence Committee is holding a confirmation hearing for President Biden’s nominee for CIA director, William Burns.
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