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Taking a look back at Kamala Harris's presidential campaign as she's named Biden's running mate
Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has selected Senator Kamala Harris as his running mate.
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Wisconsin holds primary Tuesday as Joe Biden chooses running mate
Voters in Wisconsin headed to the polls today in the state's primary election. This comes as presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden announced he's chosen Senator Kamala Harris as his running mate.
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What Kamala Harris brings to the ticket as Joe Biden's running mate
Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden has announced Senator Kamala Harris as his running mate.
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1 day 26:35
Kamala Harris selected as Joe Biden's running mate
Senator Kamala Harris is the first woman of color to be selected for a major party's presidential ticket.
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1 day 4:18
Top Democrats praise Biden's choice of Kamala Harris for VP
Joe Biden has selected Senator Kamala Harris as his vice-presidential running mate.
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1 day 8:35
Biden picks Kamala Harris as running mate
Joe Biden selected his former rival, Senator Kamala Harris of California, to be his running mate.
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1 day 1:30
Man with terminal cancer has bedside wedding in hospital
Malcolm Eyles was engaged for 10 years, but never tied the knot – until he found out he had terminal cancer last week.
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Team learns club song in sign language for deaf player
A football team in Australia learned their club song in sign language and surprised one of their players, who is deaf. The look on her face when she saw their performance says it all.
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1 day 12:17
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Video shows 8-year-old being arrested at Florida school
Newly-released video shows an 8-year-old boy in Key West, Florida, being arrested at school after allegedly punching a teacher in the chest in 2018.
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Progressives look to Supreme Court to motivate voters
Progressive groups are focusing on the future of the Supreme Court to help motivate Democratic voters in the 2020 election.
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How one small business is innovating amid the pandemic
After months under coronavirus lockdowns, small businesses are struggling to survive as they reopen under new social distancing restrictions.
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Teaching your children about personal finance
Research shows money habits are set by the age of seven.
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Trump ushered out of White House briefing after nearby shooting
The Secret Service ushered President Trump out of a White House briefing on Monday due to a nearby shooting. CBS News White House correspondent Ben Tracy joins CBSN to talk about what happened.
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Some teachers see a silver lining in remote learning
Some teachers believe virtual classes can be beneficial and fuel innovation. Axios business reporter Erica Pandey reported on this topic and she joined CBSN to discuss.
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Trump says Secret Service shot armed suspect outside the White House
President Trump says an armed suspect was shot by the Secret Service outside the White House Monday. It happened right in the middle of his press briefing.
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CBS News Battleground Tracker: Biden leading in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin
The latest CBS News Battleground Tracker estimates Joe Biden with a slight lead over President Trump in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.
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2 days 8:09
Biden to announce running mate soon; Trump campaign launches bus tours in key states
Joe Biden is expected to announce his running mate this week ahead of next week's Democratic convention.
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2 days 9:11
Trump pushes forward with executive action on economy despite legal questions
President Trump signed several executive actions on Saturday to address the economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic, as Congress remains stalemated over another relief bill.
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Watch live: Trump holds news conference after signing economic aid measures over the weekend
President Trump is holding a news conference Monday after signing executive measures aimed at addressing the economic fallout from coronavirus but that may face challenges in court.
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2 days 4:06
Trump says Secret Service fired shots outside the White House
Secret Service agents abruptly removed President Trump from his press conference on Monday.
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Democratic National Convention begins in a week but Biden won't go in person
Joe Biden will not travel to the site of the Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee to accept the nomination next week.
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Why Joe Biden's running mate selection matters more than usual
Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden is expected to name his running mate in the coming days.
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Lebanon's prime minister resigns amid outrage over deadly explosion in Beirut
Lebanese Prime Minister Hassan Diab said Monday he is stepping down in the wake of last week's devastating explosion in Beirut and widespread protests over government corruption and inaction.
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Protests erupt in Belarus after election results
Thousands of people took to the streets across Belarus on Sunday night, after longtime authoritarian leader Alexander Lukashenko claimed a sixth consecutive presidential term with over 80% of the
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2 days 1:22
Deadly gas explosion destroys homes in Baltimore
CBS News correspondent Kris Van Cleave joins CBSN from the scene of a gas explosion that killed at least one person and destroyed three homes in Baltimore County, Maryland.
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2 days 6:48
Inside the political ad campaign Republican Voters Against Trump
The political group Republican Voters Against Trump is gathering testimonials from former Trump supporters who are now backing Joe Biden.
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2 days 8:31
What exactly is in Trump's executive orders to help the economy?
President Trump took matters into his own hands and signed 4 executive actions he said would help boost the economy.
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2 days 0:59
Therapy dog comforts essential workers on New York City streets
Buddy the therapy dog can't go inside Memorial Sloan Kettering hospital any more because of visitor restrictions in place due to the pandemic.
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Puerto Rico primary election derailed as ballots fail to arrive at voting centers
Voters in Puerto Rico are demanding answers after some were denied access to voting centers because ballots didn't arrive in time.
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