10 hours 2:35
What to Know About the Chinese Communist Party
As the Chinese Communist Party marks its 100th anniversary this month, it faces a raft of challenges, including slow economic growth, environmental degradation, and tensions with the United States.
15 hours 54:43
A Conversation With Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya
Belarusian opposition leader Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya discusses Belarus-U.S. relations, prospects for democratic reform in Belarus, and regional security in Eastern Europe.
2 days 58:21
Term Member Virtual Meeting: The Future of E-Mobility
Panelists discuss electric mobility and what it means for the future of the transportation and energy sectors. CFR's Stephen M.
7 days 57:09
State and Local Officials Webinar: Foreign Policy on the Home Front
Nina L. Hachigian, deputy mayor for international affairs for the city of Los Angeles, and Charles A. Kupchan, senior fellow at CFR, discuss the role domestic issues play in shaping U.S.
10 days 57:48
CFR Fellows' Book Launch Series: "Awakening—#MeToo and the Global Fight for Women’s Rights"
Speakers discuss the new book, Awakening: #MeToo and the Global Fight for Women’s Rights.
14 days 1:01:02
Virtual Roundtable: The Rise of Political Partisanship
Speakers Paul Pierson John Gross Endowed Chair, Professor of Political Science, University of California, Berkeley Theda Skocpol Victor S.
15 days 1:01:06
Life Lessons Learned With Michèle Flournoy
Speaker Michele Flournoy, Chief Executive Officer, WestExec Advisors Presider Gideon Rose, Mary and David Boies Distinguished Fellow for U.S.
15 days 1:01:03
The Origins of COVID-19: Implications for U.S.-China Relations
Panelists discuss the possible origins of COVID-19, including the growing concern that the virus leaked from the Wuhan Virology Lab rather than originating in nature, what the ramifications are for
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28 days 1:00:51
Tensions in Ukraine
Ahead of the proposed July meeting between President Biden and Ukrainian President Zelensky, panelists give an update on U.S.-Ukraine relations and policy options to deal with continuing Russian
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28 days 52:13
The Private Sector—Global Supply Chains and Labor Trafficking
Panelists discuss how labor trafficking in global supply chains intersects with people’s daily lives—from the products they buy and the food they consume to the clothes they wear.
28 days 1:13:59
Home and Abroad Series Public Forum: U.S. Immigration Policy
CFR’s Home and Abroad Series Public Forum explores migration trends and the many questions confronting U.S. immigration policy, including but not limited to our southern border.
30 days 58:45
LGBTQ+ Rights: Snapshots From Around the World
Panelists discuss global LGBTQ+ rights, from persecutions in Russia to the legalization of same-sex marriage in Taiwan, as well as the role of U.S.
31 day 1:00:11
A Conversation With Guy Ryder
Guy Ryder discusses the economic cost of forced labor and highlights the ways in which governments and the private sector can join forces to combat human trafficking.
34 days 59:37
35 days 57:32
CFR 6/22 Higher Education Webinar: Visa Challenges and Fall International Student Enrollment
Adam Julian, director of international student and scholar services at University of Maryland, Baltimore County, and 2021 chair of the international student and scholar regulatory practice committee
36 days 57:16
CEO Speaker Series With Kathy Warden of Northrop Grumman
Kathy Warden discusses technological advancements in the aerospace and defense industry and her perspective as a CEO in the national security arena.
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41 day 1:00:26
Social Justice Movements and Twitter: Digital Revolutions in the United States and Abroad
In recent years, activists in global social movements such as #BlackLivesMatter, #MeToo, and #BringBackOurGirls have harnessed social media to raise awareness of injustice and counter prevailing
41 day 1:02:51
Challenges Facing the Global Order
Panelists discuss trends and uncertainties that will shape the future global strategic environment for the United States, including great power competition, climate change, and emerging
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42 days 57:30
Russell C. Leffingwell Lecture with Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern of New Zealand
Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern discusses the future of New Zealand's foreign policy and lessons learned from the country's response to COVID-19 and reopening.
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43 days 57:24
The Emerging Global Technology Underclass
Working for low wages and few benefits, a large but invisible workforce keeps the internet running. Through her research, Mary L.
43 days 59:06
State and Local Officials Webinar: The American Rescue Plan and Economic Recovery
Janet Cowell, former state treasurer of North Carolina, and Kathryn White, director of budget process studies at the National Association of State Budget Officers, discuss the American Rescue Plan
45 days 1:00:54
Virtual Roundtable: Major Power Rivalry in Africa
Although major power competition on the African continent is a reality, it should not dominate the Biden administration’s vision for U.S.-Africa relations, argues Michelle Gavin in her new paper
45 days 1:01:15
CFR 6/9 Religion and Foreign Policy Webinar: 2021 Report on International Religious Freedom
Dwight Bashir, director of outreach and policy, and Elizabeth K. Cassidy, director of research and policy, both of the U.S.
48 days 59:26
U.S. Leadership in Space: A Conversation With General John Raymond
General John Raymond discusses the establishment of the U.S.
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48 days 58:08
Session II: Global to Local–A Potential Pathway to Improve American Health in Future Pandemics
The 2021 Global Health Symposium on Lessons From Abroad on American Health will discuss how practices from other countries can be applied to current critical health crises in the United States and
48 days 56:59
Global Health Symposium Session I: Lessons From Abroad on Mental Health and Addiction
The 2021 Global Health Symposium on Lessons From Abroad on American Health will discuss how practices from other countries can be applied to current critical health crises in the United States and
48 days 2:10
What to Know About the Border Conflict Between China and India
China and India have disputed their shared border for years—they even went to war in 1962. Here’s what to know about the latest escalation between the two Asian giants.
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