2 min 2:56
China to deepen global cooperation in green development
Chinese President #XiJinping called for joint efforts in advancing global environmental governance at the online World Leaders Summit on #Climate Thursday.
5 min 1:17:41
Live: How a once impoverished school in SW China's Guizhou became a musical paradise
Similar to the movie "The Chorus," kids at Haiga Primary School, Liupanshui City in southwest China's Guizhou Province have also been changed by music.
27 min 0:50
Guangdong, Shanghai start COVID-19 vaccination for Taiwan compatriots
Guangdong Province and Shanghai City have started to inoculate Taiwan compatriots with Chinese-made COVID-19 vaccines.
1 hour 3:24
Why is further reform of the CPC necessary?
In China's political arena, the Communist Party of China (CPC) exercises leadership.
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2 hours 43:55
Live: Headline Buster – Are media dismissing China's climate change efforts?
Earth Day was April 22! So news that China and the U.S. recently issued a joint statement on addressing climate change should be cause for celebration.
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2 hours 1:02:40
Live: China informs of data about foreign exchange of 2021 Q1
China's State Council Information Office holds a press conference to brief the public on foreign-exchange receipts and payments data for the first quarter this year.
2 hours 23:12
Leaders Summit on climate: What's next on green governance?
President #XiJinping delivered a virtual speech on Thursday at the Leaders Summit on #Climate hosted by the United States and attended by around 40 world leaders.
3 hours 29:04
Exclusive interview: Former secretary-general of Boao on China's role in the new era
This year marks the 20th anniversary of #China's accession to the World Trade Organization (#WTO) and the Boao Forum for Asia.
3 hours 43:11
2021/04/22 Leaders Summit on climate: What's next on green governance?
— President #XiJinping at the Leaders Summit on #Climate – what's on the agenda? What's next for global green #governance?
13 hours 6:20
Touring Hainan by the world's first high-speed rail loop
CGTN's @itsAbby and Eric Garrison were challenged to tour around Hainan in one day taking the high-speed rail loop.
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14 hours 5:57
Horse riding along Boao Beach
CGTN's @itsAbby and Iain Inglis were challenged to hone their horse riding skills in one day.
14 hours 3:20
China's internet celebrity economy is sailing abroad
Internet celebrity economy is on the rise. According to Forbes, in 2020 only, the top 10 YouTubers had a total income of $201 million.
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14 hours 4:23
How to reduce the carbon footprint of steamed dumplings?
Believe or not, globally, the agriculture sector is the second largest source of emissions after the energy sector.
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14 hours 1:37
Leading Chinese economist says the U.S. a challenge to RCEP
China has completed the ratification for the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) and submitted the document to the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) last month.
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14 hours 0:33
China strongly condemns bomb attack in southwest Pakistan
China has condemned a suicide bomb attack that killed five people and injured a dozen in southwest Pakistan on Wednesday. The blast happened in the parking area of a hotel in the city of Quetta.
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15 hours 2:38:16
Live: Lyrid meteor shower peaks on April 22
The April Lyrid meteor shower takes place between April 16 and 26 each year, ending the period of meteor drought that lasts from January to mid-April.
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15 hours 10:21:15
Live: Explore enchanting scenery at Kurdai Grand Canyon in NW China's Xinjiang – Ep. 2
Towering mountain ridges and peaks, steep cliffs, winding rivers, clear lakes, and a vast expanse of grassland feed your eyes everywhere at the Kalajun scenic spot in Tekes County, northwest China's
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15 hours 1:50
China reiterates climate promises at Leaders Summit
Chinese President Xi Jinping on Thursday reaffirmed China's climate commitments to strictly limit its coal consumption and strive to peak carbon emissions by 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality by
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16 hours 2:55
Bookstore Tour: How can a brick-and-mortar shop reach its potential?
Just in case some don't realize, this year's World Book Day is right around the corner.
16 hours 0:32
U.S. to halve its emissions by 2030: Joe Biden
U.S. President Joe Biden hosted a virtual global climate summit on Thursday in which about 40 world leaders were scheduled to participate.
16 hours 11:48:19
Live: Remarkable scenery after Sichuan's Xide County removed its 'hats of poverty' – Ep. 2
The Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture in southwest China's Sichuan Province covers 60,400 square kilometers.
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17 hours 1:14
MOFA: stop making matters worse for already strained China-Australia relations
The Australian government's decision to cancel two cooperation deals between its state of Victoria and China under the Belt and Road Initiative would cause "serious harm" to bilateral relations
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19 hours 1:12
MOFA: Australia's decision to cancel BRI deals 'unreasonable'
Australian Foreign Minister Marise Payne announced on Wednesday night that the BRI deal that Victoria state signed with China has been canceled under the Commonwealth's new foreign veto laws.
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19 hours 0:50
MOFA: Washington should reconsider 'Strategic Competition Act'
American lawmakers are intensifying their efforts to counter China.
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20 hours 1:47
Listen to the South China Sea – feel the tranquility of Haikou
For more: Along the coast of Hainan Province, Guangdong Province and Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, CGTN collected and recorded the natural sounds of the South China Sea.
21 hour 3:21
Mashao mask: Chinese traditional art brings folklore to life
Mashao or facial makeup is a popular Chinese traditional art form in Baoji City, northwest #China's #Shaanxi Province.
22 hours 3:05
U.S. draft Strategic Competition Act looking to allocate over $1 billion to counter China
American lawmakers are intensifying their efforts to counter China. A Senate committee has overwhelmingly passed the draft Strategic Competition Act, which takes aims at China on multiple fronts.
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22 hours 4:37
Story of Fighting COVID-19: We are policemen in Rio
On April 6, #Brazil recorded more than 4,000 COVID-19-related deaths in 24 hours.
23 hours 1:23
China slams draft Strategic Competition Act of U.S., says to continue safeguarding interests
China has voiced strong opposition to the U.S.' Strategic Competition Act, saying it will continue to safeguard national security and development interests.
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23 hours 0:30
Israel retaliates after Syrian missile lands near nuclear reactor
Israel said it attacked several missile batteries in Syria in response to a missile assault by its neighbor.
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