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Is gardening racist? - James Wong
James Wong is a botanist, gardener and TV presenter. For last few months, he has been drawn into the culture wars, which have emerged ever since murder of George Floyd.
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Scottish election: ‘Power has to be devolved out of Westminster’, says Scottish Labour leader
It was an unenviable in-tray: dismal poll ratings, bitter party infighting and the Scottish parliament elections just weeks away.
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Ethiopian Nomads struggle for survival on the climate crisis frontline
For the nomadic people of Ethiopia's Afar region, an area known as the "cradle of humanity" and once famed for the discovery of a three-million-year-old fossil named Lucy, action on climate change
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Climate crisis: Biden pledges to cut carbon emissions - but will it make a difference?
It was an astonishing turnaround from the days of Donald Trump, who thumbed his nose at climate change science and pulled out of the Paris Accord.
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European Super League all but dead after nine of 12 teams withdraw
Shunned by fans, threatened by regulators and now abandoned by its founding teams.
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Ella Kissi-Debrah death: coroner says air pollution limits must be toughened
Ella Kissi-Debrah was just nine when she suffered a fatal asthma attack.
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‘Structural racism has the attention of the highest levels of US government’ - Jonathan Capehart
We spoke to author and playwright Bonnie Greer, who was born in the US but has lived in the UK for the past 35 years, and from the US, Washington Post columnist Jonathan Capehart.
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How this NASA engineer went from Gaza to Mars
NASA scientists created history yesterday when they flew a small helicopter on Mars - an epic achievement, over 170,000,000 miles from earth.
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Tory win in Hartlepool would send shockwaves through Labour
Hartlepool goes to the polls on the 6th of May following the resignation of the town's Labour MP.
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St Vincent: tens of thousands living in shelters as UN launches funding appeal
The United Nations has launched a global funding appeal for St Vincent and the Grenadines to help the country's recovery from ongoing volcanic eruptions.
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Breaking: Man City and Chelsea 'preparing to quit European Super League'
There are major developments in football's European Super League story.
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UK pledges to slash carbon emissions by 78% by 2035
The government has announced a rapid acceleration in its targets to reduce greenhouse emissions.
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Covid funeral pyres burn India's dead amid devastating second wave
With India recording over 200,000 new Covid cases every day, the country is firmly in the grips of a second wave that's proving much worse than the first.
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St Vincent: ‘I’ve never seen such devastation’ - Island counts cost of volcanic eruption
The finance minister of St Vincent and the Grenadines has told Channel 4 News his country's recovery from a volcanic eruption could cost half the nation's GDP.
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Scottish election: Scottish Tory leader Douglas Ross on why he does not want Indyref2
The Scottish Conservatives launched their manifesto for the upcoming Holyrood elections today with a pledge to “rebuild Scotland” and block a second vote on independence.
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Putin critic Navalny moved to prison hospital after three weeks on hunger strike
Lawyers for the Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny say his health is deteriorating, despite being transferred to a prison hospital earlier today.
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St Vincent desperate for more international aid as volcanic threat remains
It's nine days since the volcano on the Caribbean island of St Vincent erupted spewing ash six miles into the air. Thousands of people were evacuated to safer parts of the island.
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Russian duo suspected of Salisbury poisoning linked to deadly Czech blast
The two Russian agents accused of the Salisbury Novichok poisonings in 2018 are now being hunted by the Czech Republic, which says it has 'clear evidence' they were linked to an explosion at an arms
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Global Covid deaths pass three million
The number of people who have died across the world is now more than three million, according to Johns Hopkins University in America who have tallied this number since the beginning of last
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’If we can show they have no monopoly over us we can move away from their grip’-Lyra McKee’s partner
Council buildings in the colours of the LGBT rainbow flag are to be lit up in Derry this weekend to mark the second anniversary of the killing of Lyra Mckee.
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St Vincent: Thousands seek safety in shelters as eruptions continue
There have been more volcanic eruptions on the Caribbean island of St Vincent, with thousands of people seeking safety in government shelters.
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Joe Anderson: ‘I’ve never taken a bribe, nor would I, why would I?’
Last autumn, he was feted for his handling of the coronavirus pandemic.
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Chicago police release video showing 13-year-old boy shot dead by officer
Warning: This report contains distressing content Bodycam video footage has been released in Chicago showing the moment a police officer fatally shot a 13-year-old boy.
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National Audit Office launches probe into Greensill’s involvement in Covid schemes
It's the scandal over power, influence and lobbying at the heart of government that will not go away.
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'Get rid of the Victorian idea that marriage has to be for life'- Celeb divorce lawyer Ayesha Vardag
Ayesha Vardag is arguably Britain's most well-known divorce lawyer. She's famous for representing the rich and the powerful and big high worth divorce cases.
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Bring back our girls: Chibok girls kidnapping survivor speaks out seven years on
Seven years after 276 schoolgirls were abducted from a school in northern Nigeria by the extremist group Boko Haram, the government still has not found a way to protect children - or hold those
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Defence rests its case in Derek Chauvin trial, as protests continue over Daunte Wright shooting
In Minneapolis, the two cases of black men who died at the hands of police take key turns.
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Scottish election 2021: SNP pledges ‘transformational’ spending for NHS
The Scottish National Party has promised a "transformational" spending increase for frontline NHS services, as Nicola Sturgeon unveiled their manifesto for May's election.
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