16 hours 3:09
Ethiopia: Government forces launch air strikes in Tigray region
Ethiopia has again launched airstrikes against the capital of the northern Tigray region.
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16 hours 6:25
Students to boycott clubs amid reports of injection spiking
“I feel violated, I don't understand why they did this” - the words of a young woman who believes she was injected with a date rape drug.
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16 hours 11:01
Inside a UK hospital 'nearly 99% full' amid Covid fears
For the eighth day in a row, new cases of Covid-19 have gone over the 42,000 mark. The latest government figures show that in the last 24 hours there were 49,139 new positive cases.
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17 hours 4:58
‘People don’t see us as humans’ - NHS matron on abuse faced by staff
The prime minister today condemned attacks on NHS staff after hearing from a Midlands MP how over 600 attacks on staff at her local hospital have prompted those working in the A&E department to
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18 hours 17:44
Covid: Warning UK cases could reach 100,000 a day this winter
Health Secretary Sajid Javid gives a coronavirus update from Downing Street.
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1 day 4:30
The primary school children fighting air pollution
A class of primary school children in Bradford who are being affected by pollution in their area are now doing their own research into the air quality in the area.
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1 day 4:30
China Winter Olympics: Human rights groups call for boycott over Uyghur suppression
A cross-party group of MPs has called for their pension fund to divest from companies linked to Xinjiang, the Chinese province where hundreds of thousands of Muslim Uyghur people have been sent to
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1 day 6:13
‘French Trump’ Eric Zemmour threatening to upset presidential election
One man is taking the French presidential race by storm - and he's not even a candidate yet.
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1 day 8:30
UK sets out net zero plan for 'green industrial revolution' and heat pumps
The government has finally published its plans for achieving net-zero emissions by 2050.
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2 days 6:05
Climate change deniers host conference in Sin City
Today US Vice-President Kamala Harris is travelling to Lake Mead in Nevada to talk up the President’s climate agenda.
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2 days 10:13
Former US secretary of state Colin Powell dies of Covid complications at 84
Colin Powell, the first Black person to become America's Secretary of State, has died at 84, from Covid-related complications.
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2 days 9:03
MPs pay tribute to Sir David Amess after he was killed
Members of parliament have been paying tribute to the life of Sir David Amess in Westminster today in a special sitting of the House of Commons.
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3 days 10:47
MPs may be offered police protection for surgeries
MPs' surgeries could be offered police guards.
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4 days 16:56
Political leaders pay tribute to Sir David Amess
First and foremost a personal tragedy, the loss of a friend and colleague, but raising huge questions about the risks MPs face every day, as they try to remain connected to the constituents who
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5 days 3:12
Covid: 43,000 people in England and Wales may have been wrongly given a negative test result
A serious incident investigation has been launched to find out why up to 43,000 people in England and Wales may have been wrongly given negative results on their PCR tests.
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5 days 8:09
Priti Patel asks police to review security for MPs
Home Secretary Priti Patel has asked all police forces to review security arrangements for MPs "with immediate effect".
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5 days 7:11
Conservative MP Sir David Amess dies after stabbing in constituency
Essex police have said that counter-terrorism officers will lead the investigation into the killing of Sir David Amess, although they stressed they were continuing to "keep an open mind" about the
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6 days 28:41
'We're fighting for the existence of democracy in America right now' - Steve Van Zandt
Steve Van Zandt is an American musician, actor and activist. He is best known as a member of Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band and for his role in the TV drama series, The Sopranos.
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6 days 7:01
Former female officers speak out over Police Scotland’s ‘sexist boys club’
The intense scrutiny of police culture and the attitudes of male officers towards women was brought to light by Sarah Everard's murder.
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6 days 6:42
Beirut: At least six killed in clashes over port explosion investigation
At least six people have been killed after armed clashes broke out in the Lebanese capital Beirut, amid growing tension over the investigation into last year's port explosion. (Subscribe: bit.
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6 days 7:17
GPs in England told to arrange more face-to-face appointments
GPs in England have been told to arrange more face to face appointments, as the government unveiled an emergency winter rescue plan aimed at improving access.
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6 days 12:37
CPS admits ‘long way to go’ to restore public confidence amid record low rape convictions
No one is in any doubt that the system is broken: just two per cent of reported rapes in England and Wales lead to prosecution, while the number of convictions are at their lowest rate on record.
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7 days 7:03
Will 'build back better' promise deliver homes fit for the future?
Dozens of people have been arrested after Insulate Britain protesters blocked roads again today. Their now month-long campaign of direct action may be infuriating motorists, but do they have a point?
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7 days 8:05
Will NI businesses benefit from EU proposals?
What do the EU’s proposals mean for businesses in Northern Ireland who have complained that trade has been strangled by the protocol?
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7 days 10:58
Brexit: EU proposes to slash most checks on goods from GB to NI
They've been dubbed the “sausage wars”, the tension between the UK and EU over trade rules in Northern Ireland.
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8 days 6:40
Make or break moment for Afghanistan, UN warns
Afghanistan is at a make or break moment, the UN secretary general has warned, as he declared that failing to save the country's economy from collapse would mean "the world will pay a heavy price".
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8 days 7:05
COP26 President Sharma tells world’s major polluters to ‘step up’ or face ‘climate catastrophe’
The president of the COP26 summit, Alok Sharma, has warned the world's major polluters they must "step up" and take action or the world will face a "climate catastrophe".
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8 days 7:46
Covid early response one of worst public health failures in UK history, say MPs
MPs have described the government's handling of the pandemic as one of the worst public health failures the UK has ever experienced.
28 376
8 days 14:58
Exclusive: Over 20 indecent exposure reports every day last year, police data shows
Police have recorded nearly 50,000 cases of indecent exposure over the last six years, according to figures obtained exclusively by Channel 4 News.
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9 days 3:27
‘Crisis of trust’ between politicians and voters, study shows
Britain has a long tradition of democratic government and many people say they're proud of that heritage and want to defend it.
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