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Briefing: Chief Scientific Advisor warns UK could see 50,000 daily Covid cases in October
The UK’s Chief Scientific Officer, Sir Patrick Vallance, and Chief Medical Officer, Prof Chris Whitty, lead a UK government press conference warning of the current daily increase of coronavirus cases.
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The life of ‘notorious’ Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who has died aged 87
A high profile law maker and a cultural icon nicknamed the Notorious RBG.
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2 days 8:25
Young risking health and fines to go to illegal raves
Police across the UK have warned that coronavirus is a "real and deadly threat", as they urged people not to hold parties or gatherings this weekend in breach of lockdown rules.
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2 days 14:54
UK PM warns second wave coming, as government considers short lockdown throughout England
Coronavirus is now spreading at a rapid rate across the UK and officials are warning of "far worse things to come".
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3 days 41:04
The real Erin Brockovitch on saving a 'planet in peril'
Not many environmental campaigners find their lives being portrayed on the big screen. But Erin Brockovich isn’t just any environmental campaigner.
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3 days 11:29
Care home provider under ‘pressure’ to accept hospital patients with Covid
When the full extent of deaths from coronavirus in care homes was revealed at the height of the pandemic, the Health Secretary Matt Hancock claimed there had been a "protective ring" placed around
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3 days 9:34
New Covid restrictions for nearly two million across north-east England
In Gateshead, we are bang in the middle of the area which will be put under strict new lockdown restrictions from midnight - no mixing of households, and pubs and bars to close at 10pm.
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4 days 7:13
How the UK could still leave the EU with no deal - Brexit Explained
It’s happening again. Just when you thought it was all coming to an end, Brexit is kicking off.... all over again.
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4 days 8:25
Barbados drops Queen and says it is becoming a republic
Barbados has set out plans to become a republic, removing the Queen as head of state.
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4 days 9:28
US battered by natural disasters as it faces hurricane and wildfires
While there are torrential floods in the south, huge swathes of the western United States are still battling some of the worst wildfires in history - and now, some of the unhealthiest air pollution
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4 days 4:38
UK government law officer resigns over Brexit deal plans
As well as the coronavirus testing crisis - Boris Johnson also faced stiff questioning from MPs over his controversial plans to override parts of the Brexit withdrawal agreement.
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4 days 7:08
UK PM admits there is not enough testing capacity as Covid cases soar
Infections are spreading and fast - while the UK's testing system is buckling under the strain.
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5 days 12:10
As wildfires burn the US West Coast, another hurricane threatens its Gulf Coast
Portland, Oregon is a city at the centre of what is shaping up to be one of the worst wildfire seasons on record.
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5 days 26:48
Coronavirus: Health Secretary says it will take 'weeks' to fix testing chaos
The Health Secretary Matt Hancock has defended the Covid testing system after MPs challenged him over lack of availability.(Subscribe: bit.ly/C4_News_Subscribe) One described the testing
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Greece and Turkey accuse each other of breaking the international law of the sea
Fossil fuels might be going out of fashion, but a dispute over the right to drill for natural gas in the eastern Mediterranean has provoked fears that two NATO allies could come to blows.
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6 days 4:55
Boris Johnson accuses EU of negotiating with 'revolver on table'
Boris Johnson has accused the EU of negotiating with a "revolver on the table" as he told MPs why they should vote to break international law by overriding part of the Withdrawal deal he signed
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6 days 22:17
As wildfires burn America, attempts to save natural world and wildlife are failing
Up and down America's Western states nearly 5 million acres of forest has been destroyed.(Subscribe: bit.ly/C4_News_Subscribe) President Donald Trump and Joe Biden are both on the ground
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8 days 6:49
Blair and Major unite against Brexit plans
The Justice Secretary Robert Buckland has defended the Government's plans to override parts of the Brexit withdrawal agreement as a "break the glass in emergency provision" - if it was needed.
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9 days 2:01
Dozens missing as wildfires rip through western US
At least 17 people have been killed and dozens more are missing as huge wildfires continue to sweep through the western United States.
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9 days 8:38
Coronavirus: Police warn people not to party this weekend
Treating the weekend before new coronavirus restrictions come into force as an excuse to party would be "incredibly irresponsible", the Police Federation have warned - ahead of the new rules
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9 days 6:20
Half a million flee Oregon as wildfires rage through US west coast
On the west coast of the US, there's been no respite from devastating wildfires.
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9 days 11:13
Coronavirus: UK’s R number rises above 1.0 as cases increase
We've been watching the virus 'R' or reproduction rate steadily creep up.(Subscribe: bit.ly/C4_News_Subscribe) Well, today it rose above 1.0 across the UK.
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9 days 40:17
Yusef Salaam of Central Park Five on being wrongfully jailed
Yusef Salaam is one of the ‘Central Park Five’ who became to be known the ‘Exonerated Five’.
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10 days 11:12
Earth’s wildlife populations in ‘freefall’ | Climate Emergency
In Druridge Bay local campaigners are celebrating the success of their campaign to stop plans for a new open cast coal mine.
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10 days 13:22
EU threatens to take UK government to court over proposed changes to Brexit deal
The Vice-President of the EU Commission has called on the UK government to withdraw a proposed bill that would allow ministers to modify the EU Withdrawal agreement.
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11 days 24:51
EU leaders issue warnings over Johnson plan to override parts of Brexit deal
Today has seen a chorus of warnings and concern from European Union leaders over Boris Johnson's plans to override key elements of the Brexit deal.
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11 days 11:58
UK PM creates ‘rule of six’ for social gatherings in England to counter second Covid wave
Limit your social contact "as much as possible" at all times - and keep to groups of no more than six.
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12 days 15:19
Minister admits changes to Brexit deal would break international law
It was one of those extraordinary parliamentary moments.
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12 days 11:12
Local lockdowns imposed as Covid testing system struggles to cope
Just two months after the national lockdown was lifted, it is now illegal for residents in Bolton to mix with people outside their own households, even outdoors.
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13 days 3:43
Manchester Arena attack: Inquiry told opportunities missed to identify suicide bomber
The public inquiry into the Manchester Arena bombing has been hearing claims by experts that there were missed opportunities to identify Salman Abedi as a suicide bomber - before he set off the
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