17 hours 3:22
Belarus opposition leader flees amid Lukashenko election-rigging allegations
The main opposition leader in Belarus says she fled the country "for the sake of her children" after claiming the presidential election result was rigged.
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17 hours 9:22
UK and France seek to ‘completely cut' migrant boat route across English Channel
The surge in people trying to reach the UK by crossing the Channel is "completely unacceptable", the immigration minister has declared - after talks with French officials in Paris.
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17 hours 17:28
Over 100,000 exam results to be upgraded after Scottish government u-turn
In Scotland, schools have been welcoming back teachers and pupils after almost five months away.
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1 day 3:25
Hong Kong media tycoon arrested under new security law
There has been global condemnation over a series of arrests in Hong Kong under the new security law there.
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1 day 14:06
Home secretary meets with Border Force over record numbers of migrants crossing English Channel
The Home Secretary Priti Patel was in Dover today meeting Border Force officers after record numbers of people risked the journey in small boats across the Channel UK.
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1 day 11:39
Lebanon’s entire government resigns amid anger over Beirut explosion
After days of mounting pressure Lebanon's prime minister has announced his government's resignation.
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3 days 7:49
Beirut blast sparks violence and widespread protests in Lebanon
Clashes have broken out between protesters and security forces in the Lebanese capital Beirut - amid growing anger over the country's widespread political corruption and incompetence, in the wake of
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4 days 6:49
Record number of migrants cross English Channel - navy may be called in
If you want to see one consequence of the failure of politics in the Middle East, you do not have to go further than the Kent coast where a record number of migrants have attempted to cross the
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4 days 5:37
Beirut explosion: Search for missing continues and protesters clash with police
The Lebanese president has rejected calls for an international investigation into the port explosion which has killed at least 154 and left thousands more injured.
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4 days 47:09
Jamie Oliver: 'Social mobility has to be fundamentally the most precious thing Britain has'
Jamie Oliver is one of Britain's most-loved chefs. He became famous as a chef on TV and since then has become a best-selling author, started a lot of restaurants and become a campaigner.
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5 days 7:28
Britain’s seaside towns struggle after coronavirus - despite boost in tourism
Britain's beaches have been packed recently, as coronavirus prompts millions to swap foreign holidays for a staycation.
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5 days 9:10
Questions over England's ‘track-and-trace’ system | Coronavirus
The government promised the Covid ‘track and trace’ system would be "world beating".
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5 days 11:06
Grief turns to anger in Beirut as hunt for explosion survivors continues
Today was a day of national mourning in Lebanon, but the hunt for survivors of Tuesday's explosion continues. (Subscribe: bit.ly/C4_News_Subscribe) As do the bitter recriminations.
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6 days 3:56
UK Covid-19 vaccine trial: Concern over numbers willing to take part
When it comes to the virus, most experts agree only a vaccine offers the hope to get back to normal, or whatever the new normal will be.
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6 days 3:13
Which chemicals caused Beirut explosion?
Warning: This report includes some flashing images.
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6 days 6:19
Beirut explosion: At least 135 people dead and 5,000 injured
A warning: there are distressing images right from the start of this report. The famously resilient soul of Beirut trampled unmercilessly once more.
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7 days 6:30
Many casualties as huge explosion rocks Beirut
WARNING: CONTAINS DISTRESSING IMAGES Huge explosions have rocked the Lebanese capital Beirut - causing extensive damage in the port area of the city.
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7 days 5:05
On the ground after 68 days of Black Lives Matter protests
WARNING: CONTAINS DISTRESSING IMAGES For an illustration of America's fractured politics - the city of Portland - where there have been demonstrations against racial injustice and police brutality
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7 days 2:40
Former King of Spain Juan Carlos leaves country amid scandals
Speculation is rife over the whereabouts of Spain's former king Juan Carlos - after he said he was going into exile amid a financial scandal.
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8 days 6:51
Parents taken from their six-year-old’s hospital bedside by police call for dignity
Warning: some viewers may find some of this footage distressing.
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8 days 10:12
As UK government urges people to return to the office - how long will we wfh?
From today, firms can ask their staff to go back to the office after the government changed its advice on working from home.
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8 days 8:07
New 90-minute tests for Covid unveiled as WHO warns of ‘no silver bullet’ answer to pandemic
Across the UK, there's been the highest single day increase in new coronavirus cases since June.
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9 days 10:14
Ministers dismiss reports of draconian lockdown measures for London in event of second wave
Ministers have distanced themselves from reports that the Government is considering imposing draconian new lockdown measures on London - calling it "speculation".
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10 days 4:26
TikTok parent company to divest US operations after Trump declares ban on app
It's already banned in India, but now the hugely popular social media app TikTok is threatened with being shut down in America.
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10 days 3:09
Coronavirus: Shielding ends in England as lockdown ease delayed
Today was meant to be a big milestone for the leisure and beauty industries in England, but owners are having to re-write their business survival plans and customers hoping for some more normality
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11 days 5:38
Police force disproportionately using Tasers against black people, says report
WARNING: Contains distressing images As the debate rages about how black, asian and minority ethnic groups are policed, a new report has revealed the use of Tasers is on the rise in England and Wales.
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11 days 20:44
Johnson postpones easing of coronavirus restrictions in England as cases rise
England has "probably reached the limits" of reopening society, its chief medical officer has warned, as evidence of rising cases of coronavirus led the Prime Minister to postpone lifting any more
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11 days 11:41
Will second wave of Coronavirus be worse than the first - can we stop it?
As lockdowns are eased, some nations are seeing an uptick in Covid-19 cases.
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11 days 44:57
'Why democracy is unravelling - and why we need more of it' - Pankaj Mishra
Pankaj Mishra is a multiple award-winning Indian writer, essayist and novelist who has been challenging traditional ideologies for over 30 years.
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12 days 11:11
What China has been up to under the cover of coronavirus
Global power dynamics are changing, the world order re-shaping; the risk of escalation is everywhere, as further strategic and ideological confrontation looms.
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