1 hour 3:15
Drug deaths in Scotland hit record levels
The number of drug deaths in Scotland has soared to record levels for the seventh year in a row, with more than 1,300 people losing their lives to drugs.
1 hour 6:54
Syria: returning home for first time since civil war began
About 100,000 Syrians, out of four million refugees in Turkey, have been allowed temporary rights to visit their homeland during the Eid al-Adha holiday.
1 hour 9:42
Racial inequalities in policing 22 years after Macpherson report, say MPs
Policing is still riddled with racial disparities, say MPs - more than two decades after the Macpherson report into the Stephen Lawrence murder exposed the extent of "institutional racism" in the
1 hour 11:41
Pregnant women urged to get Covid jab by England’s chief midwife
Pregnant women in England are being urged to get the Covid vaccine, as new research suggests they are at greater risk of becoming seriously ill with the Delta variant.
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Revealed: North Sea oil company chief exec claims climate emergency is ‘fake’
Scientists overwhelmingly agree the main cause of global warming is the burning of fossil fuels.
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Revealed: Science Museum signed gagging clause with exhibition sponsor Shell
Last month, young activists had to be removed from London's Science Museum by the police, after they staged a protest against oil-giant Shell sponsoring its climate change exhibition.
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Met Office warns climate crisis has already arrived in UK
Hotter, sunnier and wetter. Britain's weather in the last 30 years was different to the preceding three decades.
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2 days 11:05
Climate crisis: Could scientists refreeze the Arctic?
The flash floods, the wildfires, the lightning strikes and the extreme weather that's swept much of the world over the last month is prompting fears that climate change is accelerating at a pace
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2 days 9:38
Fears serious offenders could end up on street after charity project’s closure
It has helped house some of the most serious offenders in England for more than 40 years, providing a bridge between life in jail and life on the outside.
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2 days 3:18
Former generals urge government to allow more Afghan interpreters to settle in UK
More than 40 former military commanders are calling for urgent action to help Afghans who served alongside British forces to settle in the UK.
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National disability strategy a missed opportunity, say campaigners
The government has unveiled its £1.6 billion national disability strategy to a somewhat muted response.
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First person charged under new HK national security law found guilty
A young man has been found guilty of secessionism and terrorism by a Hong Kong court - the first person to be tried under the territory's sweeping national security law.
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Government urged to maintain 'Everyone In' spending on rough sleeping
There could be a surge of homeless people forced to sleep on England's streets unless the emergency scheme which helped them into accommodation during the pandemic is maintained, according to a
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Some children still 'unprotected' from sexual exploitation, says Bradford review
Today also saw a review published into five cases of sexual abuse in Bradford going back two decades. That report found that victims "suffered abuse that no child should have to experience".
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Additional Covid testing sites feel ‘a bit like spin’, says Iceland boss
Covid cases have fallen for the seventh day in a row across the UK, but the number of deaths has risen to its highest level in more than four months.
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3 days 3:57
Johnson proposes 'chain gangs' in hi-vis for community service offenders
Boris Johnson has declared he wants more criminals to be visibly punished, in what he called “fluorescent-jacketed chain gangs”.
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4 days 6:58
Male advertising executives win sex discrimination case
Last week, a landmark sex discrimination case was won by two men. Until a few years ago they worked for the top London advertising agency JWT.
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Could rail construction delays threaten ‘levelling up’ in north of England?
Political leaders in the north of England say the prospect of a lengthy delay to new improved transport links for the region are "completely unacceptable".
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4 days 2:58
Tunisian democracy facing its biggest crisis
Tunisia's decade-old democracy is facing its biggest crisis yet, after the president ousted the government and suspended parliament last night amid fierce protests.
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Hospital security staff ‘abused’ vulnerable patients
Security staff at hospitals across England have been involved in almost 5,000 physical interventions against patients, including those who are vulnerable, in the last three years.
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Covid cases continue to fall in UK but No 10 says trend could be reversed
Covid cases across the UK have fallen for the sixth day in a row.
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UK’s disadvantaged kids to get extra speaking and listening lessons
Children’s education has been hugely disrupted by the pandemic - but the impact has by no means been equal.
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Critics warn of coronavirus vaccine passports ‘chaos’
The Health Secretary Sajid Javid has apologised for tweeting that people shouldn't "cower" from coronavirus but learn to live with it.
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UK Covid spending over £370bn - including billions on unusable PPE
British taxpayers could face many decades of financial risk thanks to the enormous cost of the pandemic, according to a committee of MPs.
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Countries look for ‘common ground’ on Climate Crisis ahead of COP26
Wildfires are blazing from Sardinia to Siberia - floodwaters are surging through China, India, the Philippines.
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6 days 8:57
Pay young people £250 to get vaccinated, Conservative peer urges government
Former M&S chairman and Conservative peer Stuart Rose speaks to Channel 4 News. (Subscribe: bit.ly/C4_News_Subscribe) He's now chairman of the EG group which has just bought Asda.
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Twenty drown during UK heatwave - WHO calls for action
Two teenage boys have died in separate incidents after getting into difficulty in water, as the death toll from drownings during the UK's heatwave reaches at least 20.
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6 days 2:16
Torrential rains in China lead to mass evacuations
Rescuers in central China have been using bulldozers and dinghies to help evacuate people from areas submerged by floodwaters after days of torrential rain.
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6 days 3:37
More key workers able to replace isolation with daily tests as ‘pingdemic’ causes chaos
Empty shelves, cancelled trains, restaurants closing for days - councils and businesses have warned that the sheer numbers of people getting pinged could cause weeks of disruption.
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