20.05.19 2:09
K-pop: If you made it here you're good
Chicago's K-pop dance group 'Prism Kru' teaches some of the most popular K-pop dances to people at Puzzle Box Dance Studio on April 23, 2019.
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10.05.19 3:48
James Beard gala outtakes
Did your James Beard Awards invitation get lost in the mail? No problem. We had reporters on the ground at the Lyric Opera on May 6, 2019.
10.05.19 4:14
How to make a chocolate souffle with Louisa Chu
Food & Dining reporter Louisa Chu demos her stripped down recipe for chocolate souffles with Shannon Kinsella in the Chicago Tribune test kitchen April 23, 2019.
25.04.19 1:35
Barbra Streisand apologized to Michael Jackson accusers. So what?
Barbra Streisand apologized for her comments about Michael Jackson's accusers, but columnist Heidi Stevens doesn't want people to turn away just yet.
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25.04.19 1:11
Making the Guacamole cocktail at Bar Sotano
Lanie Bayless prepares the Guacamole, a refreshing mezcal cocktail containing avocado and spicy tomatillo syrup, at Bar Sotano on March 27, 2019. (John J.
25.04.19 1:10
Columnists Heidi Stevens and Dahleen Glanton discuss Lightfoot's win
Tribune columnists Heidi Stevens and Dahleen Glanton discuss Chicago's history-making mayoral election. Watch the full video here.
25.04.19 6:54
'He's just another black man'
Not so long ago, James 'Lil' James' Collins was a "shorty." Collins regularly witnessed violence and carried a gun.
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25.04.19 4:01
What is yacht rock?
What is yacht rock? Think mellow gold of the 1970s and '80s, songs by Little River Band, Captain and Tenille, Kenny Loggins, Doobie Brothers and so many more.
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25.04.19 10:21
What do 'GOT' creators do after each episode airs? You might be surprised...
Tribune Columnist Steve Johnson discusses the final season of "Game of Thrones" with author and host of NPR's "Wait Wait ...
03.04.19 6:45
AIDS 'forced entire generation of gay men out of the closet'
HIV invaded the LGBTQ community when it was first discovered in 1981. More than thirty years later, doctors say they have cured a second person from the virus using a bone-marrow transplant.
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03.04.19 2:35
Which 'Karate Kid' characters will make an appearance on YouTube's 'Cobra Kai?'
Ralph Macchio and William Zabka talk 'Cobra Kai' Season 2 -- John Kreese, potential cameos and the show's secret sauce -- at C2E2 on March 24, 2019.
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25.03.19 2:55
College admission scandal: 'it’s almost like a #MeToo movement'
Heidi Stevens talks with Chicago Tribune Life + Culture Deputy Editor Rochell Sleets about the college admission scandal.
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25.03.19 1:01
Reviewing Yugen restaurant
Mari Katsumura, chef of Yugen, demonstrates presentations for her crab rice and Norwegian fjord trout dishes at the Fulton Market restaurant.
25.03.19 1:16
What would you name this giant anteater pup?
Brookfield Zoo's Tropic World: South America habitat welcomed a giant anteater pup to mom, Tulum, and dad, Lupito, on Dec. 15, 2018.
25.03.19 2:51
To post or not to post? A look at how we share our kids’ lives online.
Heidi Stevens and family therapist Dr. John Duffy talk about the way we share our kids’ lives online. Have a question for Heidi or John? Ask it in the comments section.
25.03.19 2:43
Malort is ‘like the best hug you’ve ever had’
CH Distillery’s owner and head distiller, Tremaine Atkinson, talks about the return of Malort, a Swedish-style bitter liqueur, Feb. 21, 2019, at his facility in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago.
25.03.19 4:20
Heidi Stevens and Michael Phillips discuss Hollywood and female bodies
Heidi Stevens talks with Chicago Tribune film critic Michael Phillips about Rebel Wilson’s new movie, “Isn’t It Romantic” and Hollywood’s bumbling approach to normal-size female bodies.
25.03.19 1:11
Phil Vettel reviews Lincoln Park restaurant Avli Taverna
Avli Taverna, a Greek restaurant in Lincoln Park, features a menu that's well-rooted in the classics. Anyone who’s enjoyed Greek dining once or twice will find the menu more familiar than not.
25.03.19 4:37
Marriage expert's advice for switching up the Valentine's Day routine
Heidi Stevens talks with author Eli Finkel about why today’s marriages are happier – and harder – than ever.
25.03.19 0:37
Curry sorbet at Next restaurant
Chef de cuisine Edgar Tinoco prepares a curry sorbet for dessert, part of Next restaurant's Silk & Spice menu.
25.03.19 1:59
Ride a Jeep at the Auto Show
We test drive the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon on Feb. 7, 2019, at the Chicago Auto Show inside McCormick Place and recommend you try it out as well.
25.03.19 5:23
The importance of telling parents 'Good job'
Heidi Stevens talks with author and psychotherapist Kelley Kitley about Heidi's “Good job, parents” column and some of the reader emails it inspired.
25.03.19 3:05
Toxic masculinity and the Gillette ad heard 'round the world
Heidi Stevens talks with family therapist John Duffy about toxic masculinity and the Gillette ad heard 'round the world.
25.03.19 0:34
Chef Carrie Nahabedian of Brindille prepares trofie
Chef Carrie Nahabedian of Brindille prepares her trofie pasta. The noodles act as a foil for lump crabmeat, buttered kohlrabi and lobster-coral butter, under a sheaf of shaved black truffles.
25.03.19 3:27
WATCH: Heidi Stevens and Smart Dating Academy founder Bela Gandhi on modern dating
Heidi Stevens talks with Smart Dating Academy founder Bela Gandhi about dating and relating better in 2019.
25.03.19 0:28
A look at Avec
Avec chef Perry Hendrix prepares his charred carrots — a tangle of ribbons and chunks with black-garlic harissa, whipped feta, Turkish urfa chilies and dukkah-spiced crispy rice.
25.03.19 2:24
Dining reporters try Finom Coffee's Malort chai-town latte
Food & Dining reporters Louisa Chu and Grace Wong try Finom Coffee's new latte made with Malort syrup, Emperor's House chai and soy milk.
25.03.19 0:35
A look at Virtue chef Erick Williams
Chef Erick Williams cooks from his Southern menu at Virtue, 1462 E. 53rd St., in Hyde Park.
25.03.19 8:22
Chicago theaters (and a newspaper) have a holiday video for you!
Critic Chris Jones, editorial assistant KT Hawbaker and Chicago's theaters serve up some holiday realness and drag the newspaper into the new year.
25.03.19 4:20
How to create a healthy emotional climate for kids at home
Heidi Stevens talks with social worker Caryn Curry from Lurie Children’s Hospital’s Center for Childhood Resilience about creating a healthy emotional climate at home.
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