30 Jul 2008
14 days 0:12
🍋 BMW Livery Reveal
What do you think of the new livery? Before we ruin the wrap at the endurance race I wanted to show you guys real quick!
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25 days 0:50
Super Clean your Car's Carpets
Here's a quick tip on how to Super Clean your car's carpets to get all of the dirt out! Inexpensive massage gun I used:
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32 days 40:46
How to Install a Battery Kill Switch
Learn how to install a battery cut-off switch that kills the engine and all electrical power to-and-from the battery.
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61 day 27:01
How to PROPERLY Install a Quick Release Steering Wheel (with Working Horn)
Learn how to change your steering wheel so you can remove your old steering wheel and replace it with a quick release steering wheel.
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70 days 1:00
DIY Race Car Door-Pulls
Since we removed the door panels and the car door handles I needed a way to open the doors on the endurance car.
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88 days 10:30
DIY: How to Replace and Install a Bathroom Sink Faucet
Is your bathroom or kitchen sink faucet leaking or clogged? Learn how to replace a sink faucet yourself in under an hour with common hand tools.
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95 days 1:00
Trick to Remove Studs from an Engine #Shorts
Learn how to quickly and easily remove studs from an engine with using the two-nut trick!
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109 days 20:45
What Causes a Spun Bearing in an Engine?
What is a spun bearing? Can you drive on a spun bearing? You can have a spun rod bearing or a spun crank bearing and when they fail, it sometimes destroys the engine like in our Lemons BMW.
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121 day 24:07
My First Time Racing a Car
What is it like to drive a race car in a door to door endurance race? Well in this video I show you our 24hours of Lemons e46 BMW and our team's first time on the race track.
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147 days 13:30
What Happened to the LEMONS BMW?
We bought a $500 lemons e46 BMW, fixed the major problems like the mass airflow sensor and power steering pump, and then gutted the car for weight reduction and so a roll cage could be fabricated
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191 day 0:58
Check this CODE Before Buying New Tires! #Shorts
How do you check how old tires are and how old can tires be before they go bad? Do tires expire? In this #shorts video I cover how to tell how old tires are.
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199 days 29:38
Top Car Tools and Gadgets of 2021 (Christmas Gift Ideas)
Here's my top 5 Christmas Gift Ideas for car guys and girls. These are the coolest gadgets and most helpful tools I could think of for this year.
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222 days 34:59
How to PROPERLY Replace a Rear Windshield Yourself (No Special Tools DIY)
Learn how to replace a front or rear windshield safely and properly. If you get a chipped or cracked windshield, save money replace the windshield yourself at home with common hand tools.
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253 days 30:39
Do Head Gasket Sealers Actually Work (FULL 2yr TEST with Engine Teardown)
Replacing a Head Gasket can be difficult and expensive. Sometimes your car is not worth fixing and this is where a head gasket sealer in a bottle comes in handy.
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271 day 1:01
How to EASILY Remove Rust DIY (Vinegar and Ketchup) #Shorts
Learn how to remove rust with products you have at home like vinegar and ketchup. This rust removal process is super easy and removes every spec of rust.
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291 day 22:34
How to Repair an Exhaust Leak DIY (No Welding)
Is your exhaust leaking? Fumes getting into the car? Is your exhaust loud? Learn how to repair a leaking exhaust without a welder to make it quieter.
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311 days 1:00
Converting from Incandescent to LED Lights #Shorts
LED lights are more efficient than old school incandescent bulbs.
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318 days 0:59
Fix a Car that won’t Start #Shorts
My truck would just click once and lose all battery power when I go to start it. Here is a ChrisFix quick tip on how I fixed it!
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326 days 1:00
Hummer Portal Hub Cover DIY #Shorts
Let me show you how to install portal hub covers on my Durmax swapped Hummer H1! Hub Covers I Installed: #Shorts
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333 days 30:57
How to Replace a VTC Actuator (Complete DIY Guide)
Does your engine rattle on startup? A bad variable valve timing VTC actuator or bad cam phasers can cause a rattling noise on a cold start.
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356 days 18:59
How to Replace a Window Regulator Motor (DIY)
Window wont roll up? Learn how to replace a window regulator motor in your car. Replacing the window motor is less expensive than replacing the entire window regulator assembly.
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04.06.21 27:10
How Much Weight can you REMOVE from your Car? (Weight Reduction)
How much weight can you remove from your car? Well in today's video we take weight reduction to the next level and find out!
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22.05.21 24:39
How to Replace a Power Steering Pump
Power steering pump making noise? Heavy steering? Power steering leak?
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06.05.21 28:50
How to Test and Replace a Bad Car Battery (COMPLETE Ultimate Guide)
Is your car battery dead? Need a new car battery? Learn how to test if your car battery is bad and how to recharge a dead car battery. Also learn which car battery is best for your car.
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02.04.21 16:09
How to Replace a Front or Rear Wheel Bearing (Full ASMR)
Bad wheel bearing? Wheel bearing noise? Learn how to replace a wheel bearing in your car or truck. In this video I show you how to replace a front or rear wheel bearing hub assembly.
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26.03.21 22:23
How to Buy a Budget Friendly Project Car
Learn how you can buy a project car for less than the cost of a new cell phone!
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20.02.21 14:43
10 Winter Car TIPS & TRICKS you NEED to Know
If you live somewhere that gets snow, this video will teach you some helpful tips and tricks I have learned over the years to prepare your car for the snow!
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01.02.21 1:00
How to Remove Snow WITHOUT Scratching your Car #Shorts
#Shorts (under 60 seconds) ChrisFix Quick Tip With this ChrisFix Quick Tip, learn how to remove snow from your car without scratching the paint.
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26.01.21 27:43
How to Repair a DEEP SCRATCH in Car Paint (DIY)
Learn how to repair a deep scratch in the paint of your car. In this case someone keyed my car so I will show you how to remove a deep scratch from that using a touch up paint pen.
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15.12.20 26:24
Top Car Tools and Gadgets of 2020 (Christmas Gift Ideas)
Here's my top 5 Christmas Gift Ideas for car guys and girls. These are the coolest gadgets and most helpful tools I could think of for this year.
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