12 days 0:48
Chrome Dev Summit 2020 - Save the date
Mark your calendars, the 2020 Chrome Developer Summit is coming to you virtually on December 9th and 10th! Join us to engage with the Chrome team and other web developers for this two day event!
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13 days 18:14
Slashing layout cost with content-visibility - HTTP 203
Jake makes a quick change to the CSS of the HTML spec, and takes the layout time from 50 seconds down to 400ms. Then he spends a much longer amount of time chatting about it with Surma.
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18 days 2:48
Chrome 83 - What’s New in DevTools
The series was paused temporarily during the beginning of the pandemic. Chrome DevTools 83 updates was skipped but it’s back now.
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20 days 4:51
New in Chrome 86: File System Access, WebHID, new CSS features, and more!
Chrome 86 is rolling out now! The file system access API is now available in stable. There are new origin trials for Web HID and the Multi-screen Window placement API.
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25 days 6:36
Chrome 86 - What’s New in DevTools
New to DevTools in Chrome 86: 1:00 Media panel → goo.gle/2HMVTXM 5:26 Lighthouse 6.2 release note → goo.gle/3l27oJ9 6:08 Chrome DevTools engineering blog: Migrating to JavaScript
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28 days 8:40
Accessible Animation - Designing in the Browser
Welcome to Designing in the Browser with our host, Una Kravets.
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35 days 7:43
Working with Media - Designing in the Browser
Welcome to Designing in the Browser with our host, Una Kravets.
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40 days 0:40
Google Chrome Developers thanks you for reaching 500K subscribers!
Thank you to all our viewers for helping us reach 500K subscribers! Wow, from our first post with Pete sipping cocktails atop the Empire Hotel who would have thought we would end up here!
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41 day 16:21
3.143 ways to synchronize data across documents - HTTP 203
Jake chats to Surma about six ways you can synchronise data between documents, but some of them don't work all the time, so a complex and scientific scoring system is needed.
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42 days 12:02
Navigating Navigation - Designing in the Browser
Welcome to Designing in the Browser with our host, Una Kravets. Today we’re diving into navigation and keyboard accessibility.
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48 days 12:03
Accessible Color Standards - Designing in the Browser
Welcome to Designing in the Browser with our host, Una Kravets. Today we’re talking about color contrast!
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55 days 29:22
Weak JavaScript - HTTP 203
Surma and Jake take a look at 'weak' JavaScript, specifically WeakMap, WeakSet, and the new and shiny WeakRefs.
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56 days 14:38
Semantic markup - Designing in the Browser
Welcome to Designing in the Browser with our host, Una Kravets. Today we’re starting a special series on Accessibility in design.
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61 day 4:00
Chrome 85 - What’s New in DevTools
New to DevTools in Chrome 85: 0:18 Style editing for CSS-in-JS framework 0:52 Lighthouse 6 in the Lighthouse panel 2:16 Support for new JavaScript features 2:56 Bonus tips: Use snippets for quick
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62 days 5:10
New in Chrome 85: CSS Properties, content-visibility, getInstalledRelatedApps(), and lots more!
Chrome 85 is rolling out now! You can improve rendering performance with content-visibility: auto. CSS properties can now be set… in CSS.
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69 days 22:24
Streaming requests with fetch - HTTP 203
Jake and Surma chat about a new experiment landing in Chrome 85 - streaming request uploads with the fetch API.
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80 days 11:22
App-Like UX for PWAs
Why do sites like Gmail or Docs operate like apps, and others… just don't feel right?
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83 days 1:06
Socially Distant HTTP 203
Jake and Surma are back, and it’s just like you remember. Sort-of.
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101 day 7:25
What’s new in Web Payments
What's happening with Web Payments? How is it different from Google Pay or Apple Pay?
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101 day 20:20
form best practice
Use built-in, cross-platform browser features to create sign-in forms that are secure, accessible and easy to use.
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101 day 13:43
Just the data you need
User-Agent Client Hints provide a privacy focused approach for sites to request information about the browser that's viewing them.
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101 day 7:43
Prevent Info leaks and enable powerful features: COOP and COEP
Cross-Origin Embedder Policy (COEP) and Cross-Origin Opener Policy (COOP) isolate your origin and enable powerful features. This session helps you understand how it works and why this is important.
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101 day 3:33
Find and fix problems with the Chrome DevTools Issues tab
Fed up with wading through browser messages in the console? The Chrome DevTools Issues Panel provides a more structured, actionable approach to deprecations and other warnings from the browser.
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102 days 21:27
Cookie recipes - SameSite and beyond
Cookies really can make everything better! However, you need the right recipes and you shouldn't take too many.
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102 days 20:15
How to stay fast and fresh with Angular
Watch a live coding demo walking through the top principles and tools you can use to make your applications shine when it comes to startup performance and bundle size.
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102 days 10:38
Security and privacy for the open web
What's the role of the browser in enabling security and privacy by default on the open web? How are browsers changing to balance trade-offs and mitigate risk? How can you get involved?
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102 days 35:53
Writing build plugins
It's common to use a build tool as part of development, but most folks don't think about writing their own plugins. This is understandable, since it can be pretty daunting.
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102 days 31:32
Image compression deep-dive
Images are often the biggest assets in a web page, so compressing them well can be a huge saving for users.
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103 days 21:39
10 modern layouts in 1 line of CSS
In this dynamic talk, Una goes over the power of modern CSS layout techniques by highlighting a few key terms and how much detail can be described in a single line of code.
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103 days 16:11
Building better in the world of build tools!
Build tools are an integral part of modern web development, making it possible to build great apps that are bandwidth-friendly and delivered as-needed.
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