1 day 8:33
Thinking on ways to solve a SIDENAV
In today’s GUI challenge we create a responsive, accessible slide out side navigation user experience using CSS and JS. The sidenav works on multiple browsers, screen sizes and input devices.
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3 days 4:19
New in Chrome 88: Manifest v3, aspect-ratio, digital goods API, and more!
Chrome 88 is rolling out now! You can now upload extensions using manifest v 3 to the Chrome Web Store. The aspect-ratio CSS property makes it easy to set the aspect ratio on any element.
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8 days 5:16
Chrome 88 - What’s New in DevTools
New to DevTools in Chrome 88: What’s new in DevTools (Chrome 88) → goo.gle/3owkBMr CSS Angle documentation → goo.gle/3oth41w Web Vitals → goo.gle/2LvYzL9 Tweet us →
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9 days 2:52
Submission shoutout for Centering
We stress tested 5 different CSS centering techniques and I challenged you to submit your own. Shout out to Chris Coyier from CSS-Tricks for sharing his own tricks!
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29 days 23:03
The best of Chrome games | Chrome Developer Summit 2020
Chrome Developer Summit was a blast and we learned a lot over 2 action packed days. Now that you’ve got developing for Chrome down, do you know how to master Chrome games?
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29 days 12:03
3x3 SEO tips for JavaScript web apps
Learn three basic SEO tips for Angular, React, and Vue.js web apps.
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29 days 26:35
Patterns for privacy
Rowan and Maud chat through the progress on the Privacy Sandbox proposals and extract some of the patterns that are aiming to enable a more private web.
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29 days 20:16
Payment and address form best practices
Want to help your users quickly and easily get from shopping cart to payment? Learn how to use built-in browser features to develop checkout forms that maximize conversions.
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30 days 31:18
Upgrading DevTools' architecture to the modern web
The Chrome DevTools codebase is around 150,000 lines of first-party JavaScript, with some parts being over ten-years old.
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30 days 10:42
Canvas2D is getting an update
Your good, old friend the Canvas2D API has been improving and is worth another look. Hear about all the new features that have been added to the spec.
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30 days 28:33
Design at scale with Web Components (and ducks)
You have a beautiful design system that delivers consistent, on-brand user experiences!
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30 days 22:03
PWA patterns for window and service worker communication
This talk reviews two types of workers: web workers and service workers. We explore their similarities, differences, the most popular communication APIs, and some common use cases.
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31 day 28:30
Love your cache: Optimize for the second load
You've built an amazing site with fast load times, great components, and large (but lazily loaded!) assets. However, when you update or redeploy your site, are your users getting the best experience?
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31 day 14:01
The web ahead
Why do we care about pushing the web forward? What direction is "forward"? And what are some of the challenges that we believe need solving in the next 3-5 years. Hear about this and more.
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31 day 8:59
Making the web more visual with Web Stories
Web Stories are a web-based version of the popular "Stories" format that blend video, audio, images, animation, and text to create a dynamic consumption experience.
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31 day 5:32
Structured data for developers
We look at structured data and how you can use it to make your website eligible for rich results in Google Search.
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32 days 9:55
Connecting hardware devices to the web
The web platform is opening up incredible opportunities by letting web developers communicate with hardware devices over Bluetooth, USB, NFC, Serial, and HID.
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34 days 8:42
Extending Workbox: Custom strategies and plugins
Workbox is a set of libraries for common service worker use cases. But what if your service worker use case is . . . a little less common? Workbox can still help!
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34 days 9:50
What’s new for web apps in Play
A lightning tour of new features for web apps in Play, including availability on the Chrome OS Play Store, improvements on Bubblewrap that make it easier to get started, new Trusted Web Activity
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34 days 8:41
New logic to detect PWA offline support
PWA install prompt (e.g. a “plus-in-circle” icon in Chrome's Omnibox) enables users to install a website.
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35 days 10:10
Next-level web apps on desktop
The web is the best way to reach the maximum number of users with your application. It's also the easiest way for users to try your app before subscribing or installing it!
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35 days 14:07
Transitioning to modern JavaScript
Over 90% of web traffic comes from browsers that support modern JavaScript, yet most websites ship legacy syntax in order to support a small number of very old browsers.
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35 days 9:15
Debugging WebAssembly with modern tools
WebAssembly is a new binary format that allows developers to bring their experience and applications from a variety of programming languages to the web, and to share those experiences with even more
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35 days 12:20
Extending CSS with Houdini
CSS Houdini is an umbrella term that describes a series of low-level browser APIs and worklets which enable developers to hook into the browser's rendering engine and extend the styling capabilities
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35 days 2:46
Submission shoutout for Stories | GUI Challenges
You saw me build stories my way and I challenged you all to build it your way. Shout out to @Geoffrich_ for his submission on Twitter! Do you have another way you’d build stories? Send it our way!
36 days 10:31
What's new in DevTools
An overview of the latest and greatest features in Chrome DevTools.
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36 days 9:31
Updating the way we work
The year 2020 changed the way we work and how we look at the current status quo.
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36 days 8:25
SMS OTP form best practices
SMS OTP is widely used for phone number verification, 2 step verification, account recovery, and payment verification. However, copy-pasting and entering the OTP from SMS cause friction.
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36 days 13:31
Sign-up form best practices
Help your users sign up, sign in, and manage their account details with a minimum of fuss.
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37 days 11:52
Thinking on ways to solve CENTERING
In today’s challenge, we’re stress testing 5 different CSS centering techniques. See what techniques should earn a place in your tool belt by watching how they react to common layout stress.
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