15 hours 12:22
MULLET IS ALIVE!!! First Drive in Our 2,000 Horsepower Twin Turbo El Camino!!
MULLET IS FINALLY BREATHING!!!! Kevin has this thing so close to being ready! Hot off the press CLEETUS SHIRTS!!!
632 274
1 day 13:35
TOAST'S 1,700hp Supercharged Big Block is ALMOST Ready to Fire! + Leroy Preps For His New Turbskies!
Toast and Leroy are about to be back with some serious FREEDOM! Can't wait to wrap them both up! Hot off the press CLEETUS SHIRTS!!!
719 511
4 days 14:36
Leroy is FINALLY Getting Bigger Turbos!!! But His Engine is Smoking BADLY, Even Without Turbos...
Leroy getting service?? The heck is going on!!! Can't wait to see what he will do with the bigger turbos! Hot off the press CLEETUS SHIRTS!!!
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6 days 10:38
Ruby Tried To WRECK Travis Pastrana... He Still Went Insanely Fast lol!!!
Travis Pastrana and a drag car?? This should be interesting! Travis is such an awesome guy, stoked to have him on the channel! Hot off the press CLEETUS SHIRTS!!!
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7 days 21:46
How We Arranged an A-29 Super Tucano Flyover at the Freedom 500!!! (FREEDOM 500 Vlog)
Here's what I filmed on the day of the Freedom 500... boy was it a day to remember! So many faces and fun times! Hot off the press CLEETUS SHIRTS!!!
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9 days 10:21
I Asked Madi to Marry Me...
Nothing to say here guys, just me being an awkward nervous giraffe hoping the girl of my dreams says yes :) Hot off the press CLEETUS SHIRTS!!!
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12 days 13:39
Travis Pastrana Made It to the FREEDOM FACTORY!!! He Can Literally Drive Anything...
Alright guys this is the final time I'll ask! PLEASE check out baldeagle.com to see our big race tonight! The Freedom 500 is going to be AMAZING! Hot off the press CLEETUS SHIRTS!!!
919 352
13 days 14:48
DON'T DO BURNOUTS IN REVERSE lol! Extreme Damage to Neighbor... + Freedom Factory Major Updates!!!
We're getting SO CLOSE to the Freedom 500!! If you haven't already bought your PPV tickets, visit here: baldeagle.com Hot off the press CLEETUS SHIRTS!!!!
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14 days 10:58
Bombing Through the Night to Florida & Picking Up My Dad's Hellcat RAM 1500 TRX!!!
It's Freedom 500 time at the Freedom Factory! Time to roll out of Houston and get to FL ASAP! Hot off the press CLEETUS SHIRTS!!!
928 645
15 days 23:33
1,700hp WAR BIRD Freaking STUNS Our Crowd in Texas!!! + Brent Almost Rolls the Mystery Machine...
If you've never checked out Castlemaine Rod Shops channel, find it here - youtube.com/user/waddingtonsrods Cleetus and Cars Houston was INSANE!!!
1 226 831
16 days 21:50
Ruby and Leroy's FIRST EVER Side By Side SEVEN SECOND PASS!!! (emotional bald eagles)
Cleetus and Cars is ALWAYS a good time! Here's some drag racing from our first C&C of 2021! Hot off the press CLEETUS SHIRTS!!!
1 042 696
17 days 20:41
We Made it to Texas!!! Unreasonably Making Sure All of Our Cars Still Do Burnouts...
Check out all of our new Cleeter merch here! cleetusmcfarland.com The boys made it to Texas, time to get the cars unloaded and ready to RIP!
985 275
18 days 16:25
Our 2,000 Horsepower El Camino "Mullet" Is Nearing Competition and it's AMAZING!!!
If you haven't seen our newest merch (t-shirts and hats), check it out here!
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19 days 22:28
We Hired a Car Hauler and His Truck Was Cooler Than Our 1,500hp Burnout Cars... (INSANE Peterbilt)
Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS/ANDROID/PC: clcr.me/iHy0CI and get a special starter pack 💥 Available only for the next 30 days Hot off the press CLEETUS SHIRTS!!!
1 389 669
20 days 17:04
We're Letting ONE Odd Ball Car Into the Freedom 500!!!! I May Have Made a Mistake... (FWD)
This may be a problem... is Ryan Tuerck going to have an advantage in the F500?? Hot off the press CLEETUS SHIRTS!!!!
952 644
21 day 25:30
TX2K21 Day 4 - Leroy Carries The Team in TX2K Eliminations... Runs a FOUR SECOND 1/8th MILE!!!!
Hot off the press CLEETUS SHIRTS!!! Grab yours here - cleetusmcfarland.com That's a wrap for TX2K!!! Leroy got his 4, the team got whooped and that's that!
1 189 155
22 days 21:07
TX2K21 Day 3 - Mistakes Were Made... Ruby SLAMS Down From a HUGE Power Wheelie!
Hot off the press CLEETUS SHIRTS!!! Grab yours here - cleetusmcfarland.com TX2K moon tune did NOT serve Ruby right... that was a little too high, sorry oil pan!
1 351 441
24 days 12:11
TX2K21 Day 2 - Leroy Leads Stick Shift Qualifying, Ruby Breaks Immediately, James Invents Stuff!
Hot off the press CLEETUS SHIRTS!!! Grab yours here - cleetusmcfarland.com It's another beautiful day here at TX2K21, let's see how the cars get down!
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25 days 18:23
TX2K21 Day 1 - James' Nova Makes Its First Pass In SEVEN Years... It Did NOT Disappoint!!!
We're back at TX2K and it's time to do some testing!!! One pass before qualifying tomorrow and the team is falling apart... Hot off the press CLEETUS SHIRTS!!!
1 189 552
26 days 17:32
Freedom Force One's FIRST BIG TRIP!!! Almost Ran Out of Fuel, Giant Storm, Many Freedoms!
Spend $75 at Summit Racing with COUPON CODE “CLEETUS” and get a free Freedom 500 PPV Ticket. Expires March 29! Texas bound with the toter and stacker!!! What a pleasure it's been to haul this thing.
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28 days 22:27
Loading Our New Stacker Was Terrifying... Leroy, Ruby & Two Slow Novas Head to TEXAS!!!
Hot off the press CLEETUS SHIRTS!!! Grab yours here - cleetusmcfarland.com Loading Stanley the Stacker was no small task... but we're ready for TX2K and Cleetus and Cars Houston!
1 336 229
30 days 12:57
Outfitting Stanley the Stacker With The Absolute Necessities... Texas Bound in Two Days!!!
All new Cleeter merch is available here!!! cleetusmcfarland.com/store Thank you guys for the love and support on the merch! Time to go racing!
781 502
31 day 14:34
Ruby is FINALLY Getting the Race Parts She Deserves!!! TX2K/Cleetus and Cars Ready!
NEW MERCH DROP JUST WENT LIVE!!! Get em while you can! cleetusmcfarland.com Shout out to Billet Specialties for the new kicks on Ruby, check their page out here!
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33 days 28:22
Could've Bought a Supercar, But Our New Trailer Is Way Cooler...
Finally, a REAL UNIT has been added to the channel! So freaking stoked on how the toter combo came out... Hot off the press CLEETUS SHIRTS!!!
2 384 609
36 days 17:05
Our First Freedom Factory Drift Night was a HUGE SUCCESS!!! + Blew Up Rocket Again...
This was our first Freedom Factory Drift Night and it was INCREDIBLE!!! Next one should be even better!!! Hot off the press CLEETUS SHIRTS!!!
1 222 622
39 days 12:51
We BLEW UP The Engines in TWO Cars Right Before FF Drift Night... (High Speed Engine Swap Engaged)
What would an event at the Freedom Factory be unless we did some last minute work on our cars!? Hot off the press CLEETUS SHIRTS!!!
898 477
41 day 13:42
Prepping the Freedom Factory For Our First DRIFT NIGHT + Donnie Gets a Major Face Lift!!!
Heck yeah, donnie upgrade, hot asphalt, and a major wall patch! Good lil late night upload for you guys! Hot off the press CLEETUS SHIRTS!!!
733 072
43 days 10:41
We've Organized The ULTIMATE Pro Driver/Drifter/Youtuber Race! The 2021 Freedom 500 Will Be INSANE!
LIVE TICKETS to the Freedom 500 and Cleetus and Cars can be found here: bit.ly/3sI7tW2 They go live tomorrow March 2nd, 2021 at 2pm EST.
700 019
44 days 21:26
Renovating an Abandoned Racetrack Part 10 - Completely Overhauling the Freedom Factory's Lighting...
This is going to be a BIG ONE! Whether we like it or not, the Freedom Factory needs this! Hot off the press CLEETUS SHIRTS!!!
1 037 624
46 days 17:32
The Dale Truck Just CRUSHED Its Fastest Pass Ever!!! (all the nitrous)
Dale Truck LIVE ACTION!!! This thing is getting DIALED, even doing wheelies!!! Hot off the press CLEETUS SHIRTS!!!
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